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Johannes DUTCHER * (86)

was born about 1708 in Albany,Albany Co., NY.   He died about Jun 1777 in Salisbury, Litchfield, CT.   Johannes was baptised on 25 January 1708 in Albany, New York.   Johannes is shown in Salisbury, Connecticut, records as John.   His will was dated 11 June 1777 and bequesthed to his sons John and Gabriel the farm on which the family lived, the homestead.   To his daughters Jane, Hannah and Christian sums of mney and other property, and made them "residuary legatees".   Gabriel was named executor and also received 14 acres of land "which lie in Sheffield, which I purchased of Noble Westerfield".   Witnesses to John's will were John Landon, Tappen Beebe and Ruluff White.

He was married to Christian UNKNOWN * about 1740 in Salisbury, Litchfield, CT.

Christian Chisholm * (86)

was born about 1717.   She died on 1 May 1755 in Salisbury, Litchfield, CT.   Source quotes an obituary that reads, "Christian, wife of John Dutcher, departed this life May 1, 1755, in the 39th year of her age."

Children of Johannes (John) and Christian Dutcher were:

i.   Ruluff DUTCHER

was born on 15 Sep 1741 in Salisbury, Litchfield, CT.   In 1760, a Ruluff Dutcher from Connecticut enlisted in Capt. Van Vechten's Company in Duchess County, New York.

ii.   Jane DUTCHER

was born on 19 Feb 1743 in Salisbury, Litchfield, CT.   Jane married a Mr. Sardam.

iii.   John DUTCHER *.

iv.   Gabriel DUTCHER

was born on 16 Jun 1747 in Salisbury, Litchfield, CT.

v.   Hannah DUTCHER

was born on 25 Mar 1749 in Salisbury, Litchfield, CT.   Hannah married Ezekiel Fuller on 1 March 1771.

vi.   Cornelius DUTCHER

was born on 20 Mar 1753 in Salisbury, Litchfield, CT.   He died on 22 Mar 1754 in Salisbury, Litchfield, CT.

vii.   Christian DUTCHER (86)

was born on 1 Mar 1755 in Salisbury, Litchfield, CT.   Christian married Mr. Beebe [could be Tappen Beebe, a witness to her fathers will].