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BAIRD CEMETERY  (AKA 74 & Faris II Cemetery); Charlestown, Clark Co., IN
Baird Cemetery - Photo captured from Mike Hensley's
Located inside the Army Ammunition Plant near Charlestown, Baird Cemetery is enclosed by a stone wall. Seen here, in a 2009 video taped by Mike Hensley, the cemetery remains in fairly good condition and is situated on land once owned by Philip Daily who emigrated to Clark Co., Indiana in 1796. He and some of his family are laid to rest here.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a list of burials relative to the Daily family. Names in left hand column link to the cemetery photo (if available) and further information of the individual. Women are listed by their name at birth, if surname is not known, listed as (Unknown). An * indicates date of burial not date of death, or a date of birth based on the age at death.

Thanks to David James for contributing the following photos, and to Linda Bostic who kindly photographed these headstones at Baird Cemetery and submitted them to Find A Grave in 2006. In May of 2009, she transferred the Baird Cemetery postings into my care. ...

Bottorff, Seralda A. 08 Apr 1853 06 Feb 1898 Wife of David V. Daily
Carr, Ann 11 May 1776 27 Sep 1856 Daughter of John and Margaret (Ewing); Wife of George Huckleberry
Daily, Angeline 1821 15 Oct 1827 Daughter of Jacob and Isabelle (Barker)
Daily, David V. 31 Jul 1859 07 Aug 1921 Son of Philip and Susan M. (Hawn)
Daily, David W. 10 Apr 1825* 14 Oct 1847 Son of Jacob Daily & Isabelle (Barker)
Daily, David Wise 16 Aug 1798 29 Aug 1878 Son of Philip and Mary Ann (Wise); husband of Mary Ann (Shirley) - Unmarked Grave
Daily, David Wise, Jr. 01 Jan 1827 02 Nov 1868 Son of David Wise Daily & Mary Shirley; Husband of Mary Ann (Parker)
Daily, Jacob (1787) 14 Jun 1832 Son of Philip & Mary (Wise); Husband of Thei Priam, 2nd Isabelle (Barker)
Daily, Jacob Burner 04 Oct 1857 04 Oct 1918 Son of Philip and Susan M. (Hawn)
Daily, Philip (1762) 14 Mar 1830 Son of Charles Daily & Eleanor "Nellie" (Temple); Husband of Mary Wise
Hay, Samuel 08 Dec 1813 17 Jan 1887 Son of Samuel; Husband of Hannah (Huckleberry)
Huckleberry, George 25 Dec 1776 19 Jun 1856 Son of George & Rosanna (Wise); Husband of Catherine "Ann" Carr
Huckleberry, John (1769) 27 Sep 1823 Husband of Eliza Murdock
Huckleberry, Hannah M. 30 Nov 1817 18 Sep 1897 Wife of Samuel Hay; Daughter of David & Sally (Heath)
Huckleberry, Rosanna 08 Mar 1804 20 Jul 1884 Daughter of Jacob & Winifred (Allen)
Wise, Mary Ann (1764) 26 Dec 1845 Daughter of Valentine & Katie (Franz); Wife of Philip Daily
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