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Bloomville Methodist Church; Delaware Co., NY
Photos Taken 01 Aug 2003 & Contributed by Carolyn McPherson 2003
Sign "Bloomville Methodist Church"
Situated in the small village of Bloomville, New York, the Bloomville United Methodist Church has been in continuous operation for more than 200 years and is the oldest church in Bloomville and might be the oldest-surviving building in the hamlet.
Bloomville Methodist Church
In 2006 the church began a massive renovation to shore up and reinforce the structure. When the interior was exposed, it was discovered that the structure had been built without nails. The original builders had used mortises and tenons held together with pins, using their bare hands, horses and ropes.

Among some of the artifacts found during the renovation was a wooden pulley, which was probably used to raise and lower the kerosene lamps that lit the church before the existence of gas or electric lights.

Bloomville Methodist Church
Interior view of the left and right pews of the Bloomville United Methodist Church
Bloomville Methodist Church
Interior view from the center of the pews of the Bloomville United Methodist Church
Sanctuary of the Bloomville Methodist Church
This composite of 15 photographs shows the interior of the Bloomville Methodist Church in May 2007, shortly after the 200-year-old building's complete restoration. Carolyn McPherson's grandparents, William Hendry Hickok and Sarah Peters Hickok, attended services here, as did her great-grandmother, Hannah Rich Peters, the widow of Wm. Blakely Peters.

Note that the process of merging so many pictures resulted in some distortion at the edges. (Click photo to open a larger view)



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