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Grooms ME Church Cemetery - Clifton Park, NY (Peters)
Photos taken and contributed by Gail Metzger (2011)
Isaac Peters 1820-1861
The son of William Peters and Jeanette (Shepard), Isaac was born in Saratoga Co., New York on 19 Jul 1820. He was married to Catherine in about 1844 and they were the parents of seven children, most of whom had died young. They were enumerated in the 1850, 1855 and 1860 census residing in Clifton Park.

According to his inscription, Isaac died on 31 Jan 1861 at the age of 48 years, 6 months and 12 days. After his death, his widow Catherine and his son Theodore continued to live with his brother John. They were enumerated in the 1865 census in Clifton Park, but residing in Johnstown, Fulton Co., New York in 1870. His widow appears to have died before 1875 when their son Theodore was again listed as living in Clifton Park with his wife Mary E., and sons Jacob S. and Arthur W. Peters.

Margaret L. Peters 1845-1855
The daughter of Isaac and Catherine Peters, she was born on or about 23 Jul 1845 and died at the age of nine years and 10 months on 23 May 1855.
Harriet Peters 1859-1860
The daughter of Isaac and Catherine Peters, she was born on or about February 1859 and died 23 Aug 1860 at the age of five months and 23 days.
Emma A. Peters 1856-1860
he daughter of Isaac and Catherine Peters, she was born on or about 19 Dec 1856 and died at the age of three years, one month and 3 days on 22 Jan 1860.
Leonard Peters 1825-1863
The son of William Peters and Jeanette (Shepard), Leonard was born on 21 Mar 1825 in Saratoga Co., New York. He was enumerated with his family in 1850, and the following year, on 24 Jun 1851, he married Anna Eliza, the daughter of William and Mary Ann.

Leonard's wife died shortly after the birth of their daughter Emma, and in 1860 was residing in the household of Napoleon B. Cronkite (son of Joseph and Phebe), and was listed as a boat builder. The household included his son Samuel and older daughter Mary Jeanette, but the baby - then about 7 months - was listed in the 1860 household of Nancy (Eddy) Hayner, the widow of Hendrick Martinus Haner/Hayner. After Nancy's death in 1866, Emily appears to have remained in the care of Nancy's daughters Lanah (or Laney) and Sybil, where she was listed in the 1870 census, her father Leonard having died in Clifton Park on 09 Jun 1863 at the age of thirty-eight.

Leonard and Anna Eliza were the parents of: Samuel, who married Anna Maria Fraley; Mary Jeanette, who married Oscar Heard; and Emma A., who was the wife of merchant, Joseph Hanigan of Alplaus, Schenectady Co., New York.

Note: It is not clear how the Haner family is related to Emily A. Peters or why she was taken in by them, but the possible relationship may be between the Furman and Cronkrite family. For more on Nancy and her family, see Haner/Hayner Family in America, Third Edition, compiled by Franklin Miller, Jr., p. 71 for more on Hendrick and Nancy (Eddy).

Ann Eliza (Furman) 1823-1859
The daughter of William and Mary Ann, Anna Eliza was born on 05 Jul 1853. She married Leonard S. Peters in 1851, and died at the age thirty-six on 20 Nov 1859 shortly after the birth of their daughter, Emma, who was born on the 14th of November.
Margaret Ann 1823-1857
Margaret Ann was born in New York on 07 Apr 1823 and was married to James N. Peters, the son of William Peters and Jeanette (Shepard). They were the parents of one known child, Susan Peters, who was born about 1849.

According to the death certificate of James, he was re-married and living in Porter Twp., Van Buren Co., Michigan, at the time of his death on 31 Aug 1911.

John Peters 1823-1901 John and Sarah Peters
Believed to be the son of Thomas R. Peters and Lucretia (Knowlton).
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