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John TIDD * (66)

was born about 1589 in Yarmouth, Isle of Wright, Hampton, ENG.   He died on 24 Apr 1657 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., MA.   (52c) John and his family were residents of Charlestown (Woburn), MA, prior to 1637.   He and thirty others signed the Town Orders for Woburn in 18 December 1640.   He was listed as a freeman in 1643.   His will was signed two weeks before his death and indicates he had a second wife named Alice, assumed prior to Margaret.   Named in the will were his son John, William Savell, husband of daughter Hannah, their four children, son Samuel's daughter, Thomas Fuller Jr., son of daughter Elizabeth, and John Kendall, son of daughter Mary.   His surviving daughters, Mary and Elizabeth, were appointed executors.

NOTE: Cited source indicates Woburn records confuse this John Tidd with one aged 19 who came as a servant to the Samuel Greenfield family in 1637 and with them went to Salem then Hampton.   This occurance is noted in "Planters of the Commonwealth, 1620-1640", pg 181, "On the "Mary Anne" of Yarmouth, Wm. Goose, Master, she sailed from Ipswitch in May and arrived at Boston June 20 (1637).   Samuel Greenfield (27), weaver of Norwich, Norfolk, settled in Salem with wife Barbara (25), chil. Mary and Barbara and servant John Teed (19)."   He was married to Margaret UNKNOWN * about 1617 in England.   LDS Ancestral Files contain some data about John and Margaret, but it becomes questionable when analysed.   Genealogical Notices (ref. unknown), indicates John Tidd (or Tead or Teed), embarked 12 May 1637 at Yarmouth, England, aged 19, as a servant to Samuel Greenfield, of Norwich. Margaret was Samuels daughter.   It also shows he was a resident of Charlestown in 1637 (became Woburn in 1642), and was subscribed there in Deember 1640.   He was taxed at the Country Rate, 8 September 1645, and chosen as a Surveyor of Fences in 1646.   His Will, 9 April 1656, made fifteen days before his death, shows he had a second wife named Alice [Teel], daughters Mary and Elizabeth and a son named John.   Mary married Francis Kendall in 1644 and Elizabeth married Thomas Fuller in 1643.   Some question arises about whether John and Margaret were married in England and sailed with her father as servants (economic reason?).   Some records indicate they married in 1616, long before they arrived in America and that their children were born in England.   This is unlikely if he arrived at age 19. However, Mary and Elizabeth both married soon after the date John is reported to have arrived in America.   Thier son John, Jr., married Rebekah Wood, 14 April 1650.   Further research is necessary.

Margaret UNKNOWN*

was born about 1595 in Yarmouth, Isle of Wright, Hampton, ENG.   She died on 15 Oct 1651 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., MA. (52)   She and her family were on the same ship from England as her future husband John Tidd.

Children of John and Margaret Tidd were:

i.   John TIDD

was born abt. 1618 in England.   John married Rebekah Wood, 14 Apr 1650 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.   She was born abt. 1624 and died 10 Jun 1717 in Woburn, MA.(154)

ii.   Mary TIDD

was born about 1624 in England.   She died about 1721/22 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., MA.

iii.   Elizabeth TIDD *.

iv.   Samuel TIDD

v.   Hannah TIDD

It is believed Hannah married William Savell and had four children.