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  U.S. Federal Census relative to Moore & Pilcher

The 1940 census was released in April of 2012 and thanks to volunteers, the entire Federal census which included 132 million people living in the 48 continental U.S. was indexed within months, and is searchable for free at FamilySearch. This census schedule is different than previous years, asking additional questions regarding previous residence in 1935, years of education, and industry. The bottom of the page also includes supplementary questions for those persons who were enumerated on lines 14 & 29 and lines 44 & 79. For an enlarged image view of all the columns, questions asked, and explanations - click here.

It should be noted that census takers were asked to record information about all those who were in a household on the census day, which was 01 Apr 1940. A census taker might have visited a house on a later date, but the information collected was supposed to have been about the people who were in the residence on the census day of April 1st.

Please Note! Census records included on this web site contain corrections to obvious errors and may also include surnames of married women when known. These extractions are not intended as an exact transcription of the actual census, but as a tool to provide more accurate information for genealogical research. I have taken caution with these additions and/or corrections and done so only in a case where other records indicate there was an obvious error. - If you find I've added anything incorrectly, please feel free to advise me.
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New Hampshire
Hillsborough County
Created in 1769 as an original county

Manchester Ward 4 | ED 6-47

496 Hall Street - Family #215

Week, Frank H. Head 76 M H-4 NH Same House Shoe Packer Shoe Factory
Week, Emma T. Wife 73 M 4 NH Same House -- --
Swain, Emma F. (Jones) Lodger 83 W 8 NH Epping, NH -- --
Although Frank indicates he worked 40 hours and 48 weeks (Col's 26, 31& 32) no 1939 income is recorded asks amount of income in 1939, nothing is recorded. Emma Swain, widow of Benjamin who died in 1908 is included in the "Supplementary Questions" indicating her father was born in Maryland and her mother in New Hampshire. Indicates not a veteran or recipient of a Social Security card, married at age of 22, no children.
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