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Grooms ME Church Cemetery - Clifton Park, NY (Smith & Peters burials)

Photos contributed by Julia Casey & Patty Breeden Furrer (2006)

Thomas Smith Headstone (1735-1808)
Thomas was born 08 Feb 1735 and lived in Halfmoon/Vischer Ferry after making that move from Pittstown in 1784 . In Clifton Park where he owned property, Thomas attended the Grooms Methodist Church also known as the Old Clifton Park Church.  Since Thomas weighed over 400 lbs, a special seat had to be built for him as he could not fit in the pews.  When he died he weighed 425 lbs and so he had to have a special casket built. It was so large that it was impossible to bring it through the church doors.  Therefore, it was left outside while the services took place inside the church.
Headstone of Mary (1729-1822)

According to her headstone, Mary was the wife of Thomas and died April 1822. The family Bible lists her date of birth as 21 Jun 1729 and her date of death as 25 Jun 1822.

Note: The family Bible lists Mary, wife of Thomas and mother of Thomas C. Smith, as born 21 Jun 1729; died 25 Jun 1822. Therefore, the dates inscribed upon this stone are unclear.

Mary Peters-Smith (1774-1846); Thomas Smith (1733-1821)

"Mary P
Wife of Thomas Smith
died March 1, 1846
aged 71 years 6 months 13 days"

"In Memory of Thomas Smith
who died Aprl 25, 1821
in the 55 year of his life"

Headstone of Thomas C. Smith (1776-1821)
Thomas was born in Putman Valley, New York. He married Mary "Polly" Peters - sister to Betsy Peters who married his older brother Samuel. His epitaph reads: "In memory of Thomas Smith who died April 25th 1821 in the 55th year of his age. Go home dear friends, wipe off your tears, here I must lie till Christ appears."

Note: The will of Thomas C. Smith was dated 19 Feb 1821 and inventory of his estate in which he is then listed as deceased, is dated 21 Nov 1821. The family Bible lists his date of birth as 07 Mar 1767.

Mary "Polly" Peters headstone (1774-1846)
Mary "Polly" Peters, was the daughter of Richard Peters and Jerusha (Sutton). She and Thomas were married 18 Jan 1793 and in 1813 were residing in Half Moon. Her husband's will was dated 19 Feb 1821 and probated 23 Nov 1821 naming herself and sons Samuel, Abel, Richard and Stephen. It is believed that she had nine other children: Lucas, Sidney, Thomas, Betsy, Catharine, Maria, Jerusha, Jennie and Sarah.
Abel Smith (1795-1862)
The son of Thomas C. Smith and Mary "Polly" (Peters), Abel was born on 12 Jul 1795. He married Elizabeth Brown, who was born 1805, and were the parents of at least Samuel B., David, George W. and Elizabeth.

They resided in Clifton Park where Abel died on 17 Feb 1862. Also buried in Grooms ME Cemetery is Abel's wife, Elizabeth, who died 28 Jan 1883 and their son George - who was born 29 Jul 1838 - died 01 Sep 1839.

Stephen Smith 1804-1843
The son of Thomas C. Smith and Mary "Polly" Peters, Stephen was born on or about 10 Feb 1804 and died 14 Sep 1843 at the age of 39 years, 7 months and 4 days.
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