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Deacon Edward CONVERS *(16)(24)(52)

was born on 30 Jan 1590 in Northamptonshire, England (there is unconfirmed information his birth may have occured in Wakerley, Northampton, England).   He died on 10 Aug 1663 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., MA.   Edward was a Puritan from early in his life and of French origin.   He came to America as a member of Winthrop's company in 1630 and settled in Charlestown.   In 1635, the town of Charlestown sent Edward, William Brackenbury and Abraham Parker to explore the area northward.   Upon their return Charlestown began granting land for the town of Waterfield (Winchester).   He and E. Richardson were assigned the job of laying out the lots of Waterfield.

Edward was prominent in the establishment of Woburn in September 1642 and was one of the first two deacons of the Woburn Church.   He built the first house within the town limits.   Very soon after he built a dam across the Aberjona River and erected a grist mill.   He was a farmer and miller, and a prosperous colonist.   He was a magistrate, represented Woburn in the General Court and was selectman for nineteen consecutive years until his death in 1663.   His estate upon his death was valued a 827 pounds, 5 shillings and 6 pence.   He left three sons and several daughters.

After his wife Sarah's death in January 1662, he married Joanne (Corbin) Sprague, widow of Ralph Sprague.

Information in the account of the "Winthrop Fleet" suggests Edward was "..probably from Shenfield, Essex, or vacinity."   That he was born about 1589, died 10 Aug 1663, was a Juror in 1630, freeman on 18 May 1631.   He was married to Sarah Smith * about 1632 in Wakerley, Northampton, England.

Sarah Smith *

was born about 1600 in Wakerley, Northampton, England.   She died on 14 Jan 1662 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., MA.

Children of Edward and Sarah Convers were:

i.   Josiah CONVERS(24)

was born about 1617 in England.   He died on 3 Feb 1690 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., MA.   Josiah became deacon of the Woburn Church, selectman and chairman of the first board of "tithing men".   Their father bequesthed the Converse grist mill to Josiah and his brother Samuel equally.   Unfortunately, Samuel was killed in an accident at the mill in 1669.

ii.   Lt. James CONVERS Sr.*.

iii.   Mary CONVERS(24)

was born about 1622 in England.   Mary married first 19 December 1643, Simon Thompson, son of James, he d. May 1658, they had two sons and four daughters.   She married second 1 February 1659, John Sheldon of Bellerica, who d. 24 May 1690, they had a son.

iv.   Sgt. Samuel CONVERS(24)

was born in Mar 1638 in Charlestown Village (Woburn), MA.   He was baptized on 12 Mar 1638 in Charlestown Village (Woburn), MA.   He died on 20 Feb 1669 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., MA.   Samuel was klled accidentally while "cutting ice from the waterwheel of the cornmill....", his head and chest were crushed and he died within the hour.