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Gilead Cemetery - Jefferson Co., IL
Photos taken and generously contributed by
Cindy Ford,
Host of Illinois Trails - Jefferson County

PLEASE NOTE: This is a list of burials relative to the Daily family. Names in left hand column link to the cemetery photo (if available) and further information of the individual. Women are listed by their name at birth, if surname is not known, listed as (Unknown).
An * indicates date of burial not date of death, or a date of birth based on the age at death.

(Barrickman), Nancy P. 18 Oct 1830 29 May 1908 Daughter of Isaac Barrickman & Christena (Huckleberry); Wife of Edmund Copple
Copple, Edmund 12 OCT 1829 31 Mar 1909 Son of David Copple & Lavina (Huckleberry); Husband of Nancy P. Barrickman
Daily, Mary W. 27 Apr 1806 08 Mar 1883 Daughter of Philip Daily & Mary (Wise); Wife of Edmund D. Huckleberry
Huckleberry, Christena L. 1802 02 Sep 1874 Daughter of John Huckleberry & Eliza Murdock; wife of Isaac Barrickman
Huckleberry, Susan 14 Apr 1828 29 Jul 1869 Daughter of Edmund D. Huckleberry & Mary W. (Daily); wife of Reuben Jackson
Jackson, Reuben 05 Nov 1823 10 Feb 1914 Husband of Susan Huckleberry; (2) Elizabeth J. (Huckleberry) Sloat
Edmund Huckleberry Headstone (1799-1867)
1799 - 1867

The son of John and Eliza, Edmund was born in Kentucky and married Mary Wise Daily on 13 December 1822 in Clark County, Indiana. Mary was the daughter of Philip Daily and Mary (Wise).

Edmund and Mary were the parents of Susan, Emily Edmund V., Elizabeth, John, Rachael, Philip and James B. Huckleberry and also resided in Marion & Washington counties, Illinois.

Insription: "Edmund Huckleberry, Born Feb. 10. 1799, Died 23. 1867"

Note: Symbol of hand pointing upward = the reward of the righteous, confirmation of life after death. Heavenly reward, ascension to heaven. (See Link below for additional symbols)

1806 - 1883

Daughter of Philip Daily and Mary (Wise), Mary was born in Clark County, Indiana. Her father was a private in the Revolutionary War in Lt. Horatio Claggestt's 3rd Company of MD, a regiment commanded by Colonel Nathan Ramsey. After the marriage to Mary Wise, they lived at Fort Beargrass in Louisville, Kentucky and in 1796 moved to Indiana and lived in the town of Charlestown.

Inscription: " Mary W. Daily, Wife of Edmund Huckleberry. Born April 27, 1806, Died March 8, 1883."

Note: The drapery over anything = sorrow, mourning.   The Book = faith, learning to read and write, a scholar. A prayer, or knowledge. It may represent the Book of Life and is often shown as a bible. A popular form is the book as a double page spread. (See Link below for additional symbols)

Reuben & Susan (Huckleberry) Jackson Headstone
Daughter of Edmund and Mary W. (Daily) Huckleberry, Susan was born in Indiana and married Reuben in about 1846. They were residing in Washington County, Illinois (T1 SR 1W) in 1860, Post office of Centralia with children Edmond, Lucy M., Reuben C., James A. & Amanda Jackson.

After the death of Susan, it is believed that Reuben married Susan's sister Elizabeth Jane on 31 Jan 1869, she have first married Michael Oscar Sloat in Nashville, Illinois on 26 Feb 1857. Michael died on 06 Mar 1868 and he and Elizabeth are buried in Little Zion Cemetery.

Inscription: JACKSON, Reuben Jackson, Nov. 5, 1823 - Feb. 10, 1904; Susan M. Huckelbery, His Wife, Apr. 14, 1828 - July 29, 1866.

Christena L. (Huckleberry) Barrickman Headstone
1802 - 1874

Christena was the daughter of John Huckleberry and Eliza Murdock, and sister of Edmund Huckleberry who married Mary W. Daily. She was born in New Albany, Floyd Co., Indiana in 1802. She married Isaac Barrickman on 08 March 1825 in Clark County, Indiana. She appears to have been widowed prior to 1850 at which time she is residing in the household of her daughter Nancy, wife of Edmond Copple.

She was the mother of at least two other children: Margaret J. and Ann M. Barrickman.

Inscription: "Christena L. Huckleberry, Wife of Isaac Barickman, died Sept. 2. 1874, Aged ..."

James Copple & Emily (Huckleberry) Headstone

Daughter of Edmund and Mary W. (Daily) Huckleberry, Emily was born in Indiana on 03 Sep 1830. On 04 Sep 1850 in Marion Co., Illinois, she married her first cousin James Copple. James was the son of David and Lavina (Huckleberry) - Lavina being the sister of her father.

They were enumerated in that county with his children Christina, Henry and James from his previous marriage to Jane (Wells). In 1880 she was listed as "Emma" and head of household.

Inscription: "James Copple, Sept. 24, 1814 - Aug. 23, 1871, Emily S., His Wife, Sept. 3, 1830 - May 15, 1915."

Edmund Copple & Nancy (Barrickman) Headstone

Daughter of Isaac and Christena L. (Huckleberry) Barrickman, Nancy was born in Indiana and married Edmund Copple, son of David and Levina (Huckleberry) - Lavina being the sister of her father.

They were married on 01 May 1851 in Marion Co., Illinois and were the parents of 04 September 1850 and enumerated in that county with his children Christina, Henry and James from his previous marriage.

Inscription: Nancy P. , Wife of Edmund, 18 Oct. 1830 - May 29, 1908, "At Rest." Edmund Copple, Oct. 12, 1829 - Mar. 31, 1909."

PLEASE NOTE: The photos of these headstones are copies of those at the Illinois Trails, Jefferson County site and were used with permission by Cindy Ford. For additional burials relative to the Huckleberry family, visit the Illinois Trails, Jefferson County site. You may also view my contributions at Find A Grave.
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