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Jonah PHELPS * (27b)(107)

was born on 11 Oct 1744 in Hebron, Tolland Co., CT. He died on 26 Mar 1826 in Green River, Columbia Co., NY.   Jonah was a farmer.   While Jonah was still young his father moved the family from Hebron, Tolland Co., to Simsbury, Hartford Co., Connecticut, then finally settled in Green River, Columbia Co., New York, near the three corners of NY/CT/MA.   According to the source Jonah and Sarah had 13 children, all born in Green River.   He was married to Sarah MACK * in Nov 1764 in Green River, Columbia Co., NY.

Sarah MACK * (106)

was born on 30 Apr 1747 in Hebron, Tolland Co., CT. Children were:

Children of Jonah and Sarah Phelps were:

i.   Peleg PHELPS *.

ii.   Sarah PHELPS

was born about 1767 Sarah was baptised 1767 in Green River, Columbia Co., NY.   She married John Wise and they resided in Hillsdale, NY, and had 2 children.   [John may be kin to Sarah's brother Noah's wife Rhoda Wise.]

iii.   Esther PHELPS

Esther was baptised 1769 in Green River, Columbia Co., NY.   She married William Moultrop and they had 4 children.

iv.   Jonah PHELPS

Jonah was baptised in 1765. He married Susan Seager.

v.   Mary (Polly) PHELPS

Polly married Ephraim Elmer of Hillsdale and they had 8 children.

vi.   Charlotte PHELPS

Charlotte m.1st Matthew Fitch and they had 6 children.   She m.2nd Elihu Church, no issue are known.

vii.   Josiah PHELPS

Josiah married Martha Parks and they had 9 children while they lived in Hillsdale, NY.

viii.   Noah PHELPS (26)

Noah married Rhoda Wise and they had 4 children born in Hillsdale,NY. NY. [Note: Hillsdale and Green River are three miles apart.]   Rhoada may be kin to Noah's sister Sarah's husband.   There is an account in the "History of Simsbury", page 94, wherein an expedition of volunteers was formed to cature Fort Ticonderoga in April 1775.   The expedition included Capt. Noah Phelps who crossed Lake Champlain to reconnoiter the fort.   His stelth permitted the expedition to capture the Fort without the loss of a single man.   Capt. Noah Phelps was later made a General and his brother Capt. Elisha Phelps was a Commissary intil he died in 1776.

ix.   John PHELPS

John married Polly Rider and they had 4 children.

x.   Elisha PHELPS

died in 1776. Elisha married Sally Davenport and they had 12 children in Chenango, NY.

xi.   Elijah PHELPS

was born on 19 Jun 1787 in Green River, Columbia Co., NY.   Elijah married Anna Elliot.

xii.   James PHELPS

James married Phebe Russeguie.

xiii.   Electa PHELPS

Electa married Mr. Dewey and they had 3 children.

Since producing this page I have been informed, "The Phelps Family of America", is not an accurate source data
and that one should authenticate their use of this source before assuming it is factual.