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Tully Cemetery - Tully, Onondaga Co., NY
Photos taken & generously contributed by Noelle Fairbanks 2013
Died March 6, 1853
Aged 70 Years
Wife of
Richard Peters
Died Jan'y 17, 1853
Aged 80 Years
Richard Peters was the son of Richard and Jerusha (Sutton), and was born in 1773 at Clifton Park, Saratoga Co., New York. There he married Susannah (Halstead), daughter of James and Elizabeth (Teed) on 04 Sep 1791. While in Clifton Park, they had two children: Elizabeth who married Joshua Adee; and Daniel who married Elizabeth Jerome.

In about 1794 they moved to Stamford County and purchased a farm in Harpersfield Twp., where they lived until about 1831, and there the remainder of their children were born: William, who married Charlotte Johnson; Richard, who married Mary "Polly" Wilcox; James Sutton, who married Susan Squires; John, sho married Jane Blakely; Susan, who married Isaac Squires; Sarah, who married John D. Blakely; and Jerusha, who married Mosest T. Tallman.

In about 1831, Richard and Susannah sold their farm which was located near Bloomville, to their youngest son John, and moved to Tully, Onondaga County. In about 1849 they removed to Cortland County, New York and are listed in the 1850 census residing in Preble Township. Their household includes their grandson, Richard, son of William and Charlotte (Johnson). Also residing in the same township was their married daughter, Susan Squires, and David O. Crofoot whose photograph also appears in the Photo Album of Hannah (Rich) Peters.

In 1852 Richard and Susannah returned to Saratoga County where their son John was still living. The following year, on the 17th of January, while seated at the breakfast table, Susannah, who had seemed in her usual good health and spirits, died very suddenly. Richard's loss was great, but his grief was short-lived. He passed away a mere seven weeks after Sussannah, and according to his obituary, was "prepared and resigned to die."

1808 - 1885

The son of William Blakely and Nancy (McDonald), John was born in Kortright, Delaware Co., New York on 19 oct 1808. He purchased from his father a tract of land which had been part of the Goldsborough and Bunyard Patent, and it was this farm that John took his bride Sarah. They lived here for several years and were enumerated in the 1850, 1855, and 1860 census records, and then in 1863 they sold their farm and moved to Tully, Onondaga Co., NY where they lived the remainder of their lives, having been listed in the 1870 and 1880 census records.

John and Sarah (Peters) were the parents of four children: Richard Peters Blakely who married Kate Dennison; Nancy Cornelia Blakely who married Ezbon Lyon Bower; Susan Jane Blakely who died before womanhood; and Helen Jerusha Blakely who was the wife of George Rowland.

1809 - 1897

The daughter of Richard Peters and Susannah (Halstead), Sarah was born on 28 Sep 1809 in Stamford, Harpersfield Twp., Delaware Co., New York. She was one of the first persons to study geography at Delaware county and also learned to do exquisite needlework while at school.

She was married to John D. Blakely, so onf William and Nancy (McDonald) in Tully, Onondaga Co., New York on 06 Jul 1837 but as noted in the 1850, 1855, and 1860 they made their home in Kortright, New York for many years before returning to Tully where here husband died in 1885.

She was an ardent Bible student and interested in current events, and was the mother of four children. After the death of her husband, she removed to Genoa, Cayuga Co., New York where she died on 07 Apr 1897.

1846 - 1861
"Susan J. daughter of John D. and Sarah Blakely, Died 12 May 1861, age 15 yrs"

Susan was born in New York on 29 Jan 1846, and resided in Kortright where she was enumerated with her parents in the 1850, 1855, and 1860 census. A beautiful old and worn headstone marks her burial in the Blakely Cemetery in Kortright, but as shown, a memorial for her was erected at Tully.

Died April 20, 1855
Aged 74 Years
Wife of
William Blakely
Died Feb'y 20, 1855
Aged 64 Years
According to the biographical sketch by W.W. Munsel, William was the son of John, and came to Kortright in 1808 along with his wife Nancy (McDonald). He erected his home and the young couple began their family which included five children. William became a noted business man, erecting lodging and maintaining a hotel near the turnpike which ran from Catskill, on the Hudson, to the Susquehanna. He was considered one of the most prosperous businessmen of his day. He died two months after his wife on 20 Apr 1855, at the age of 78 years.

Daughter of John McDonald, Nancy was born in New York in 1791. She married William Blakely and came to Kortright where she raised her family of five children. Son John D. Blakely married Sarah Peters and later removed to Tully; James G. married Susan McAuley; Jane married John Peters; Sarah married Ransom Mitchell; and Goldsborough B. married Elizabeth Mitchell. Nancy died on 20 Feb 1855, and two months later her widowed husband William Blakely died.

Note: William and Nancy were either laid to rest at Tully Cemetery in Onondaga County or moved from Blakely Cemetery in Kortright as both cemeteries mark their burials.

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