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SEVENTH GENERATION on Glen's Father's side

Capt. Stephen FULLER *(87) (88b) (88c) (109)

Stephen was born on 4 November 1730 in Hampton, Windham County, Connecticut... He died on 21 May 1813 in Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, and is buried in the Sheshequin Cemetery.

In October 1775, Stephen was appointed by the Connecticut Assembly as Captain of the 1st Company, "or trainband", in the 24th Regiment, Connecticut Regular Militia (136).. Many of Stephen's family and inlaws were participants in the Wyoming Massacre, 3 July 1778... The Wyoming Valley, on the Susquahanna River in Pennsylvania, was incorporated by act of the Connecticut General Assembly as Westmoreland County, Connecticut, and the Pennsylvania proprietors claimed this territory and designated the valley Luzerne County, Pennsylvania... Captain Stephen Fuller was a proprietor of the Susquahnna Company and in 1769 came from Hampton, Connecticut, to the Wyoming Valley.

His house was the first built in Wilkesbarre on Lot #16, NW corner of Main and Northampton Streets... John Abbott, his brother-in-law, was the carpenter, and Stephen, a mason by trade, built the stone chimneys, foundations and well... Stephen married John Abbotts sister Mary and John married Stephen's sister, Alice.

To compensate for his losses at Wilkes-Barre, when his title to the land was not recognized, Stephen was given a tract of land, five miles square, in Bradford County, Pennsylvania... In 1783, he and his family, sons Reuben and John and their famlies, were part of a company led by Gen. Spaulding that traveled 70 miles up the Susquahanna River to settle in Sheshequin, near Tioga Point (now Athens, PA)... It is in the Sheshequin Cemetery that most of this company was buried... In 1788 Stephen and son John petitioned for the first road from Wysox to Tioga, and in 1794 for the Upper Sheshequin road... Son Reuben was the petitioner for a road from Sheshequin to Rome... From 1795 through 1796 Stephen was the appointed Fence Viewer and Damage Appraiser of Sheshequin.

The Battle and Massacre of Wyoming was one of three Revolutionary battles fought in Pensylvannia between the British Torres and Indians, and the Connecticut settlers near Wilkes-Barre... The monument to the Wyoming Massacre, over the site where 300 men and boys were killed, shows "Killed in Action", Stephens oldest sons, Thomas and Stephen Jr., and his son-in-law, Captain James Bidlack, many others were relatives and close friends... A large part of those killed were former residents of Hampton, Windham County, Connecticut, where the Fuller's had first made their home.

Stephen married Mary ABBOTT* on 17 October 1751 in Windham County, Connecticut.


Mary was born 6 July 1732 in Windham County, Connecticut, daughter of Phillip and Abigail (Bickford) Abbott... Date of her death is not known although she is believed to have been buried in the Sheshequin Cemetery with her husband ... There is a gravestone to the right of Stephen's with the initials "MF" scratched on the surface and is assumed to be the site of Mary Fuller's grave.
Researcher visited Sheshequin Cemetery in July 2001 and 2002 and digitally photographed headstones.

Children of Stephen and Mary Fuller were:

i. Abigail FULLER(109)

Abigail was born 1 January 1753 in Hampton, Windham County, Connecticut, and died in 1834... She married Capt. James Bidlack on 30 April 1772... James died in 1778 during the Battle of Wyoming... She later married Col. John Franklin, he and Abigail are buried in the Franklin Cemetery in Athens, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.

ii... Stephen FULLER Jr.(109)

Stephen was born 22 January 1755 in Hampton, Windham County, Connecticut, and died during the Battle of Wyoming, 3 July 1778... He was married to Sarah Bidlack, sister of Capt. James Bidlack, husband of sister Abigail.

iii.. Thomas FULLER(109)

Thomas was born 7 May 1757 in Hampton, Windham County, Connecticut, and died during the Battle of Wyoming, 3 July 1778... Thomas was unmarried.

iv... Mary FULLER

Mary was born 28 May 1759 in Hampton, Windham County, Connecticut.

v.... Capt. John FULLER

John was born 26 June 1762 in Hampton, Windham County, Connecticut, and died 11 March 1817 in Carlton, Orleans County, New York... He married Amy Shaw about 1785 in Sheshequin, Pennsylvania, and they are buried in the Fuller Cemetery, Carlton (near Kuckville where the Fuller farm was located)... Amy was born about 1766 and died 13 November 1834... He was 15 years old during the Battle of Wyoming and along with his 8 year old brother Reuben, was among other children and women in a blockhouse which surrendered in panic [Harvey's History of Wilksbarre, PA, Vol II]... In 1783 was part of the party led by Gen. Spaulding to settle Sheshequin... He was appointed Supervisor of Sheshequin in 1788 and 1789... Along with his father, John petitioned for the first road from Wysox to Tioga in 1788, and in 1794 for the Upper Sheshequin road... In 1810, he relocated with his family along with his brother Reuben's to Orleans County, New York, bought land near Kuckville and began farming.

vi... Reuben FULLER *

vii.. Hannah FULLER

Hannah was born 17 August 1772 in Pennsyvania and died 1 September 1817... She married Wilkes Durkee 18 October 1792.