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Riverside Cemetery - Bloomville, NY
Photos taken & contributed by Carolyn McPherson 2007
A view approaching the family plot of the Peters family
Headstone of Susannah (Halstead) Peters 1772-1853
1772 - 1853
Susannah Halstead, daughter of James & Elizabeth (Teed or Tid), was born 22 Mar 1772 in Saratoga Co., New York. She married Richard Peters in 1791 and they were the parents of nine children: Daniel, William, Richard, James, John, Susan, Sarah, and Jerusha.

Susannah died very suddenly on the 17th of January 1853 while seated at the breakfast table. She had seemed in her usual good health and spirits. Her husband Richard died about seven weeks later.

View monument of Richard & Susasannah at Tully Cemetery.

Headstone of Richard Peters (1773-1853)
Richard, son of Richard and Jerusha (Sutton), was born in 1773 at Clifton Park, Saratoga Co., New York. There he married Susannah (Halstead), daughter of James and Elizabeth (Teed) on 04 Sep 1791.

They moved to Stamford county in about 1795 and purchased a farm where they lived until about 1831, but returned in 1852. After his wife's sudden death, Richard passed away about seven weeks later. [Obituary]

The headstone of his grandson William Blakely Peters is pictured in the background.

View monument of Richard & Susasannah at Tully Cemetery.

Headstone of John Peters (1804-1896)
Born on 22 Mar 1804 in Stamford, Delaware, New York, John was the son of Richard and Susannah (Halstead). He married Jane (Blakely) daughter of William and Nancy on 01 Jul 1830 in Kortright, Delaware Co., New York where their youngest son was born. John, who was a captain of a militia, was known to the children in the village as "Uncle John." He died in Bloomville on 17 Sep 1896, at the age of ninety-two.
Headstone of Jane (Blakely) Peters 1811-1879
Jane was born about 1811 in Kortright, Delaware, New York and was the daughter of William and Nancy (McDonald). The first school teacher in Kortright, Jane became the wife of John Peters. She died at Bloomville, March 7, 1879 at the age of 68 years having spent a busy and in many respects an exemplary life. Of slight frame and never physically strong, she showed the spirit of activity and ambition which has characterized the life of her husband.
John & Jane (Blakely) Peters Family
Headstone of Nancy C. Peters (1831-1854)
Born near Bloomville at "Rich Hill" on 06 Sep 1831, Nancy was the daughter of John and Jane (Blakely). She married Samuel McCune, on the 16th of October, 1850. Nancy died during or shortly after giving birth to their daughter, Nancy, who was born 18 Feb 1854. Her husband Samuel married her cousin two years later. He died in Jefferson Co., New York on 05 Dec 1899.
McCune - Son of Samuel & Elizabeth who was born and died in 1860.
1860 -1860
Stone in foreground reads: "Son of Samuel and Elizabeth McCune." As noted above, Samuel married Nancy's cousin, Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth (Jerome), on 15 Oct 1856. They lived in Jefferson Co., New York, and besides the infant who was born and died in 1861, they were the parents of Katherine, Ralph, Samuel and John McCune.
Headstone of Sarah Ann Peters (1833-1852)
The daughter of John Peters and Jane (Blakely), Sarah was born on 10 Dec 1833. She was educated at Hobart Seminary, but died at the young age of eighteen years on 09 Jan 1852. Family notes indicate she had married Henry Hanford.
Headstone of Wm. B. Peters, wife Hannah (Rich) and children Jennie and James.
William Blakely was born in the town of Stamford on 23 Dec 1837, and was the son of John and Jane (Blakely). He entered into the mercantile business with Samuel McCune at the age of twenty-one. On 17 Jul 1861 he married Hannah Rich, daughter of James Rich and Jane (Southard). A postmaster, jeweler, surveyor, and draughtsman, William died in Bloomville on 03 Nov 1904.

William's wife Hannah was born 17 Jul 1838 in South Kortright. She and William were the parents of Jennie who was born on 31 May 1862 and died at the age of eleven on 30 Jul 1873; Lizzie who married Frederick Lyon; James R. who was born 06 Jan 1868, married Alice Roth and died on 29 Jan 1942; and Sarah who married William H. Hickok. Hannah died at the age of niney-one in Bloomville on 02 Apr 1930.


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