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Old Petersburg Cemetery (aka Petersburg Village and Wing Cemetery)
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Women are listed by their birth name, if known. An * indicates date of birth is calculated from age at death.
Richard Peters and his wife Polly (Wilcox), are the third great grandparents of my husband. The family migrated from Harpersfield, New York in 1824 and purchased about 600 acres from the US government in Summerfield Township, Monroe County, Michigan. Their children (Mary and Richard) were the first and last interments in the one-acre cemetery which is located on the north side of Center Street.

In 2009 a group of local volunteers began a restoration project to repair the old stones. As of November (2011), eighty-two graves have been repaired, many of which had fallen, were crooked, damaged or had so much lichen on them they were unreadable. Among those restored was the Peters monument which is inscribed on one side with Richard and his wife Polly and on another with their three children: Mary, Richard, Susan. On behalf of the Peters family, I would like to publicly thank all the volunteers who have been working hard to preserve the old cemetery.

Antaya, Rosilyn E. 28 Mar 1858 26 Aug 1876 Daughter of Peter & Amelia Antaya; speculated to be the wife of Edward Trombley
Bowen, Julia Ann 31 Aug 1817* 28 Sep 1873 Daughter of John and Sylvia (Rose); 2nd wife of Horace Hil
Burnham, Ellen M. 27 Dec 1842 06 Aug 1876 Daughter of Calvin & Mary Ann (Bruce); wife of John Peters
Cooley, Calphurnia 06 Sep 1816 16 Dec 1875 Daughter of Darius; wife of Albert Holmes
Drouillard, Edesse/Edith 02 Oct 1827 23 Mar 1885 Daughter of Jean Baptiste & Catherine (Arcouet); wife of Moses Trombley
Gregory, Sophia 07 Mar 1811 16 Feb 1874 Wife of Lewis Trombley
Heath, Ansel Van Buren 04 May 1837 19 May 1914 Son of Wm. H. & Esther (Breningstall); husband of Charity (Leonard), 2nd Nellie M. (Owen)
Heath, Charles H. 07 Nov 1874 18 Oct 1885 Son of Ansel V. and Nellie M. (Owen)
Heath, Emma Ettie 16 Jan 1865 17 Jan 1865 Daughter of Ansel V. and Nellie M. (Owen)
Heath, Minerva 04 Sep 1843* 23 Jun 1862 Daughter of Wm. H. & Esther (Breningstall)
Heath, Myrtle Frances 02 May 1873 25 Jul 1873 Daughter of Ansel V. Heath and Nellie M. (Owen)
Heath, Willie H. 18 Feb 1861 18 Aug 1861 Son of Ansel V. Heath & Charity (Leonard)
Hill, Horace 17 Jun 1805 22 Sep 1875 Son of Caleb and Cynthia (Strong); husband of Amelia (Trombley) and 2nd Julia Ann (Bowen)
Holmes, Albert 25 Mar 1817 06 Jul 1893 Son of Jabez; husband of Calphurnia (Cooley)
Leonard, Charity C. 16 Jan 1834 27 Feb 1861 Daughter of Henry B. and Mary Ann (Voorhees); 1st wife of Ansel V. Heath
Mourison, Rachel Vreeland 23 Mar 1823* 15 May 1869 Daughter of William L. and Mary (Seger); wife of Caleb E. Hill
Peters, Frances 08 Jan 1865 05 Jul 1882 Daughter of John & Ellen (Burnham)
Peters, John 16 Dec 1823 02 Oct 1920 Son of Richard & Polly (Wilcox); husband of Ellen (Burnham)
Peters, Mary 15 Feb 1832 29 Jan 1849 Daughter of Richard Polly (Wilcox).
Peters, Richard 13 Mar 1797 05 Mar 1862 Son of Richard & Susanna (Halstead); husband of Mary "Polly" (Wilcox)
Peters, Richard 21 Dec 1829 07 Mar 1840 Son of Richard & Polly (Wilcox).
Peters, Susan 17 Feb 1828 17 Mar 1829 Daughter of Richard & Polly (Wilcox)
Trombley, Adda 20 Sep 1866* 28 May 1870 Daughter of Moses & "Ada" Edith (Drouillard)
Trombley, Amelia 11 Aug 1807 24 Apr 1839 Sister of Lewis Trombley; 1st wife of Horace Hill
Trombley Edward/Edwin A 13 Sep 1851* 10 Dec 1879 Son of Moses and "Hattie" Edith (Drouillard)
Trombley, Lewis 24 Mar 1805 18 Feb 1880 Husband of Sophia (Gregory); brother of Amelia Hill
Trombley, Moses 30 Jun 1819 21 Nov 1895 Husband of Edesse/Edith "Ada" (Drouillard) - Headstone not located or too damaged to read.
Wilcox, Mary "Polly" 1798 26 Jan 1834 1st wife of Richard Peters; mother of George, Frances, John, Charles, Susan, Richard & Mary.
Cemetery Photos - Relative to Peters
Library of Michigan - Online death certificates 1897-1920


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