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George HARRINGTON *(36)(128)(129)

was born about 1692/93 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.   He died on 9 Oct 1760 in Weston, Middlesex Co., MA.   George's Will was written in Brookfield, 30 November 1759, proven 3 December 1760 (Worcester Probate Records).   It names his wife Abiel, sons George and Joshua, daughter Thankful Cutting; grandchildren Jonathan and Daniel Rolfe, sons of Abigail (deceased); William, Hannah Spring, and Phinehas Whitney, children of Hannah (deceased).   Executors appointed were son-in-laws Ebenezer Warren of Spencer (husband of daughter Lydia), and William Whitney of Weston (husband of deceased daughter Hannah).   Abiel was given the use and improvements to his estate and his son Joshua the south part of the farm near the Spencer border.   Also mentioned in the Will were daughters Abiel Slaton, Mary Bridge, Grace Wilson, Lydia Warren, Ruth Bemis and Prudence Convers.

George was an outspoken and troublesome citizen but prominent in Watertown politics.   He was chosen as second constable two years in a row, at town meetings of 5 March 1721 and 4 March 1722.   In January 1724 he had a letter read into the town minutes that stated he held the selectman and any others exempt from action should they decide to run a highway through his farm.   The farm, known as Mr. Dummers Farm, was in possession of heirs of Robert Harrington, the original purchaser of the land along with Richard Gael.   During a town meeting held on 6 March 1726, George was "Voted and Choofe for Tything men".   He was married to Abiel PARKER * on 15 Nov 1711 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.(129b)   George and Abiel were both of Woburn.

Abiel PARKER *(104)

was born about 1693 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.   She died on 25 May 1759.   Abiel's grandfather James Will, dated 25 May 1700, says among other things, "I give and bequeath unto Abiel Parker, daughter of my son Joshua, deceased, 10 pounds in money or equivalent, to be paid her at 18 years old, or at marriage day."

Children of George and Abiel Harrington were:

i.   Abagail HARRINGTON

was born on 21 Mar 1712/13 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.   She died before 3 Dec 1760.   Abigail married (?) Rolfe and they had two sons in 1759, named in their grandfathers Will.

ii.   Abiel HARRINGTON(36a) (129)(127)

was born on 7 Apr 1713 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.   Abeil married, 21 September 1732, Thomas Slayton of Weston where they had three children.   They were admitted to the First Church of Weston in December 1738, and dismissed to the Church in Brookfield, 27 July 1755.   The Vital Record of Weston includes a section on "returns from other towns", the one from Watertoen reads, "Thomas Slaton of Weston and Abigail Harrington of Watertown were married in Watertown by Rev. Wareham Williams, 21 September 1732".   The name shows as Abigail, not Abiel (?). Interesting as the birth of their son Phinihas Slaton, 4 September 1737, is shown as "son of Thomas and Abiel".

iii.   Hannah HARRINGTON(36a) (123b)(127a)

was born on 16 Feb 1714/15 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.   She died on 30 Apr 1740 in Weston, Middlesex Co., MA. Hannah married in Sudbury, 10 September 1735, William Whitney, who was born in Weston, 11 Januaery 1706/07, and died there in 1789.   He was the son of William and Martha (Peirce) Whitney of Weston.   At the time of their marriage Hannah was living in Watertown.   They had three children recorded in Weston and each was named in their grandfathers Will.   They were taxed in Weston from 1768 through 1789.   Hannah died during the birth of her last child.   William married second, 30 March 1741, Mary (or Martha) Peirce, who died 23 February 1756.   He married 3rd, 12 August 1756 Margaret Spring, and in 1763 he took his 4th wife Mrs. Sarah Davis of Brookline.

iv.   George HARRINGTON(36a) (129)

was born on 16 Mar 1717/18 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.   He died on 12 Apr 1762 in Brookfield, Worcester Co., MA.   George married first, 1 January 1740 in Weston, Rebecca Allen, b. 13 June 1720, d. 12 April 1762 in Brookfield, the daughter of Ebenezer and Sarah (Waight) Allen (who m. 14 August 1712 and had 12 children all born in Watertoen Farms (Weston)).   They had thirteen children, the first born in Weston the rest in Brookfield.   They lived for time in Waltham then moved to Brookfield.   He married second, 27 September 1764, Betsy Smith, d. 12 April 1772, of Waltham.   He married third, 31 March 1774, Sally Whittemore of Shrewsbury.   From his fathers Will he received all his fathers lands and buildings in Brookfield and Spencer.   In 1716, George was elected surveyor of highways and again in 1725.

v.   Thankful HARRINGTON(36a)

was born on 25 Jan 1719/20 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.   She died on 4 Nov 1772 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.   Thankful married first at Waltham, 20 April 1738, Richard Cutting of Waltham, b. 30 JUly 1710, d. 22 September 1767, the son of Jonathan and Sarah (Flagg) Cutting.   They had eight children born at Waltham.   She married second, 15 March 1770, Samuel Livermore, Esq., (his fourth wife), b. 14 March 1701/2, d. 7 August 1773, the son of Jonathan and Rebecca (Barns) Livermore; there were no children.

vi.   Mary HARRINGTON(123a)

was born on 27 Mar 1721/22 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.   She died on 8 Sep 1754 in Lincoln, Middlesex, MA.   The date and place of Mary's first marriage is not known, however, she was named in her fathers Will (Worcester Probate, 9 Oct 1760), as Mary Bridge.   She was living in Waltham at the time of her second marriage to John Headly on 1 August 1751 (his second).   He was born in Weston, abt 1729, and died 5 January 1779, in Lincoln.   Mary and John had 4 children.   She was dismissed to the Church in Lincoln, 8 September 1754.

vii.   Grace HARRINGTON *

viii.   Joshua HARRINGTON

was born on 28 Feb 1725/26 in Watertown, Middlesex Co.,MA.

ix.   Lydia HARRINGTON

was born on 14 Feb 1727/28 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.   Unconfirmed information indicates she married Ebenezer Warren of Leicester on 22 Oct 1745.

x.   Phenehas HARRINGTON

was born on 1 Mar 1729/30 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.   He died on 16 Jan 1730/31 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.

xi.   Phenehas HARRINGTON

was born on 1 Mar 1730/31 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.   He died in Feb 1734 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., MA.   If dates for the two sons named Phenehas is correct, the first died on the 16th of January and the other was born 1-1/2 months later in March.   This is a distinct possibility as the mother could have been preganant, close to birth, when the first Phenehas died.   The source document suggests "these dates were taken from the original records and are evidently in error, yet both sons by this name were dead before 1759, since neither are mentioned in their fathers Will".

xii.   Ruth HARRINGTON(36a)

was born on 8 Apr 1732 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.   She died on 21 Aug 1817 in Spencer, Worcester Co., MA.   Ruth married Nathaniel Bemis, who was born in Spencer, 1725, and died there January 1784.   He was the son of Samuel and Sarah (Barnard) Bemis, and received 100 acres of the 400 acre homestead of his father.   Ruth and Nathaniel had 8 children recorded at Spencer.

xiii.   Prudence HARRINGTON(36)

was born on 27 Nov 1734 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.   Prudence married Benjamin Converse on 10 Feb 1754 in Leiceter, Worcester Co., MA.