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Zebulon RICE *(38) (124) (125)

Zebulon was born on 27 February 1711/12 in Upton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. He served as a soldier in Fay's Company in 1757 from Westborough, Massachusetts.   Served as Town Clerk of Westborough in 1767.   In the Diary of Rev. Ebeneezer Parkman, 1703-1782 there are numerous mentions of Zebulon, "who must have been a carpenter" (Petersham Historical Society, Petersham, MA).

Vital Records in Westborough shows name spelled Zebulun, Upton records indicate Zebulon... He married Abigail FORBES * on 27 January 1737 in Upton.   Births of the first six children of Zebulon and Abigail, were recorded both in Upton and Westborough Vital Records.   They also had a stillborn son recorded in Westborough, September 1754.   Marriage record in Westborough shows the names Zebulum and Abigail Forbush.

Zebulon was the son of Charles RICE *, who was born 7 July 1684, in Massachsetts, and Rachel WHEELER *, who was born 18 April 1689, Concord, Massachusetts (marriage date and place is unknown).   Thier children were, Zebulon, Soloman, Adam, Oliver, Elijah, Anna, Zerviah, Adonijah, Charles and Abner.   The first eight children were born in Westborough, last two were born in Marlboro.

Abigail FORBES * (63)

Abigail was born on 17 February 1718 in Upton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.   She was the daughter of Deacon Jonathan Forbes *, b 18 March 1684, Marlboro, d. 24 March 1768, and Hannah Hayward * (no vital record information is known).

Children of Zebulon and Abigail Rice were: (38) (39)

i.   Persis RICE

Persis was born on 19 November 1737 in Upton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.   Records show Persis married first, Moses Warrin, 24 January 1750, who d.20 October 1764.   Children by Rufus and Persis, all born in Brookfield, Massachusetts: Elizaberth, 19 Nov 1765; Persis, 6 Jan 1767; Susanna, 5 Aug 1768; Abigail, bap. 14 Oct 1770.

ii.   Adam RICE

Adam was born on 2 Dec 1739 in Upton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.   He died on 28 August 1817 in Hanover, Grafton County, New Hampshire.   He married Lois WOOD on 15 August 1761, daughter of Jonathan and Margret Woods of Upton.   Adam and Lois were dismissed from the Church in Westborough, Massachusetts, to that in Hanover, New Hampshire, 6 April 1791.   Sgt. Adam Rice, from Amherst, is listed as one of the men who served in 1776 in a reorganized company after the Minutemen had been disbanded.   The company was reorganized 1 May 1776 by Capt. Reuben Dickinson.   Adam and Lois had four children, two recorded in Brookfield, Worcester, MA.   One child, son Ephraim, was b. 27 Jan 1770, Brookfield, Massachusetts, and married Hannah Tainter of Amherst, Massachusetts, 2 December 1796.   [Information received from Mary Peterson, direct descendant of Ephraim: Ref: E-mail dated 3 December 2000, in file].

iii.   Abigail RICE

Abigail was born on 20 August 1742 in Upton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

iv.   Priscilla RICE

Priscilla was born on 22 Aug 1744 in Upton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

v.   Enoch RICE

Enoch was born on 22 Feb 1746/47 in Upton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.   He married Olive BRUCE, 26 November 1768, in Westborough, Massachusetts.

vi.   Levi RICE

Levi was born on 19 Jun 1749 in Upton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

vii.   Rachel RICE

Rachel was born on 11 Nov 1751 in Westborough, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.   Marriage records for Uxbridge, Middlesex County, show an intention for Rachel Rice to marry Obediah Wheelock, 17 June 1765.

viii.   Zerviah (Zeruiah) Rue RICE *.

ix.   Susanah RICE

Susanah was born on 25 Sep 1758 in Westborough, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.