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Old Petersburg Cemetery - Petersburg, Monroe Co., Michigan
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Albert Holmes (1817-1893)
Born in New York on or about 25 Mar 1817. It is believed that his grandfather was John who was a soldier in General Washington's army during the Revolutionary War, and that Albert's father was Jabez Holmes who, at the age of 23, served during the Revolutionary War in the Eighth Regiment of Connecticut soldiers with Lt. Oliver Smith at New York, from September 8 to Nov. 17, 1776. During the War of 1812, Jabez also took part in the defense of Stonington on Aug. 10, 1812.

Although an 1850 household was located for Jabez in Marcy, Albert is not listed among the members of the household - nor is he or Calphurnia residing in the 1850 houseold of her father, Darius Cooley. They were, however, located in the 1860 Remmington household in Oneida county, New York where he was listed as a boat captain. The head of house is speculated to be his sister-in-law, Christina (Cooley).

In about 1832, Albert had married Calphurnia, the daughter of Darius Cooley, whose household was located just a few doors up from theirs in Verona; and while residing in New York the couple had at least two children: Margaret, and Hiram. In 1869 the family removed to Michigan where Albert, who had been engaged as a boatman on the Erie Canal,then became engaged in agricultural pursuits. They were enumerated in the 1870 census residing in Dundee.

A search for Albert residing in Monroe County in 1880, locates only one such household - this including a wife Mary and two step-daughters, Margaret and Mary Shimmons. In 1870, Mary - who was born in England in about 1838 - and Thomas were also residing in Dundee, but death records indicate her husband - who was born at the Isle of Man - died of Consumption on 03 aug 1871 at the age of 50 years, 4 months, and 21 days. It is thus speculated that after Calphurnia's death in 1875, that Albert may have re-married. He died on 06 Jul 1893 at aged 76 years, 3 months and 12 days.

Calphurnia Cooley (1816-1875)
Calphurnia was born in New York on or about 08 Sep 1816 and was the daughter of Darius Cooley who is said to have served as a soldier of the War of 1812. In 1850 and 1860 there was a Darius Cooley living in Verona, Oneida Co., NY. In the year 1850 he was residing in the John Palmer household - possibly the husband of a daughter Almina/Almira. Listed next door is the household of Elizabeth Everhart, including her ten year-old son - quite possibly the same John who is included in the 1870 household of Albert and Calphurnia and speculated to be the first husband of their daughter Margaret.

Calphurnia died on 16 Dec 1875 at the age of fifty-nine years, three months and eight days. She and Albert were the parents of Hiram and Margaret.

Note: Other information on Margaret (Holmes) indicates she married a Mr. Rice and lived in Juniata, Michigan.


Old Petersburg Cemetery - Petersburg, Monroe Co., Michigan
Please do not "lift" or copy photos. If related ... please email to request copies.
Photos kindly taken & generously contributed by Steve Shaffer All Rights Reserved.
Ansel V. Heath 1837-1914
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According to his death certificate, Ansel V's full name was Ansel Van Buren and he was born in New York on 04 Mar 1837. He was the son of William H. of England, and and Esther (Briningstall) of New York. The family, including his younger sister Minerva and infant brother William, were enumerated in the 1850 census residing in Summerfield Twp. At the age of twenty-one, he was married to Charity (Leonard) who died shortly after the birth of their son, Willie Heath. He was then married to Nellie M. Owen on 06 October 1863, and had by her four known children - three of which died before adulthood - those being: Emma Ettie, Myrtle Frances, and Charles H. Their youngest daughter, Esther Adline, who was born in East Saginaw Co., Michigan on 16 Nov 1876 and died in Glen Alpine, Burke Co., North Carolina where she was a single office worker. She was laid at the Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery in that city.

Ansel and Charity were listed in the 1860 census residing in Summerfield, but after his 2nd marriage, he resided in Saginaw, Michigan where he was a watchman for the New York Railroad and/or the Dupont plant. He died in Saginaw on 19 May 1914 at the age of sixty-seven years, two months and fifteen days. As noted, he was buried at the Old Petersburg Cemetery in Monroe County.

Charity (Leonard) and infant son, W. H. Heath
Daughter of Henry B. Leonard and Mary Ann Vorhees, Charity was born in New York on 16 Jan 1834. Her parents were married on 30 Jul 1817, and were the parents of eleven or twelve children. According to 1879 History of Hillsdale County, Michigan, Henry and his three brothers (Chauncey, William S., Matthias A.) settled in Jefferson in the spring of 1836. The mother died in Jefferson on 11 Oct 1848, the father on 29 Aug 1849, and both were laid to rest at Greenwood Cemetery in Pittsford. In 1850 eight of the orphaned children were enumerated in Jefferson, Hillsdale County in three separate households: Abraham, his wife Mary, and son Tailford; William, his wife Clarinda, and son Benjamin; and the household of John C. Leonard, which included five of his siblings - including Charity.

She and and Ansel V. Heath were married on 22 Feb 1859, and were enumerated in Monroe County the 1860 census together - Ansel was then listed as a laborer. They had a son, Willie H. Heath, who was born on 18 Feb 1859, but both Charity and the child died soon after. Charity died on 27 Feb 1861, and the son on 18 Aug 1861. Both names appear to be inscribed on the headstone.

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