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South Kortright Cemetery - Stamford Twp., Delaware Co., NY
Photos taken & contributed by Carolyn McPherson 2008
Sideview of South Kortright Cemetery
Located in Stamford Township in the town of South Kortright, Delaware Co., New York the cemetery is situated in the old churchyard of the Presbyterian Church which was established in 1790 and includes many of the early Bovina families.
Hector Cowan & Family
The son of Mary (Chisholm) and William Cowan, Hector was born in January of 1817 and died on 05 Sep 1865. His father was born in England on 03 Aug 1796 and died on 31 Mr 1831 at the age of thirty-five years. He and Mary were theparents of six children.

Hector was married to Elizabeth Nesbitt who was born 04 Jan 1820 at Stamford and died on 22 Feb 1890. She was the daughter of George and Elizabeth (Maynard), her father having been born in Scotland and came to America at the age of eighteen.

Elizabeth, believed to be the daughter of Hector and Elizabeth was born in 1843 and died in1847.

Their daughter Esther, born in 1862, died at the age of three years, three months and two days on 06 Aug 1865.

Mary Lamb (1837-1875)
1837 - 1875
The wife of John W. Lamb, she died 08 Mar 1875, aged 37 yrs, 7 mos and 23 days.
John Lamport (1789) - 1836
(1789) - 1836
A native of England, John was born in about 1789. He married Priscilla (Clark) who was born about the same year, and were the parents of Thomas. John died at the age of forty-seven years on 01 Mar 1836. His wife died at the age of eighty-two on 02 Feb 1870 and is also buried in South Kortright Cemetery.
Thomas Lamport 1814-1859
1844 - 1859
The son of John Lamport and Priscilla (Clark), Thomas was born about 19 Dec 1814. He married Isabella (Maynard) and they had three known sons: Frank, John, and Duncan. He died on 03 Nov 1859 at the age of forty-four years, ten months, and fifteen days.
John Rich Thomson 1818 - (1836)
1818 - (1836)
The son of Joseph Thomson, born 22 Feb 1818, died at the age of eighteen years.

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Headstone photos taken and contributed by Carolyn McPherson
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