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TENTH GENERATION on Glen's Father's side

Lt. Thomas FULLER *Sr. (84)(97)(102)(103)

Thomas was born about 1618 in Wales, England (perhaps Flint).   He died on 13 June 1698 at the age of 80 years, 2 months, in Middleton (Salem), Essex County, Massachusetts.   It is believed he and Robert Fuller were brothers and came to New England aboard the ship "Bevis" which left Southampton in May 1638; Thomas was age 20 at the time.   Although the passenger list of 60 individuals doesn't list a Fuller, it is thought Thomas and Robert may have worked their passage as crewman.

Thomas was one of the first settlers of Woburn and lived there until 1663 when he purchased 300 plus acres of land in New Salem (Middleton).   It was on this land that he built a house which was located "near a stream about 1/2 mile below Middleton Pond and about the same distance from Will's Hill".   He lived off and on in Middleton and Woburn, where he was active in town affairs.   At a general town meeting held 22 August 1673, Thomas Fuller, Sr., was chosen to serve as a grand juryman.   Thomas held the titles of Sergeant, Ensigne, and in 1685, was called Lieutenant.   Sources indicate he was a blacksmith by trade and a selectman of Salem in 1663, 1664 and 1685.

On 13 April 1643, he married Elizabeth TIDD of Woburn.   Upon her death Thomas returned to Salem.   At age 66, he married the second time on 25 June 1684 (or 25 August), in Woburn, to Sarah NUTT, widow of John Wyman and daughter of Myles Nutt.   She died on 24 May 1688 in Woburn, they had no children.   After Sarah's death he took a third wife, Hannah JAMES*, widow of John Wilson Sr.*, she was age 60 and he age 70 when they married.   She died at age 69 and he died at 80 years and 2 months. [Although an actual marriage record for Thomas and Hannah has not been located, "New England Marriages Prior to 1700", by Clarence Almon Torrey (1985), states:   "FULLER, Thomas (?1618-1698) & 3rd/wife Hannah/Harnet? (?James) WILSON, widow John WILSON, after 25 August 1688, Woburn".   This date is a little over a year from the date of Hannah's first husbands death; John Wilson Sr. died on 2 July 1687.   Therefore,"aft. 25 August 1688" will be used as their marriage date until such time as an actual date can be established.]

Thomas FULLER's Will, dated 9 June 1698, probated July 4th, made bequests to daughters Elizabeth Dean, Ruth Wilkins, Deborah Shaw; grandson David Richardson and grandaughters Ruth Wheeler and Bethiah Fuller; and to sons Thomas, Jacob, and Benjamin.

Elizabeth TIDD * (52b)(99)

Elizabeth was born on 19 September 1626, in England, daughter of John and Margaret Tidd of Woburn, Massachusetts.

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth Fuller were:

i.   Thomas FULLER *Jr..

ii.   Elizabeth FULLER (97a)

Elizabeth was born on 12 September 1645 in Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.   (25) She married on 26 November 1662, Joseph Dean of Concord, Massachusetts ( b.abt.1638, d.1718).   They had eight children: Thomas, b. 15 Sep 1664, m.1st Sarah Blanchard, 2nd Susannah (?); Joseph, b.5 Apr 1667; Daniel, b.29 Apr 1669; Elizabeth, m.Mr. Walker; Sarah, b.4 Aug 1675; Deborah, b.29 Sep 1678; Hannah, b.13 Nov 1682; Benjamin (no dates).

iii.   Ruth FULLER

Ruth was born on 17 May 1648 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., MA.  (25) She married first, a Mr. Wheeler (they had one child, Ruth, who m. a Mr. Foye), and second, a Mr. Wilkins.

iv.   Deborah FULLER(52)(97)

Deborah was born on 12 May 1650 in Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.  (52)She married first Isaac Richardson, 19 June 1667, son of John and Mary Richardson, and they had five children, David (m. and had 3 children, Soloman, Hannah and Bethiah), Benjamin, Jonathan, Edward and Mary (m. Mr. King)... She married second Mr. Shaw, and they had 2 children, Daniel and Ebenezer.

v.   John FULLER

John was born on 1 March 1653 and died 25 June 1675 in Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.   He married Miss. Putnam and they had children; when he died he left two daughters., no sons.

vi.   Jacob FULLER(97)

Jacob was born on 13 September 1655 (or 11 May), and died 15 November 1731 in Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.  (52) Some sources indicate Jacob was born 11 May 1655, and others say 8 August 1658 in Middleton.   Upon the death of his father, Jacob received all lands that had not been previously conveyed to his brothers and sisters.   One such parcel included the family farm in Middleton.   Jacob and Mary resided on the family farm until his death, and they had five children:   Mary (who m. Mr. Whipple, and they had 3 children, James, Jacob and Mary); Elizabeth (who m. Mr. Fisk, and they had 9 children, Sarah, Elizabeth, Lucy, Mercy, Jonathan, Ebenezer, Jacob, William, Mary); Edward (who m. Miss. Quarles and they had 7 children; Sarah, who also m. Mr. Fisk by whom she had 8 children, Daniel, Benjamin, Samuel, William, Josiah, Sarah, Martin, Hannah); Jacob (b. 1700, d. 17 Oct 1767, m. Abigail Holton.

vii.   Joseph FULLER

Joseph was born on 5 June 1658 in Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.  (52) Some sources indicate the birth date was 8 August 1658.   Joseph died young and unmarried.

viii.   Benjamin FULLER (97)

Benjamin was born on 15 February 1660 in Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachsetts.   (52) Some sources place the birth date as 15 April 1660.   He died on 5 October 1754 in Ashford, Windham County, Connecticut.   Benjamin married Sarah Bacon on 15 December 1685, and they had the following children, all born in Salem:   Samuel (b. 1689, m. Mary Littlefield); Sarah (b. 1690, m.1st. Mr. Felch and they had 2 ch. Deborah and Daniel); Ruth (b. 1693, m. Walter Smith, and they had 10 ch. James, Walter, Jonathan, Sarah, Ruth, Mary, Elizabeth, Amos, Benj, and Abigail); Abigail (b.1696, m. Jonathan Hayward, ch. unk.); Hannah (b. 1698, m.1st Joseph Swinerton, one ch. Elizabeth, m. 2nd Mr. Fowle, 2 ch. John and Ebenezer); Benjamin (b. 1701, m. his cousin Mary Fuller).

ix.   Samuel FULLER

Samuel was born on 9 March 1662 in Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.   (52) One source indicates the birth date was 9 May 1662.   He died on 1 January 1688, unmarried.