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South Kortright Cemetery - Stamford Twp., Delaware Co., NY
Photos taken & contributed by Carolyn McPherson 2008
Sideview of South Kortright Cemetery
Located in Stamford Township in the town of South Kortright, Delaware Co., New York the cemetery is situated in the old churchyard of the Presbyterian Church which was established in 1790 and includes many of the early Bovina families.
Robert Mitchell (1870) - 1842
(1780) -1842
Robert Mitchell, a native of Ireland, was born in about 1780. He married Sarah (Kerr) on 02 Jan 1805. They were the parents of: Hannah, Alexander, John, William, Sarah, Elizabeth, Jane, and Rachel Mitchell. He died on 04 May 1842. The death and burial of his wife is not known.
Hannah Mitchell (1805) - 1838
(1805) -1838
Eldest child of Robert and Sarah (Kerr), Hannah was born in about 1805 and died at the age of 33 on 10 Jun 1838. She was the sister of Alexander, John, William, Sarah, Elizabeth, Jane, and Rachel.
Elizabeth Mitchell 1820-1847
1820 - 1847
The daughter of Robert Mitchell and Sarah (Kerr), Elizabeth was born on 06 Apr 1820 and died in her 27th year on 05 Aug 1847. She was the sister of Hannah, Alexander, John, William, Sarah, Jane, and Rachel.
William Mitchell 1792-1870
1792 - 1870
Born in Ireland on 08 Mar 1792, William married Catherine Grant in the United Presbyterian church in Kortright. They were the parents of at least: Archibald, Ellenor, Nancy, John, "Lilly" Jane, Catherine, and William Edward Mitchell (possibly Mary Ann and Grant).

The family was residing in Kortright in 1850, 1860, and 1870. William died on 21 Aug 1870, shortly after the census was taken. In 1880, his widow was residing with their widowed son John, and daughters Lillis Jane and Nancy. It is believed that Catherine died on 13 Apr 1881.

John Mitchell 1833-1897
1833 - 1897
The son of William Mitchell of Ireland, and his wife Catherine (Grant), John was born 28 Feb 1833. He was residing with his family in The family was residing in Kortright in 1850, 1860, and 1870.

He married Frances "Fannie" (Rich), daughter of James A. and Roxy (Bunnell) at the United Presbyterian church in South Kortright on 24 Jun 1874, and she died a few years later on 04 Mar 1877. John was listed as widowed in 1880, head of household which included his mother and sisters Nancy and Lillis Jane. He died 11 Dec 1897.

Fannie (Rich) 1848-1877  - Click here for larger view
Mary (Grant) Mitchell 1828-1885
Name inscribed on the same family monument as John Mitchell, Mary is believed to be his sister-in-law. Born Mary Grant to Duncan Grant and Agnes (Cowan) in 1828, Mary was the wife of Archibald Mitchell who was the brother of John who, as noted above, married Fanny (Rich).

In 1850 Mary and Archibald were enumerated in the census residing in Kortright next door to Archibald's parents, William and Catherine (Grant) and were listed as having been married within the year. In 1860, and 1870 they were residing in Kortright. By 1880 the family had removed to Springfield, Otsego Co., New York. Cousin Ransom Mitchell and his wife Sarah (Blakely) were also living in that county in the town of Oneonta.

In 1900 Archibald is listed as widowed, living with his son Hector - substantiating the belief that Mary buried here, was most likely Mary (Grant), wife of Archibald. The couple, who were married at United Presbyterian church in South Kortright on 12 Dec 1849 were the parents of: Nancy Adelaide; William Frederic; John; Katie Elizabeth; Hector; James; Edward; Grant and Ann Mitchell who appeared in the 1870 census records to be twins. Edward and Ann are not listed in the 1880 census and it is believed they may have died young.

Lillis Jane & Nancy Mitchell - daughters of William and Catherine
Lillis "Lilly" Jane, was born 29 Oct 1836 and was the daughter of William Mitchell of Ireland, and his wife Catherine (Grant). She was enumerated in the census records as Jane in 1850, 1860, and 1870 when they were residing in Kortright.

After their father's death, they were residing in the 1880 household listing their brother John as head of household, and including their eighty-one year old mother. Lillis Jane died on 30 Nov 1899 and her sister Nancy, who was born 05 Jun 1830, died on 21 Mar 1906.

Katie Mitchell 1857-1871
1857 - 1871
The daughter of Archibald and his wife Mary (Grant), Katie died at the age of fourteen years, nine months and two days on 08 Nov 1871. She appears in the 1860 census records in Harpersfield as Elizabeth, age three, and in 1870 as Catherine, age thirteen. She was the sister of Nancy Adelaide, William Frederic, John, Hector, James, Edward, Grant and Ann Mitchell.

Updated 02 Jun 2014
Headstone photos taken and contributed by Carolyn McPherson
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