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Bloomville, New York
Bloomville, NY Business District
Photo taken in 01 Aug 2003 & contributed by Carolyn McPherson
The blue house on the left appears to be that of Dr. Ovid L. Butts. A young physician, he was the son of Jeremiah and Emma (Dart). Listed with his wife Martha on the 1870 census between two shoemakers (John Barker to the west [left] and James White to the east), Butts was enumerated as living four dwellings from that of John Peters' residence--both of which are noted on the 1869 Beer's map. Dr. Butts died at the age of thirty-six on 22 Oct 1876, survived by his wife and a daughter who died the following year.

The tan building was the general store of A J Corbin which, according to Kortright's official Town Historian, Wilber Haynes, often served as the post office and, probably for political reasons, was moved back and forth from Bloomville in Kortright Township to Stamford in Stamford Township. Andrew Jackson Corbin was born 23 Feb 1836 in Roxbury and was married 26 Jun 1865 to Lucy Ann Champion who was the sister of Simon B. Champion, founder of the Bloomville Mirror. Lucy died on 27 July 1867 at age twenty-six, leaving an infant son who died a few weeks after her. Listed as single and residing at John P. Shaw's Mansion House in 1870, A J Corbin married a couple months later in September, Sarah E. Dales, daughter of George and Angeline. Andrew died in 1908 at the age of seventy-three.

The newspaper and printing office of the Bloomville Mirror is believed to have been situated just next to Wright Brook, which ran between it and the store of McCune & Ceas, located to the east [right as you look at this picture]. The Mirror's owner was Simon Bolivar Champion, born in East Worcester, Otsego Co., NY on 07 Sep 1825. In 1849 he came to Bloomville on doctor's orders to improve his health, and there he purchased, along with his father, a dwelling house, grist mill and saw mill. According to John Weeks Moore, "'when the Bloomville Mirror was commenced, May 28, 1851, by S. B. Champion, the office was located in one corner of an old grist-mill, and that the printer then owned only a few pounds of second-hand type, and had no printing-press of any kind, but printed that paper with a block planer. After inking the form, he carefully spread a sheet over the type, and then a thick blanket, and, by striking with a mallet upon the planer, obtained his impressions after the old method of taking proofs."

The building which later became the offices of the Bloomville Mirror, located in this business district (pictured here), was erected in 1856. By the time the Civil War broke out, Champion's readership had reached 3000, but in 1870 he removed to Stamford where the railroad had opened and established the Stamford Mirror. S.B. Champion was married to Mary L. McCollum in 1857, the daughter of Reuben and Patty (Smith) of Bloomville.

The brown building on the corner was the McCune & Ceas store, and later became the McCune & Peters store when William B. Peters became partners with his brother-in-law, Samuel McCune. The primary owner of the mercantile business, Samuel McCune, was born in Bovina, Delaware Co., New York on 15 Aug 1823 and was the son of John and Catherine (McNaught). He married W B Peters' sister Nancy in Bloomville on 16 Oct 1850, but she died in childbirth along with their daughter in 1854. About two years after he was widowed, he married Nancy's cousin, Elizabeth Peters, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth (Jerome). They removed to Jefferson, New York where Samuel died on 05 Dec 1899.

William Blakely Peters, who had entered into business with Samuel McCune in about 1858, was the son of John Peters and Jane (Blakely), whose name also appears on the 1869 Beers Map. Born in Stamford in 1837 he entered into business with Samuel McCune when he was twenty-one years of age. In 1861 he married Hannah (Rich) of South Kortright, the daughter of James and Jane (Southard). He purchased a farm at the lower end of Main Street in Bloomville (as indicated on the Beers Map) where he built a fine home. He was Postmaster at Bloomville for fourteen years, and having a keen interest in mechanical pursuits, he engaged in the watch and jewelry business for a time. A surveyor, draughtsman, and well respected resident, he died in Bloomville in 1904.

Note: Beers' Map of 1869 shows the post office in a different Bloomville location. It is currently located across the street from the one in the picture.
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