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South Kortright Cemetery - Stamford Twp., Delaware Co., NY
Photos taken & contributed by Carolyn McPherson 2008
Sideview of South Kortright Cemetery
Located in Stamford Township in the town of South Kortright, Delaware Co., New York the cemetery is situated in the old churchyard of the Presbyterian Church which was established in 1790 and includes many of the early Bovina families.
Aristarchus Blish (1797-1872)
The son of Colonel Aaron Blish, who was described as a man of commanding appearance and of sterling character,and his wife Roxie (Webster), Aristarchus was born 21 Mar 1797 in Connecticut. He came west with his parents, when about one year old and the family settled on the river by the flouring mill below Kortright. He lived on the old farm near Stamford where he farmed until his death on 13 Nov 1872.

He married Nancy Cornelia Merriam, daughter of Asahel and Phebe (Osborne or Osborn) who was born in Harpersfield, New York. Aristarchus and Nancy were the parents of Caroline Delia who married Robert Sterling Rich; Evaline Celia who married Thomas H. Smith of England; Lorana Ann who married Dan McLaury; Morilla Louise, wife of William P. Abels; Joshua Webster who married Nancy L. Merwin and later Abigail King; Harriet E. who died at age fourteen; and Emily Florella Merriam, who was the wife of Edmund G. King.

See also: Brief biographical sketches of Aaron & Novatus Blish

Nancy C. Merriam (1805-1879)
The daughter of Asahel and Phebe (Osborne), Nancy was born in Harpersfield, Delaware Co., New York on 17 Nov 1805. She and Aristarchus were married sometime before 1824 when their first child Caroline Delila was born. In 1850, this daughter married Robert Sterling Rich, the son of James Rich and Helena (Marshall).

As noted on Nancy's headstone, she died 03 Feb 1879 at the age of 74 years, two months and sixteen days.

Rev. Robert Forrest (1762)-1840
(1762) - 1840
In 1810 the Stamford branch of his (Rev. William McAuley) original charge was set off as a distinct parish under the care of the Rev. Robert Forrest. His settlement in this place proved a great comfort and blessing to Mr. McAuley. No two men, in many respects, could differ more than these two Pastors, who, for nearly forty years lived and worked together within some six or seven miles of each other. They became the most endeared friends, and regularly twice a year they assisted each other at the dispensation of the Lord's Supper. There was no man whom Mr. McAuley loved more warmly than Mr. Forrest, and there was no man for whom Mr. Forrest had a profounder veneration as well as affection than Mr. McAuley.

Mr. Forrest, carried with him to the then wilds of Delaware County, a fine library. He was a lover of books, and having the means to do so, he made constant and valuable additions to his collection. His settlement, therefore, in Stamford was a double boon to Mr. McAuley, for it gave him the companionship of a dear friend and fellow-presbyter, and also the access to books from which his remoteness from town and his poverty had shot him out for years.

The Rev. Robert Forrest died on 17 Mar 1840. He was preceded in death by his son Robert who ws born in about 1807 and died 26 Mar 1812. His widow, Mary (Altgelt) survived him over seventeen years passing on 06 Dec 1857.

Source: Annals of the American Pulpit, Vol. IX by  By William Buell Sprague, NY, 1869.

Mary (Altgelt) 1769-1859
Laid to her final rest as the wife of Rev. Robert Forrest, Mary was born 30 Jul 1769 in New York City and died on 06 Dec 1859. At about age twenty she was first married to James Rich by whom she had two known sons: Stephen Altgelt Rich who married Jane (Oliver); and James who married Helena (Marshall), daughter of Dr. Henry Marshall.

Widowed in 1799, Mary married a second time to a Joseph Thomson of whom nothing futher is known. After his death, she married the Rev. Robert Forrest and had by him one known son, Robert, who was born about 1807 and died in his early childhood on 26 Mar 1812.

Frances Maria (Keeler) Marshall 1810-1879
Frances Maria was born on 22 Nov 1810 and was the daughter of Martin and Patience (Mace). She was married by Rev. Forrest at Kortight on 14 Aug 1832 to Robert Sterling Marshall, M.D. Robert, the son of Henry and Helena (Wyatt), was born on 02 Feb 1806 and settled at Hobart, Delaware Co., New York. He died on 08 Nov 1852 and Frances on 14 Mar 1879.

The father of Frances, Martin Keeler, was the son of Jabes and Sarah (Benedict) who was born at Ridgefield, Connecticut on 03 Jul 1781. He married Patience Mace on 01 Jun 1802 and they settled in Kortright where Martin was an active and energetic man who was a farmer, member of the Assembly of New York *1816-1817), sheriff of Delaware Co., New York (1819-1822) and Judge of the Common Pleas. His wife Patience was descirbed as a kind woman possessing domestic and Christian virtues of the olden time.

Frank G. Lyon 1865-1921
1865 - 1921
This headstone appears to belong to Franklin Lyon, son of George B. and his wife 2nd wife Martha J. (Mabie) and grandson of Eleanor (Morehouse) and her husband Levi Lyon who was the second son of Walter Lyon, an early settler of this Delaware County, New York who died in Stamford in 1830. His mother Martha was the daughter of Isaac and Rhoda Webster, their surname Mabie, having been spelled Mabee, Maybee and various other alternatives.

The census records of 1870 and 1880 indicate that Franklin was the twin of Frederick Mabie Lyon who married Elizabeth Isabelle "Belle" Peters, the daughter of William Blakely and his wife Hannah (Rich) in 1895. Franklin was united in marriage in 1893 with Sarah A. (Thomas) who was born in Stamford 28 Nov 1867, and was the daughter of John Thomas and his wife Sarah "Agnes" Blakey. Frank and Sarah were the parents of at least Rev. John T. Lyon of Wooster, Ohio, Frederick Redfield Lyon, husband of Edith Glendenning; and George B. Lyon of Walton.

The 1900 census shows Frank G. and his wife Sarah living next door to his parents. Frank and Sarah have not yet been located in the 1910 or 1920 census records. His exact date of death and Sarah's death or place of burial is not known.

John McCune 1795-1856
(1795) - 1856
John McCune was born about 1795 and was the son Samuel and Mary (Orr). His father had come from County Down, Ireland to America and first settled in Washington County before settling in Delaware County where he was a blacksmith.

John was married to Catherine McNaught who was born 29 Dec 1796. They were the parents of Samuel, who married Nancy C. Peters,daughter of John and Jane (Blakely); Margaret, wife of John Wilbur Bramley; John J. who died at the age of nineteen; Jane who married Squires and lived in Nebraska; Gilbert who died at age nineteen; Sally Ann, wife of Michael Miller of Scotland; William who married Kate E. Oliver; Nancy who died at age thirty-two; Marie; and Mary who married Sylvanus W. Bramley.

John died on 19 Apr 1856, and his widow Catherine on 16 Jul 1874.

Nancy McCune (1836-1869)
(1836) - 1869
The daughter of John McCune and Catherine McNaught who was born 11 Oct 1836 and died on 07 Oct 1869 at the age of thirty-two years, eleven months and twenty-seven days.
Mary (McLaury) Leal 1801-1884
1801 - 1884
Born in Kortright on 05 Jun 1801, Mary was the daughter of Thomas and Sarah (McCrea). Her father was born in Washington Co., New York and her mother, who was the daughter of Thomas McCrea and Elizabeth (Montgomery) of County Down, was said to be first cousin to General Richard Montgomery who during the Revolutionary War led the advance on Quebec City but was killed during the battle.

The McClaughry family (as the name was originally spelled) had first come from the County of Longford, Ireland and settled in Orange Co., NY with the Rev. Dr. Clark's colony. After going up the Hudson River into Washington and Saratoga counties, Andrew, the son of Thomas and Margaret (Swift) McClaughry, moved from Washington County to Kortright where his son Thomas (father of Mary) died on 05 Jan 1859.

Mary's parents were married in 1800, and she was their eldest child. Her siblings were: Matthew; Rose Ann, wife of Rev. Samuel Wilson; Jane, wife of Clark Leal (son of Alexander and Lydia); Eliza, wife of Jesse S. Beers; Esther, wife of Matthew Sexsmith/Sixsmith; Thomas Alexander "McLaurie"who married Eliza Dunbar Savage; and Andrew who died in his infancy.

Mary was married to Dr. James Henry Leal on 01 Jan 1824, he having been born 22 Mar 1802 in Kortright. He is listed as having died in Stamford on 22 Feb 1831 at the young age of twenty-eight years and eleven months. He was the son of Alexander Leal and Lydia (Rose), whose family had settled in Kortright in 1774 emigrating from Paisley, Scotland. Family letters indicate they had set sail on the 12th of August 1773 but "lost thier reckoning," and arrived at the Bermudas where they remained two months, during which time two of their sons died.

Four children were known to have been born to Mary and Dr. James Leal: Sarah, who died in her infancy; Thomas Rose who was born in 1829; Dr. James H., Jr.; and Barbara, the wife of Robert Orr. Mary died at the age of eighty-three years, three months and nineteen days.


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