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CHARLESTOWN CEMETERY - Charlestown, Clark Co., IN
Charlestown Cemetery
Located on Pleasant Street in the City of Charlestown, the cemetery remains well-maintained and is the final resting place of many of the early pioneers, including Daily descendants and the first governor of Indiana, Jonathan Jennings.

In 1882 it was noted as: "Situated in the western part of the village, on a hill which slopes toward Pleasant run, the old burying-ground of Charlestown was laid out in 1818. The present cemetery originally had one hundred and twelve lots and was subdivided for strangers, suicides, and colored people." - Source: History of the Ohio Falls Cities and their Counties, 1882.

Thanks to David James, Mike Hensley & Laura Boyer Talbot for contributing the following photos ...

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a complete list of the nearly 5,000 burials at Charlestown Cemetery. It is merely a list of burials relative to the Daily family. Names in left hand column link to the cemetery photo (if available) and further information of the individual. Links in the right hand column link to other photos or obituaries. Women are listed by their name at birth. If surname is not known, listed as (Unknown). An * indicates date of burial not date of death, or a date of birth based on the age at death.

A complete alphabetical list for Charlestown Cemetery was compiled by Leroy Pearson and donated to USGenNet. See outside link at bottom of page.

Alpha, Mitchell P. Feb 1821 1917 Husband of Rachel (Harris) See Photo
Beswick, Robert Hold 1823 1873 Husband of Elizabeth "Eliza" Jane Boyer
Beggs, James 01 Jan 1802 06 Jan 1878 Son of John & Hannah (Thomas); Husband of Matilda (Drummond)
Bergess, Emma 29 Oct 1856 31 Jan 1900 Daughter of Henry George & Mary Marie Elizabeth; Wife of Frank L. Boyer
Boyer, Blanche 16 Feb 1870 05 Aug 1918 Daughter of John S. and Sophia (Dewey)
Boyer, David W. 30 Dec 1840 26 Jan 1865 Son of James & Charlotte Temple (Daily)
Boyer, Edna Maud 17 Jun 1865 06 Nov 1945 Daughter of William & Mary Ann (Miller); Wife of John Franklin McCulloch
Boyer, Eli F. 30 Sep 1848 07 Jul 1925 Son of William & Mary Ann (Miller); Husband of Margaret O. (Sharp)
Boyer, Elizabeth Jane 1828 1903 Daughter of John & Mary (Rowe); Wife of Robert H. Beswick
Boyer, Frank L. 05 Sep 1853 27 Oct 1927 Son of William and Mary Ann (Miller); Husband of Emma (Bergess)
Boyer, Grant D. 1896 1917 Son of Eli F. & Margaret (Ross)
Boyer, James 01 Mar 1808 25 Apr 1896 Son of John and Mary (Rowe); Husband of Charlotte Temple (Daily)
Boyer, John 17 Jan 1782 1835 Son of John C. & Mary Ann (Youst); Husband of Mary (Rowe)
Boyer, John Strange -- 02 Feb Son of James & Charlotte Temple (Daily)
Boyer, Lucien Weir 15 Jul 1860 1940 Son of William and Mary Ann (Miller); Husband of Evalina (Nickles) See Obituary
Boyer, Margaret J. 07 Nov 1845 09 Feb 1865 Daughter of James & Charlotte Temple (Daily)
Boyer, Martha Isabella 24 Feb 1849 12 Aug 1861 Daughter of James & Charlotte Temple (Daily)
Boyer, Mary Ann 15 Aug 1835 01 Mar 1865 Daughter of James & Charlotte Temple (Daily); Wife of Franics M. Runyan
Boyer, Molly L. 11 Jun 1891 Oct 1973 Daughter of William F. & Sallie (Hickman); Wife of Douglas E. Cain
Boyer, Otto D. 28 Feb 1873 1889 Son of John S. & Sophia (Dewey)
Boyer, Philip D. 12 Mar 1830 27 Jan 1882 Son of James A. & Charlotte T. (Daily); Husband of Catherine (Long)
Boyer, William 07 Jul 1818 02 Oct 1897 Son of John & Mary (Rowe); Husband of Mary Ann (Miller)
Boyer, William Francis 09 Jun 1855 08 Apr 1938 Son of James A. & Charlotte T. (Daily); Husband of Sarah E. (Hickman) See Obituary
Cain, Douglas E. 18 Nov 1894 Mar 1974 Son of Milton I. & Emma (Mitchell); Husband of Molly Leona (Boyer)
Carr, Rebecca 16 Jun 1810 10 Jun 1857 Daughter of Thomas B. Carr & Hannah (Coombs); Wife of Dr. James S. Athon
Daily, David W. 1866 24 May 1929 Son of Seth & Barbara (Stierheim); Husband of Margaret R.
Daily, Frank S. 1868 03 Jan 1909 Son of Seth & Barbara (Stierheim)
Daily, Elizabeth "Lizzie" 17 Jun 1837 14 Apr 1925 Daughter of David W. & Mary (Shirley); Wife of William James
Daily, Louisa Jane 23 Nov 1829 Feb 1902 Daughter of David W. & Mary (Shirley)
Daily, Mary India 25 Nov 1873 28 Feb 1880 Daughter of Thomas H. Daily & Margaret (Walsh)
Daily, Rebecca 23 Nov 1820 18 Aug 1908 Daughter of David W. & Mary (Shirley); Wife of Felix Coombs
Daily, Seth 09 Mar 1839 24 Aug 1888 Son of David W. & Mary (Shirley); husband of Barbara (Stierheim)
Daily, Thomas Hart 04 Dec 1841 09 May 1881 Son of David W. & Mary (Shirley); husband of Margaret (Walsh)
Drummond, Matilda 06 Jun 1803 27 Feb 1888 Daughter of James Drummond & Nancy (Griffith); Wife of James Beggs
Ferguson, Margaret J. 1829 1910 Wife of James K. Sharp; Mother of Maggie J. Sharp, wife of Eli F. Boyer
Giltner, Eunice J. 26 Aug 1901 27 Dec 1995 Daughter of O.T. & Flora (Amick);Wife of William B. McCulloch
Harris, Rachel 05 Mar 1825 25 Jun 1909 Daughter of Jonas Harris; Wife of Mitchell P. Alpha
Hickman, Sarah E. 13 Aug 1854 02 Nov 1922 Daughter of Ben and Julia Hickman; Wife of William F. Boyer
James, David Lewman 14 Aug 1901 28 Feb 1967 Son of James B. James & Theodocia (Lewman); Husband of Anna B. (Farmer)
James, James B. 13 Aug 1875 28 Mar 1955 Son of William James & Lizzie (Daily); Husband of Theodocia (Lewman)
Koons, George Washington 22 Feb 1847 20 Aug 1924 Son of George & Mary; Husband of Sarah Malvina (Overman)
Lewman, Theodocia Burr 20 May 1875 30 May 1946 Daughter of Samuel P. Lewman & Ann E. (Holman); Wife of James B. James
Long, Catherine 21 Sep 1830 08 Feb Daughter of Avery Long; Wife of Philip Boyer
McCulloch, John Franklin 02 Oct 1858 25 Feb 1923 Son of John and Martha Ann (Fry); Husband of Edna Maud (Boyer)
McCulloch, William B. 22 Nov 1897 31 May 1964 Son of John F. & Edna Maud (Boyer); Husband of Eunice J. (Giltner)
Morgan, Hattie 1850 1931 Servant of the James B. James Household 1910-1920
Overman, Sarah Malvina 20 Jun 1846 19 Jan 1918 Daughter of Samuel C. & Mary Ann (Campbell); Wife of George W. Koons
Rowe, Mary 26 Jan 1789 21 Aug 1849 Wife of John Boyer
Runyan, Francis M. (1827) 23 Aug 1906 Husband of Mary Ann "Mollie" (Boyer)
Sharp, James K. 1826 1910 Husband of Margaret J.; Father of Margert O., wife of Eli F. Boyer
Sharp, Margaret O. 05 Aug 1856 1955 Daughter of James K. & Margaret J.; Wife of Eli F. Boyer, (2) Festus Ross
Shirley, Mary A. 08 Nov 1798 23 Mar 1897 Daughter of Charles Shirley & Rebecca (Collier); Wife of David Wise Daily
Smith, John 10 Mar 1827 11 Feb 1907 aka Johann Schmidt; Gardener of David W. & Mary A. (Shirley) Daily See Obituary
Stierheim, Barbara 04 Sep 1842 09 Mar 1875 Daughter of Francis J. Stierheim & Sarah (Neely); Wife of Seth Daily
Unknown, Margaret R. 1870 1942 Wife of David W. Daily, son of Seth & Barbara (Stierheim)
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