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Resthaven Park Cemetery - Glendale, Maricopa Co., AZ
Photos contributed by Patricia Davidson-Peters 2000
Mary Jeanette Lane 1942-1999
" She lived, She Laughed, She Loved"
Daughter and only child of Clarence M. Lane & Theresa (Laratta)

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Jeanette was the only child of Clarence Lane and Theresa (Laratta). At about age eight, her parents divorced and her mother married Virgil Baugh who moved the family to Phoenix, Arizona when Jeanette was about fourteen. She met Vic Davidson, son of Vernon and Connie (Neagle), on a blind date at the Arizona State Fair. They married in 1959 and had three children, their youngest, Darlene, passing a few hours after her birth.

Jeanette and Vic lived most of their married life in the Phoenix area where Vic was a licensed concrete contractor. Jeanette loved the outdoors, wild life, fishing, hunting, and was a lover of literature and history. She wrote poetry, kept the business books, and after their divorce, became a nurses assistant and child care provider.

She was a tender, compassionate and generous soul who passed away far too quickly, leaving many to mourn. She was my dear mother, my editor, my friend - and the best grandma ever to my daughter Lara.

Darlene Davidson 1963-1963
Daughter of Victor D. Davidson & M. Jeanette (Lane)
Born in Phoenix, Arizona on the 3rd of October, 1962, Darlene was the youngest child of Vic and Jeanette (Lane) Davidson. She came into our lives and left only a few hours later, but we mourned the loss and miss the chance to have shared our lives with her. She is laid to rest in "Baby Land" at the Resthaven Park Cemetery.
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