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Old Petersburg Cemetery - Petersburg, Monroe Co., Michigan


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Special thanks to Steve Shaffer who kindly photographed and contributed the following Old Petersburg headstone photos, and to Nancy Elder Petersen for sharing her research and opinions regarding the Trombley, Drouillard and Antaya families. -pdp

Lewis Trombley
According to The History of Monroe County, Lewis was born at Chazy, Clinton Co. New York on 24 Mar 1805. He was married in 1831 to Sophia Gregory, of Isle of Mott, Vermont and emigrated to Michigan in 1833 settling near the present village of Petersburg. He was accompanied by Horace Hill and wife, the latter being a sister to Lewis Trombley.

He was the first butcher in Petersburg, and held public offices of trust, among them being township treasurer, in which capacity he served several terms. He was a zealous supporter of the the old Whig party, and afterwards became a firm member of the new Republican party until his death which came on 18 Feb 1880 at the age of seventy-four years, ten months and 25 days as inscribed on his headstone. He became the father of ten children with only four reaching adulthood. Those being: Horace Jerome, William, Lewis E. and Victoria E., wife of George E. Mead.

Sophia (Gregory)
The wife of Lewis Trombley, Sophia is said to have been born on the Isle of Motte, Vermont on 07 Mar 1811. They were united in marriage in the year 1831 and in 1850 were residing in Summerfield Twp., living next door to Richard Peters and his 2nd wife Orissa (Baker). Their 1860 household in Summerfield Twp., also included their son William's wife, Phebe (Perry) whom he had married that year. In 1870, the household then only included Sophia, Lewis, and their two yournger children, Lewis and Victoria. This particular census indicates Sophia was born in Lower Canada, therefore it should be kept in mind that the little island is just south of the Canadian line and east of Chazy Landing and Trombley Bay - both in Clinton Co., New York. Sophia died four years later on 16 Feb 1874, and Lewis' death followed six years later as noted on his headstone inscription.

Note: Michigan Dept of Health (GENDIS) indicates Sophia was the daughter of Jacob and Louise Turill and that she died of Spinal Disease.

Edith (Drouillard)
Baptised 11 March 1828 at St. Mary's Catholic Church, in Monroe Co., Michigan as "Edesse Drouillard", she was the legitimate daughter of Jean Baptiste Drouillard and Catherine Arcouet, and had been born on 02 Oct 1827 at Raisin River, Michigan. She married Moses Trombley in 1847 when she was nineteen years of age and to this union were born four children: Emily Amelia, wife of Josiah Elder; Edward; Joseph who married Margaret Monett; and Adda who died at the age of four.

Edith died on 23 Mar 1885. Her husband, Moses, who was born in either at St. Jean near Montreal, or at Chazy, Clinton Co., New York on 30 Jun 1819. He died in Petersburg, Monroe Co., Michigan on 21 Nov 1895.

Edith's great grandfather, Jean Baptiste Drouillard was the uncle of George Drouillard (son of his Jean's brother Pierre) who had met Meriwether Lewis in 1803 when he was age 27, and instantly hired him as a translator. The son of a French Canadian father and a Shawnee mother, George had grown up with his mother's relatives near Cape Girardeau. His first assignment was to escort soldiers who had volunteered for the Corps of Discovery. During the expedition of Lewis and Clark, George was the highest paid member of the team after the captains and shared the Charbonneau's tent with the family and captains. After the expedition years, George trapped and traded furs for the Missouri Fur Company under the leadership of Manuel Lisa, it was during the return to the headwaters of the Missouri River, he and two Delaware trappers were ambushed and killed by Blackfoot Indians.

Note: For more on the Missouri Fur Company and Manuel Lisa, visit "Early St. Louis" website by P. Davidson-Peters.

Rosaline (Antaya), wife of Edward Trombley
This worn headstone is believed to be that of Rosalyn or Rosaline Trombley - and is speculated, but not yet proven, to be the wife of Edward/Edwin Trombley who is also buried in the Old Petersburg Cemetery and was the son of Moses and Edesse/Edith (Drouillard).

Michigan death records and the Genealogical Death Indexing System by the Dept. of Community Health, both indicate she died of Consumption in Summerfield, Monroe Co., Michigan on 26 Aug 1876 at age 18 years 1 month, and 1 day. She was listed as married, daughter of Peter and Amelia Anteauh, whom she was enumerated with in the 1870 census prior to her marriage. As noted below, Ed died a few years after his wife.

The Genealogy of French Families of the Detroit River Region by Rev. Dennissen (p.19), lists the children of this family, including "Rosalie" who is listed as born 28 Mar 1858.

Note: The surname of Antaya has been recorded and transcribed as Anteau, Antiau, Antieau, Attaya, Antillard to name a few.

See also 1850, 1860 census and birth record of her sister, Victorie.

According to the Return of Deaths for Monroe County Michigan, Adda died of Typhoid Fever on 28 May 1870 at the age of 4 years, 8 months, and 7 days, and was listed as the daughter of Moses and Ellen Trombly.

Just to the right, the name "ED" appears to be inscribed on the stone. Noted in the Return of Deaths for Monroe County, Michigan as Edwin A. Trombley, a widowed farmer who was aged 28 years, 2 months and 27 days when he died in Summerfield of Consumption on 10 Dec 1879. Aside from Edwin A./Edward, he was transcribed from the original record in GENDIS as the son of "Maxes" rather than Moses, and his mother's name was listed as Hattie, yet another name used by Edesse/Edith/Addie (Drouillard).

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