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Origins of the CHICK surname

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Re: Where the Chick family name came from ? 
Posted by: Geoff Chick Date: October 20, 1999 at 15:37:21 
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I think that you will find that the Chick surname has its origins in the South West of England, centered around East Devon, West Dorset and South Somerset. Although I was born in Northern Ireland as was my father, my grandfather came from Devon. He met my grandmother, who is still alive, in 1922 when he was serving with the army in Ireland and stayed. During my childhood and teens we regularily visited that part of England to see relatives and I can testify that Chick is a quite common name in that area. For example the phone book for Exeter which is a city of perhaps 100,000 people had over 100 Chicks listed the last time I looked.

Contrary to the previous posting I would seriously doubt that there is an Irish/Scottish derivation as there are only two families with the surname Chick in Northern Ireland, mine and another in Ardglass in Co. Down. There are also precious few Chicks in the Edinburgh or Glasgow phone directories.

It is my understanding that originally the Chicks where of Norman ancestry, which potentially is borne out by the fact that the surname Poussin is fairly common in Northern France. "Poussin" being the french word for Chick. This may just be coincidence.

If you like a drink you may be interested in knowing that my grandfather came from, and many of his relatives are buried in, the churchyard in a little fishing village in Devon called Beer. Yes, the spelling is correct, it is about 15 miles east of Exeter.

All the best
Geoff Chick

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