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Bloomville, New York
Photos contributed by Carolyn McPherson 2003
The Old Mansion House - Bloomville, NY
The Old Mansion House --the oldest hotel in Bloomville and environs-- was built about 1827, and for many years conducted by Clayton Weeks, and later by Jesse Minor. As noted in the photograph by Carolyn McPherson at the bottom of the page, the building no longer exits.

Source: Delaware County, New York: History of the century, 1797-1897: centennial celebration, June 9 and 10, 1897 by John Harper; Delhi, N.Y.: W. Clark, 1898.

Old Mansion House (Before 1866)
The census of 1850 indicates that at that time the hotel was owned and operated by Adam Jaques; Jaques died 08 May 1859 in Catskill, Green Co., New York. In 1860, the hotel was owned and operated by George Thompson; according to his headstone in Riverside Cemetery, Thompson died that year. Records from 1862 indicate his son, John A. Thompson, owned The Mansion House.

It is not certain who might have continued to operate the hotel after John Thompson. A search of census records for the town of Kortright and Bloomville, however, reveals that a John P. Shaw might have owned the hotel in 1870. Listed as one of the hotel's residents was the merchant A.J. Corbin, whose store was just west of Wright Brook.

Note: The photograph above was taken prior to 1866 and the start-up of the U&D RR. At that time the hotel had front porches on both floors.

Location of the Old Mansion House
Until 1904, Bloomville was the last stop on the Ulster & Delaware route and an advertised destination for summer vacationers who enjoyed the most picturesque sections of the Catskills by train. The overgrown foundations of the old Bloomville roundhouse--south of State Route 10--are still visible today. In 1904, Oneonta became the head of the line. The advent of the automobile led to decreased ridership, and the final trip of a U & D train occurred in March 1954. Carolyn McPherson, whose photographs appear on this site, is the 8-year-old in this news clipping, a granddaughter of William Hendry Hickok (a conductor on the U & D), and great-granddaughter of Benjamin Herkimer Hickok, an engineer on that same line.

As shown in this photograph taken by Carolyn McPherson on 01 Aug 2003, the Old Mansion House has been torn down and nothing but the old records, photos, and postcards remain.


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