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PDP's Roots & Branches Index, formerly known as Sunnyann's Website Index by P. Davidson-Peters
Please Note! These sites (which contained approximately 2500 pages) were generously hosted by RootsWeb in 1999, but most were retired in October, 2013.
Many thanks to all who have written and shared their information since I began my research in 1990 -pdp
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Please keep in mind that all graphics and backgrounds on these websites are the creative works of P. Davidson-Peters, unless otherwise noted. All photos submitted to the websites have been edited but are otherwise the property of the contributor, and therefore should not be copied or uploaded to other websites including Find A Grave, Ancestry, etc. without the express permission of the owner.

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Blogs by P. Davidson-Peters
PDP's Roots & Branches
A blog of my on-going genealogical and historical research.
Early St. Louis Blog by PDP
A blog to devoted to the family, friends & associates of Joshua Pilcher - hatter, fur trader, Indian Agent & Superintendent of Indian Affairs, as well as some of those who resided, governed, and represented early St. Louis.
93rd Aero Squadron - World War I
A website I created, designed & maintain as a volunteer from the research of Gene Beals (1955-2013).
Launched on December 10, 2008, this site contains information and photos about the 93rd Aero Squadron. including its history, list of officers, pilots, enlisted men. In addition to photos and obituaries, the site also other WWI memorabilia and illustrations. This site has encouraged submissions relative to the squadron including photos, enlistment papers, etc.
Baker County, Oregon
A Sub-site of A Place Called Oregon by Roxann Gess-Smith
Includes extracted records containing biographical, marriage, census and historical information relative to the early settlers in Baker County, Oregon. I compiled these during the three months we resided in Baker City in winter of 2001-2002.
Brant Military Hospital - Burlington, Ontario
A website I created, designed & maintain as a volunteer from the research of Gene Beals (1955-2013).
Launched on November 11, 2008, this site contains information about the Brant Military Hospital in operation during World War I. Formerly the Brant Hotel, a resort on the lake in Burlington, this site encourages submissions of the descendants of the patients, staff and officers at the hospital.
Lightfoot & Brandis
Ancestors & Descendants of John Wood Brandis Lightfoot
John's father Frederick had enlisted in Company C 13th Regiment of Wisconsin and was discharged at Madison in October 1865. In 1869 he went to Sherman, Grayson Co., Texas where he was a carpenter. He is listed in the Sherman City Directory residing on the east side of Maxey between Cherry & King during 1876/77. He thereafter went to Silver City, Grant County, New Mexico arriving there in 1879 bringing his wife and four sons. There Frederick filed for land one mile north of Silver City but his wife died giving birth to their fifth son, John Wood Brandis who was raised by Jacob & Sarah Lightfoot.
MAIN LOCALITIES: Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Texas, New Mexico & Arizona
MAIN SURNAMES: Birkhead | Burrows | Cabe | Giles | Hess | Lightfoot | Nelms | Peavler | Poston
Photograph Album of Hannah (Rich) Peters of Delaware Co., NY
A sub-site of the Peters Family, Early Settlers of Petersburg, Monroe Co., Michigan
This beautiful nineteen page album includes 38 cartes de visite - or CDV's - contributed in 2005 by Carolyn McPherson, the great granddaughter of Hannah (Rich). Carolyn and I have done our best to identify all persons in the album and learn more about them through research of various records which was updated June 1, 2014. If you can help us identify or add further information, we welcome your emails.
SURNAMES: Blakely | Buchan | Clark | Crofoot | Gibson | Leonard | Marvin | McLaury | Mitchell | Murvin | Oliver | Peters | Pudney | Rich | Robinson | Struthers | Tallman
Sons of Spanish American War Veterans
Nelson A. Miles Camp No. 610 - Collinsville, Madison Co., Illinois
What's New at SSAWV Nelson A. Miles Camp No. 610
A website I created, designed & maintain as a volunteer from the research of Gene Beals (1955-2013).
Contains a great deal of information about the Spanish-American War, the soldiers who served, their descendants who became members, and information on joining the Sons of Spanish American War Veteran society.
Stratton & Fox Photograph Album
A sub-site of the Daily and Associated Branches of Clark County, Indiana
This lovely worn treasured photo album came into the possession of Sandy (Fox) Whitney in 2012. It is believed to have originally belonged to Sarah (Stratton) Fox and may have been passed down to her son Albert and wife, Laura (Girton). It is an an assortment of the various lines of these families, and as the photos have undoubtedly been removed and replaced in no particular order over the many, many years - most are left unidentified. It's our hope, by presenting these sixteen photographs online that someone viewing this treasured album will be fortunate to recognize a photo of their ancestor and email Sandy or Patti with a positive identification. We've identified at least one ... and hope for more.
MAIN LOCALITIES: Indiana, Illinois, Iowa Kansas, Kentucky Michigan, Nebraska, Pennsylvania
SURNAMES: Fox, Stratton, Butler & many unknown/unidentified
PHOTOGRAPHERS BY STATE: M.B. Morrell, IL; J. Pennay, IN; Josiah G. Swain, IN; J.W. Pendergast, IN; James S. Spurgin, IN; John M. Adams, IN; David H. Wright, IN; Jennie Flemings, IA; Pierson & Desmond, KS; George A. McMillan, KS; B. Boardman, KY; Carson, MI; Grand Central Gallery, NE; Derstine
Tisdale of Arkansas
Ancestors & Descendants of William Tisdale
This site contains records of Births, Marriages, Census, & Death of familes relataive to the Tisdale family who eventually settled in Arkansas.
MAIN LOCALITIES: Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas & Arkansas.
U.S.Veterans of Collinsville
Veterans of Collinsville, Madison Co., Illinois
A website I created, designed & maintain as a volunteer. This site honors veterans of nine wars who were laid to rest at local cemeteries and abroad, the information on this site was researched, & generously submitted by Gene Beals (1955-2013). The site contains headstone photos, rosters, obituaries and other various photos of 198 veterans who served in the War of 1812, Black Hawk War, Mexican War, Civil War, Spanish-American War, and World War I, World War II, and the Korean War.
Retired Websites by P. Davidson-Peters
As noted, the following websites are no longer active, however, the index pages of each (which detail the contents) remains online. Also, the highlighted surnames below will direct you to a blog I've written pertaining to that surname.

If you have questions, please feel free to email me.

Cemetery Listings by P. Davidson-Peters
Hundreds of cemetery photographs included in various websites posted by P. Davidson-Peters, and contributed by several descendants. Cemeteries are listed alphabetically by country, state, city and include the surname of those buried.
Localities: Canada; Scotland; Alabama; Arizona; Colorado; Delaware; Georgia; Illinois; Indiana; Iowa; Kentucky; Michigan; Minnesota; Missouri; New York; North Dakota; Ohio; Oklahoma; Texas
Daily Family & Associated Branches of Clark Co., Indiana
Ancestors & Descendants of David Wise Daily & Mary A. (Shirley)
This is my husband's main maternal line and contains records of Marriages 1807-1928, Census 1840-1930, Obituaries, Biographies & Photos of the following surnames & those relative to the Daily family.
MAIN LOCALITIES: Indiana, Illinois; Missouri; Nebraska; Missouri; Ohio; Washington
MAIN SURNAMES: Applegate | Boyer | Collier | Coombs | Crawford | Daily / Dailey | Fouts | Goodall | Holman | Huckleberry | James | Lewman | Parker | Prather | Ramsey | Ricketts | Riley | Russell | Shirley | Smith | Stierheim | Tuell | Walsh | Work
Davidson & Arbuckle of Scotland
Ancestors & Descendants of William Davidson & Janet (Arbuckle) of Angus/Forfar & Lanark Shires
This is my paternal line and contains records from Scotland, Canada & the U.S.A., including Births & Christenings, Marriages, Census, Death, Obituaries, Land & other records.
I had the pleasure of working with author Gerard Giordano regarding my paternal grandparents and the Arizona dams. Chapter 7 of his book was devoted mostly to my grandparents. Read my review of his book, The Verde River: Barlett and Horseshoe Dams
MAIN LOCALITIES: Scotland - Shires of Angus & Forfar; Ireland; Arizona; Iowa; Illinois; Minnesota; North Dakota; New York; Wisconsin
MAIN SURNAMES: Arbuckle | Bovey | Croty / Crotty | Danforth | Davidson | Dyer | Fisher | Fiske | Holly | Johnson | Knight | Lightfoot | McNiven | Morse | Neagle / Nagle | Rand | Root | Sabin | Sawtel | Short | Wheat
Early Saint Louis
Family, Friends & Associates of Joshua Pilcher - Hatter, Fur Trader, Indian Agent & Superintendent of Indian Affairs
Posted 10 Dec 2007, this site contains the history of early St. Louis, its founders, inhabitants and information on the fur trade, early physicians, old forts, obituaries, news clippings, politicians, epidemics etc. Census extractions are included for some of the earlier families and those of relation to the Pilchers who had come from Culpeper Co., VA to Lexington. Prior to Joshua's arrival in St. Louis, he had gone to Nashville where he had a hat shop. The site also is linked to an ancestral tree at GenCircles containing many of the early families and includes its own search engine.
My Sources: A list of nearly 150
MAIN SURNAMES: Benton | Berthold | Brooks | Cabanné | Carr | Chouteau | Clark | Deere | Gratiot | Hempstead | Kennerly | Liggett | Mansur | Pilcher | Riddick | Tebbetts | Shaw
Moore & Pilcher of St. Louis, Missouri
Ancestors & Descendants of Thomas Anderson Moore & Clarissa VanBergen Pilcher
This is my main maternal line and contains a great deal of records, including but not limited to Births, Marriages, Census, Death, Biographies, Obituaries, City Directories, News Clippings, Family Letters and Historical Sketches relative to the people and places connected with these families and additional information about the Civil War.
In 2010 author P.J. Sullivan published the Civil War letters which had been held in the care of my 2nd great grandfather, Thomas A. Moore. You can read these in Sullivan's book, Bushwhackers and Broken Hearts which I reviewed on my blog.
MAIN LOCALITIES: Virginia, Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Italy, Civil War Mississippi, Missouri, Oregon, Texas & California
MAIN SURNAMES: Adams | Anthony | Arbaugh | Ballard | Candler | Chase | Clark | Cook | Crites | Firebaugh | Hendry | Henze | Hough | Kalb | Lane | Laratta | Marsh | Meredith | Moore | Moorman | Mossman | Pilcher | Rossomanno | Shaw | Skinner | Slayback | Vosburg / Vosburgh
Peters - Early Settlers of Petersburg, Michigan
Ancestors & Descendants of Richard Peters & Susanna Halstead
This is the main paternal line of my husband's family and contains a great deal of records, including but not limited to Births, Marriages, Census, Death, Biographies, Obituaries, News Clippings & Photos relative to the people and places connected with these families and their branches.
MAIN LOCALITIES: New York; Ohio; Michigan; Indiana; Illinois; Missouri; California
MAIN SURNAMES: Blakely | Breningstall | Burnham | Crofoot | Elder | Halstead | Holmes | Housman | Jerome | Knowlton | LaDue | Lyon | Main / Maine | Noxon | Phipps | Peters | Rhodes | Shepherd | Smith | Trombly / Trombley
Southern Italy (Calabria)
A Sub-site of Moore & Pilcher of St. Louis, Missouri
Laratta Family of Papanici
Descendants of Marziale Laratta & Teresa Prato
This site contains passenger records, photos & biographical information regarding Armando who emigrated to St. Louis, Missouri. In 2007 our Italian family who remained in Italy contacted us and we are now in touch and learning more about our Italian heritage. Many thanks to Adele & Salvatore for contacting me!
Rossomanno of Davoli & Cavalonia
Ancestors & Descendants of Pietro Rossomanno & Mariangela Criserá
This site contains passenger records, photos, & biographical information regarding Pietro Rossomanno who emigrated to St. Louis, Missouri in 1907.
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