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Aberlemno Scotland - Photos contributed by Jan Davidson & Walter Stewart
A list of Davidson related burials compiled by P. Davidson-Peters & photographed by Jan Davidson and Walter Stewart
Church of Aberlemno photographed by Walter Stewart - Novermber, 2011
In the book "Around the Ancient City" written and published around the early 1900s by David Herschell Edwards, "The Church of Aberlemenach (Aberlemno) belonged to St Andrews, and was dedicated by Bishop David in 1242. It was dependent upon the Priory of Resteneth, and both church aud priory were attached to Jedburgh Abbey. David Lindsay of Pitairlie, a cadet of the noble house of Lindsay, Earls of Crawford, held the cure in the middle of the sixteenth centuiy, immediately after the Reformation. He was at the same time minister of the churches of Forfar and Resteneth, his stipend for all the three being 200 merks, or 133 6s 8d Scots."

Visible near where the Lemno debouches into the Esk, Aberlemno's present church was re-built in 1722 on the original foundation walls of the nave which was dedicated in 1242. The structure of this ancient Roman church (now the Church of Scotland), underwent construction in 1820 when it was extended to a T-plan, and again in 1856 when the vestry and galleries were added. Remodeled in Gothic style in the late 19th century, the parish church recorded many of the births and christenings of the Davidson family and its branches.

Today the 8th century church, which is located five miles east of Forfar, is famous for its Pictish cross slab stone dating to about 650 AD.

Note: Tay Valley Family History Society located in Dundee has made a full survey and transcription of the headstones. Their society included information on the former counties of Angus, Fife, Kinross and Perthshire.

Family Related Burials at Aberlemno Cemetery
Photos taken and contributed by Jan Davidson & Walter Stewart All Rights Reserved.
Females are listed by their given birth name
If you would like to provide additional information, or find anything in error, please feel free to contact
Patti Davidson-Peters.
Please do not lift or copy these images. If you are interested in a particular image, please email
Walter who can fulfill your request.
Christie, Alexander 15 Oct 1926 81 Husband of Mary (Stewart)
Christie, Mary Jane 18 Feb 1959 77 Daughter of Alexander Christie & Mary (Stewart)
Davidson, Charles 12 Nov 1825 30 Husband of Margaret (Donald)
Davidson, Charles Feb 1839 26 Son of Charles Davidson & Margaret (Donald)
Davidson, George 18 Apr 1809 79 Son of James Davidson & Janet (Ross); husband of Charlotte (Loudon)
Davidson, James 17 Apr 1889 79 Son of Charles Davidson & Margaret (Donald); Husband of Mary (Smith)
Davidson, John 16 Nov 1830 62 Husband of Jean (McGregor); father of John and James
Donald, Margaret Jun 1864 76 Wife of Charles Davidson
Goldie, Margaret R. 29 Nov 1997 62 Wife of Matthew R. Stewart
Hall, James 05 Sep 1891 86 Husband of Janet (Inverarity)
Hall, Jane 01 Feb 1915 72 Wife of James Stewart
Howe, David Milne Stewart 05 Jun 2002 75 --
Hunter, James Thow 29 Apr 1890 15 Son of John Hunter and Mary Ann (Stewart)
Hunter, John 13 Apr 1873 -- Son of John Hunter and Mary Ann (Stewart)
Hunter, John 15 Mar 1919 83 Husband of Mary Ann (Stewart)
Hunter, William 11 Apr 1876 2 Son of John Hunter and Mary Ann (Stewart)
Inverarity,Janet 15 Sep 1843 43 Wife of James Hall
Louden, Charlotte 1812 90 Daughter of James; wife of George Davidson
MacGregor, Charles A. 30 Nov 1996 80 Husband of Christina R. (Stewart)
McGregor, Jean 07 Jun 1816 41? Wife of John Davidson; mother of John and James
Mitchell, Jane 12 Mar 1885 77 "Died at Pitkennedy Schoolhouse"
Sherritt, Jean 20 Sep 2006 77 Wife of Syd Stewart
Smith, Mary 30 Oct 1885 74 Wife of James Davidson
Stewart, Brian James Jr. 18 Mar 1987 -- --
Stewart, Christina R. 08 Feb 1994 76 Wife of Charles MacGregor
Stewart, Catherine 07 Sep 1995 67 Daughter of John and Catherine Stewart
Stewart, Catherine 27 Jul 1964 7 Wife of John Stewart
Stewart, James 23 May 1914 72 Son of James Stewart and Jane Inverarity
Stewart, James Pinkerton 23 Jul 2001 75 --
Stewart, Jessie Inverarity 23 Jul 1881 12 Daughter of James Stewart
Stewart, John 26 Oct 1717 57 --
Stewart, John 18 Oct 2002 72 Husband of Catherine Stewart
Stewart, Margaret 07 Apr 1930 65 Daugther of James Stewart and Jane (Hall)
Stewart, Mary 13 Nov 1899 54 Wife of Alexander Christie
Stewart, Mary Ann 12 Jul 1877 32 Wife of John Hunter
Stewart, Matthew R. 24 Dec 2006 77 Husband of Margaret R. Goldie
Thornton, Thomas 29 Jul 1732 40 --
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