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Family Lines by Cindy Marcell

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Saccanne, Lewis


Sacco, Daretta Gene


Sager, Glenn Christian
Sager, Wilma Jean


Sager-Lennon, Clifford


Sagers, Martha Angeline b.1861


Salani, Anthony
Salani, Arthur


Salas, Judy Ann


Sallee, Albert b.1909
Sallee, Alfred Dean
Sallee, Constance Lynette
Sallee, Everett Perry b.1900
Sallee, Jack
Sallee, James William b.1850
Sallee, John Ellsworth b.1877
Sallee, Lawrence Doyan
Sallee, Ona Lavona b.1905


Salo, Armas William
Salo, Christopher William
Salo, David Alan
Salo, Leesa Ann b.1959
Salo, Steven Lynn
Salo, Terence William


Sammons, Mary M. b.1844
Sammons, Susan


Sample, Charles Hazen
Sample, George Leland
Sample, George R. m.1896
Sample, Wilson E.


Sams, Betty
Sams, Dale Lavere
Sams, Earl Wendell
Sams, Eldon Eugene
Sams, Emma d.1960
Sams, John
Sams, Maimae Gladys
Sams, Mona Analee b.1936
Sams, Oral Oscar b.1894
Sams, Pearl Glen


Samuel, Archie Peyton b.1866
Samuel, Fannie Quantrill b.1863
Samuel, John Thomas b.1861
Samuel, Perry b.1862
Samuel, Reuben , Dr. b.1828
Samuel, Sarah "Sallie" Louisa b.1858


Samuels, Clifford


Samuelson, Christine


Sandefur, Edith June


Sander, James Thomas


Sanders, Helen Frances b.1889
Sanders, Male
Sanders, Marjorie Marilyn
Sanders, Marshall Hale b.1803
Sanders, Mary
Sanders, Ruamah Elizabeth b.1833


Sands, Lena


Sandy, Jerimiah


Sanford, Bessie
Sanford, Carter
Sanford, William


Sapp, Marjorie May


Sarrazin, Emil


Saty, Avery Isabella
Saty, Jeremy Coyt
Saty, Madison Elizabeth "Mattie"


Saunders, Faith Elinor b.1919
Saunders, Marshall Hale b.1803


Scarborough, Charity b.1774


Scarpellini, Steve


Schade, Dorothy (Bertha?) b.1923


Scheib, Bernice Gladys b.1928
Scheib, Duane Winford
Scheib, Joseph Emanuel m.1926
Scheib, Winona Jean


Schell, Anna b.1853
Schell, Bethel G. b.1891
Schell, Casper , Jr.
Schell, Clifford
Schell, Elizabeth b.1855
Schell, Elizabeth b.1858
Schell, Ella E. b.1898
Schell, Ester Veler b.1903
Schell, Ethel b.1889
Schell, Frederick b.1841
Schell, Henry b.1810
Schell, Henry Jr. b.1842
Schell, Infant b.1890
Schell, Jacob
Schell, Jacob b.1849
Schell, James b.1880
Schell, Jesse b.1862
Schell, Lafayette b.1868
Schell, Lucinda b.1856
Schell, Marion E. b.1902
Schell, Martha N. b.1858
Schell, Mary E. b.1851
Schell, Minerva b.1836
Schell, Nathaniel b.1839
Schell, Nathaniel
Schell, Philip b.1846
Schell, Sarah b.1859
Schell, Thomas b.1885
Schell, Wesley Hershel b.1894


Schemahorn, Allen
Schemahorn, Kade Allen
Schemahorn, Seth Ray


Schena, Agrippino Paul
Schena, Catherine
Schena, Christina Lynn
Schena, Craig Steven
Schena, Deborah Annette
Schena, James Michael
Schena, Kristian
Schena, Michael James
Schena, Patrice Maria
Schena, Pauline Anita


Schenck, Alta Muriel b.1896
Schenck, Lawrence Russell b.1906
Schenck, Leona Elizabeth b.1901
Schenck, Lewis Orlando b.1862
Schenck, Lydia Anne b.1851
Schenck, Opal
Schenck, Winifred Salame b.1899


Schiebenberger, Helen Ray b.1888


Schiele, Frank


Schiffbauer, Male


Schlitter, Pete


Schmidt, Angela Lavon
Schmidt, Stasha Michelle
Schmidt, Steven (Mick)


Schmitter, Esther Louisa b.1911
Schmitter, Gott Fred (Gotfried?) b.1848
Schmitter, John Jacob b.1815
Schmitter, Opal E. b.1919
Schmitter, Samuel G. b.1909
Schmitter, William Wilbur b.1883


Schmoll, Susan Marie


Schnackenberg, Cord


Schneeberger, Jacob b.1811


Schoff, Raymond J.


Scholl, Allan


Schollcroft, Minor , Rev.


Scholze, Milton Russell


Schooler, Arminta Jane b.1840
Schooler, Arnitery b.1904
Schooler, Arthur Bell b.1877
Schooler, Austin R. b.1879
Schooler, Barry Robert
Schooler, Bell K. b.1861
Schooler, Benjamin b.1820
Schooler, Candace Glee
Schooler, Charles Boyd b.1869
Schooler, Dean Harold b.1907
Schooler, Debora Joy
Schooler, Dorthea Grace b.1909
Schooler, E. M. b.1850
Schooler, Edith b.1901
Schooler, Edwin Peter b.1871
Schooler, Elizabeth b.1836
Schooler, Elizabeth J. b.1862
Schooler, Faye Thomas b.1914
Schooler, Frances J. b.1908
Schooler, Frances Leah b.1911
Schooler, Frank F. b.1868
Schooler, George P. b.1881
Schooler, Guy David b.1886
Schooler, Isabella b.1819
Schooler, James b.1822
Schooler, James Murray b.1864
Schooler, Jane Kaye
Schooler, John b.1834
Schooler, John b.1855
Schooler, John b.1825
Schooler, John b.1789
Schooler, John A. b.1858
Schooler, Julia Melvina b.1845
Schooler, Karl P. b.1898
Schooler, Mary b.1857
Schooler, Mary B. b.1914
Schooler, Mary E. b.1832
Schooler, Mary Elizabeth b.1866
Schooler, Murray b.1827
Schooler, Murray B. b.1911
Schooler, Nancy E. b.1848
Schooler, Nathaniel b.1804
Schooler, Parmelia Serlina b.1843
Schooler, Peter Knox b.1830
Schooler, Robert Leroy b.1928
Schooler, Roy William b.1897
Schooler, Sally Sue
Schooler, Son b.1910
Schooler, Thomas b.1827
Schooler, Thomas Albert b.1874
Schooler, William b.1823
Schooler, William Benjamin b.1859
Schooler, William Richard Jr
Schooler, William Richard Sr. m.1947
Schooler, William W. b.1830
Schooler, Willie


Schooley, David Boone b.1909


Schosnig, Manfred Arthur


Schroder, Ben
Schroder, Child 1


Schroeder, Barbara Jean
Schroeder, Hollis (Bud)


Schulze, Jimmie Ray b.1940


Schumann, Michelle Marie


Schwieger, Samuel b.1906


Scoggins, Flora
Scoggins, Frances b.1862
Scoggins, Jeremiah P.


Scogin, Sallie


Scott, ?
Scott, Benjamin m.1798
Scott, Betsy m.1862
Scott, Charles m.1822
Scott, Charlotte
Scott, Clara Delphene b.1865
Scott, Henry E. b.1900
Scott, Isaac Thomas b.1864
Scott, James Washington b.1832
Scott, Mamie Olive b.1895
Scott, Marion F. b.1896
Scott, Martha Melvina b.1855
Scott, Mary A. "Molly" b.1859
Scott, Mary Ann
Scott, Mary Frances b.1841


Scribner, Matilda Elizabeth b.1884


Scrivner, Margaret b.1811


Scroggins, Crittenden b.1824
Scroggins, Geneva b.1907
Scroggins, George C. b.1863
Scroggins, George J. b.1898
Scroggins, Harry R. b.1909
Scroggins, Henry Murphy
Scroggins, James W. b.1851
Scroggins, James W. b.1851
Scroggins, Joseph A. b.1913
Scroggins, Lourena
Scroggins, M. N. b.1895
Scroggins, Mary b.1850
Scroggins, Rachael b.1844
Scroggins, S. L. b.1903
Scroggins, Sarah Frances b.1870
Scroggins, Susan J. b.1820
Scroggins, Thomas b.1876
Scroggins, Thomas Berry b.1858
Scroggins, Troy H. b.1900


Scruggs, Forrest W.


Scurlock, Kelly Elizabeth


Seals, Donald James
Seals, John Earl
Seals, Robert Edwin
Seals, Roy m.1919


Seamore, Carolyn
Seamore, Elizabeth Sue
Seamore, Jesse E.
Seamore, Joel L.
Seamore, John Warren
Seamore, Nancy
Seamore, Susan
Seamore, Zachariah m.1807
Seamore, Zachariah
Seamore, Zachariah m.1807


Seamster, Aaron Presley b.1915
Seamster, Alan Dale
Seamster, Albert Bernard b.1904
Seamster, Albert Silas "Bert" b.1885
Seamster, Aleta
Seamster, Alexander b.1834
Seamster, Alford Cleo b.1922
Seamster, Alfred Cleo b.1922
Seamster, Alfred Jefferson b.1882
Seamster, Alice b.1865
Seamster, Alice Lee
Seamster, Allen Kent b.1935
Seamster, Allie E. b.1891
Seamster, Alonzo "Lonnie" b.1883
Seamster, Alpha Cleo b.1923
Seamster, Alvie Kenneth
Seamster, Alvin Augustine ,Attorney b.1891
Seamster, Alvin Martin "Buddy"
Seamster, Amanda b.1868
Seamster, Amanda (Mandy) Ellen b.1862
Seamster, Amanda Adaline b.1847
Seamster, Anderson b.1840
Seamster, Aneta "Nettie" Fay
Seamster, Ann b.1820
Seamster, Ann Ruth
Seamster, Anthony New b.1869
Seamster, Artie Elgie Stephen b.1897
Seamster, Arvie Otis b.1892
Seamster, Asa M. b.1851
Seamster, Ava Alta b.1892
Seamster, Avis Bethuel b.1893
Seamster, Balsashire b.1879
Seamster, Benjamin G. b.1891
Seamster, Bernal D. b.1909
Seamster, Bertha Pearl b.1905
Seamster, Bethuel b.1836
Seamster, Bethuel b.1854
Seamster, Betty b.1875
Seamster, Betty Jean
Seamster, Betty Jean
Seamster, Betty Lou
Seamster, Betty Lou
Seamster, Brenda Kaye
Seamster, Brian Scott
Seamster, Briana Abys
Seamster, Cabell b.1841
Seamster, Caledonia b.1865
Seamster, Callie (Owens)
Seamster, Cannon Chad
Seamster, Carol Ann
Seamster, Carolyn
Seamster, Carrie Lee b.1874
Seamster, Cassaundra Rene
Seamster, Catherine b.1777
Seamster, Catherine A. Jessica
Seamster, Catherine Elizabeth
Seamster, Cathy
Seamster, Chad Alan b.1971
Seamster, Charles b.1845
Seamster, Charles "Chuck" Neal , Jr
Seamster, Charles Adrian
Seamster, Charles Dwayne
Seamster, Charles Elgie
Seamster, Charles Hurt b.1879
Seamster, Charles Leander b.1855
Seamster, Charles Neal b.1949
Seamster, Charlie Lee b.1878
Seamster, Chloe
Seamster, Christian James
Seamster, Christopher Michael
Seamster, Christopher Shaw
Seamster, Cindy
Seamster, Clara B. b.1892
Seamster, Coddy
Seamster, Coley b.1891
Seamster, Collie b.1907
Seamster, Cora b.1884
Seamster, Cora A. b.1881
Seamster, Cora Ellen b.1880
Seamster, Cora Ginevia b.1881
Seamster, Cynthia Ann
Seamster, Dale Leroy
Seamster, David
Seamster, David Eugene
Seamster, Debra Jo
Seamster, Denny Martin
Seamster, Dissa Ellen m.1891
Seamster, Donald
Seamster, Donald Norman
Seamster, Donnie Bee (Don)
Seamster, Donnie Lee
Seamster, Dora Belle b.1874
Seamster, Dorothy b.1896
Seamster, Dorothy Louise b.1921
Seamster, Earl S. b.1890
Seamster, Ed Walter
Seamster, Edith b.1900
Seamster, Edsel Ray b.1934
Seamster, Edwin Dean m.1958
Seamster, Effie May b.1877
Seamster, Elbert Clarence b.1883
Seamster, Elgie Vinson b.1912
Seamster, Elijah Cabiness b.1876
Seamster, Eliza Catherine (Cathy) (Kitty) b.1865
Seamster, Elizabeth b.1779
Seamster, Elizabeth "Eliza" Ann b.1835
Seamster, Elizabeth Ann
Seamster, Ella R.
Seamster, Elliott Adrian b.1913
Seamster, Elsie Jewell
Seamster, Elzira J. b.1843
Seamster, Emily b.1827
Seamster, Ephriam b.1770
Seamster, Ernest E. b.1879
Seamster, Ertie Floyd b.1904
Seamster, Esther
Seamster, Etta "Ettie" Candace b.1879
Seamster, Evan Hubert b.1917
Seamster, Everette Nolan (Noelan or Noel) b.1909
Seamster, Ezra Selvanis b.1901
Seamster, Faith
Seamster, Faye
Seamster, Female
Seamster, Female
Seamster, Female L.
Seamster, Fennie Luchis b.1890
Seamster, Florence Elaine b.1888
Seamster, Floyd b.1907
Seamster, Forrest Woodrow
Seamster, Frances May b.1915
Seamster, Frances-Lynn
Seamster, Francis Marion , Rev. b.1848
Seamster, Francis P. b.1861
Seamster, Frederick Channing b.1898
Seamster, G. I. m.1891
Seamster, Gary Wayne
Seamster, Geneva
Seamster, Geneva Miller b.1870
Seamster, George A. b.1903
Seamster, George A. , Jr b.1928
Seamster, George T. b.1889
Seamster, George W. b.1883
Seamster, George Williamson
Seamster, Gerald Allen
Seamster, Glen Albert b.1914
Seamster, Glen H. b.1904
Seamster, Glenda
Seamster, Glenn Cole b.1910
Seamster, Gloria
Seamster, Golda "Goldie" Mae b.1898
Seamster, Green b.1862
Seamster, Greenburg b.1809
Seamster, Greenbury b.1871
Seamster, Gregg
Seamster, Gregory Lee
Seamster, Harvey b.1886
Seamster, Hattie Lucille b.1906
Seamster, Hazel Jewell b.1895
Seamster, Henry H. b.1850
Seamster, Henry Palmer b.1850
Seamster, Henry Palmer b.1823
Seamster, Herbert F. b.1904
Seamster, Hubert A. b.1903
Seamster, Ilene
Seamster, Infant b.1913
Seamster, Infant b.1870
Seamster, Infant Boy b.1905
Seamster, Infant Daughter b.1876
Seamster, Ira Mason b.1904
Seamster, Isaac Newton b.1861
Seamster, Isabella b.1775
Seamster, J. William b.1884
Seamster, Jacob A.
Seamster, Jacob Jefferies b.1864
Seamster, Jacob W. b.1867
Seamster, James b.1830
Seamster, James A. b.1884
Seamster, James Albert b.1832
Seamster, James Ephriam , Jr b.1805
Seamster, James Fountain b.1875
Seamster, James Henry b.1855
Seamster, James Henry Denham b.1864
Seamster, James Issiah b.1858
Seamster, James Louis b.1830
Seamster, James Louis b.1811
Seamster, James Monroe b.1853
Seamster, James O.
Seamster, James Owen b.1840
Seamster, James Richard
Seamster, James Roy , Jr b.1919
Seamster, James Roy , Sr. b.1884
Seamster, James Rufus b.1838
Seamster, James Willard b.1923
Seamster, Jane
Seamster, Janessa (Jessie) Ruth Louise
Seamster, Janice Gail
Seamster, Janis Jeanne
Seamster, Jeff
Seamster, Jefferson David b.1863
Seamster, Jenettia H. b.1920
Seamster, Jennie
Seamster, Jennie Marie b.1899
Seamster, Jeremy Dale
Seamster, Jessie "Jess" Mcelvin b.1894
Seamster, Jewell
Seamster, Jewell Marie b.1924
Seamster, Jo Ellen
Seamster, Joan
Seamster, John
Seamster, John b.1864
Seamster, John b.1864
Seamster, John b.1830
Seamster, John b.1807
Seamster, John Edward b.1831
Seamster, John Franklyn b.1863
Seamster, John Henry b.1844
Seamster, John J. b.1830
Seamster, John M. b.1894
Seamster, John Martin
Seamster, John Melville b.1825
Seamster, John Preston Jr.
Seamster, John Preston Sr b.1907
Seamster, John T. b.1853
Seamster, John Thomas b.1898
Seamster, John W. b.1930
Seamster, John W. "Bill" b.1915
Seamster, John Wesley b.1869
Seamster, John William b.1873
Seamster, John William b.1877
Seamster, John William "Bill" , Jr.
Seamster, John William "Happy Jack" , Rev. b.1839
Seamster, John William , Jr. b.1772
Seamster, John William , Sr. b.1753
Seamster, Johnnie
Seamster, Johnnie Dean b.1930
Seamster, Johnnie L. b.1897
Seamster, Jon b.1869
Seamster, Joseph Bradford b.1856
Seamster, Joseph Fiedler b.1891
Seamster, Joseph N. b.1886
Seamster, Joseph Walter b.1886
Seamster, Joshua David b.1854
Seamster, Joshua Keith
Seamster, Joyce Ann
Seamster, Juanita Francis
Seamster, Judith
Seamster, Julia Ann b.1861
Seamster, Julia Blanche b.1903
Seamster, Junior Lee b.1926
Seamster, Kayla
Seamster, Kenneth James
Seamster, Kesiah b.1815
Seamster, Kevin Roy
Seamster, Kimberly Jo
Seamster, Kinnan Sean
Seamster, Larry
Seamster, Laura Yvonne
Seamster, Laurie E. b.1887
Seamster, Laverta May b.1937
Seamster, Layfayette b.1856
Seamster, Leah
Seamster, Leander "Lee" , Judge b.1888
Seamster, Leo Alvin b.1917
Seamster, Leona b.1903
Seamster, Leona May b.1923
Seamster, Leora J. b.1881
Seamster, Leota Faye
Seamster, Leroy Wayne
Seamster, Leslie Kenneth
Seamster, Lester Leroy b.1933
Seamster, Levi F. b.1898
Seamster, Lewis Edwin b.1859
Seamster, Lila
Seamster, Lillian Clara b.1911
Seamster, Linda
Seamster, Linda
Seamster, Linda b.1864
Seamster, Linda
Seamster, Linda Kay
Seamster, Linda Lou
Seamster, Linvel D.
Seamster, Linzy Addison b.1856
Seamster, Living
Seamster, Lizzie
Seamster, Lois
Seamster, Loretta b.1937
Seamster, Louie Andrew b.1890
Seamster, Louis Chiltingham b.1865
Seamster, Louisa b.1826
Seamster, Loy
Seamster, Lucy Ann b.1871
Seamster, Lura G. b.1908
Seamster, Male
Seamster, Male d.1880
Seamster, Margaret b.1855
Seamster, Margaret b.1833
Seamster, Margaret Ann
Seamster, Margaret E. b.1919
Seamster, Margaret Jane b.1914
Seamster, Margaret S. b.1869
Seamster, Margarett V.
Seamster, Margine
Seamster, Mariah T. b.1848
Seamster, Marilyn Merle
Seamster, Marinda Helen b.1869
Seamster, Marion Newton b.1877
Seamster, Marion Newton , Jr. b.1921
Seamster, Marla Jane
Seamster, Marla Jean
Seamster, Martha b.1811
Seamster, Martha Cordelia (Mattie) b.1895
Seamster, Martha Jane b.1860
Seamster, Martha Louise
Seamster, Marti Denice
Seamster, Martin Luther b.1844
Seamster, Mary b.1857
Seamster, Mary b.1859
Seamster, Mary b.1919
Seamster, Mary b.1828
Seamster, Mary "Mollie" b.1872
Seamster, Mary Allice b.1868
Seamster, Mary Ellen b.1843
Seamster, Mary Gertrude b.1889
Seamster, Mary Jane b.1841
Seamster, Mary L. b.1881
Seamster, Mary M. b.1850
Seamster, Mary Susan b.1858
Seamster, Melissa Deanne
Seamster, Melvinia b.1862
Seamster, Michael Allen
Seamster, Michael Scott
Seamster, Mildred F.
Seamster, Millie Beth b.1880
Seamster, Minerva "Minnie" b.1879
Seamster, Minnie Susan b.1898
Seamster, Missouri b.1844
Seamster, Moses J. b.1852
Seamster, N. Savoy b.1915
Seamster, N.G. b.1839
Seamster, Nancy b.1837
Seamster, Nancy Elizabeth b.1878
Seamster, Nannie P. b.1861
Seamster, Napolean B. b.1856
Seamster, Nellie Jane b.1895
Seamster, Nellie Pearl b.1894
Seamster, Nola Mae b.1921
Seamster, Nora L. b.1881
Seamster, Norman , Dr.
Seamster, Obie Neal , Rev. b.1915
Seamster, Odin Dougald b.1910
Seamster, Odin Phillip "Phil" b.1933
Seamster, Odissa Ellen b.1871
Seamster, Ola M. b.1899
Seamster, Olivira "Ollie" b.1840
Seamster, Oma E. b.1901
Seamster, Omar Forest b.1908
Seamster, Oscar Lee b.1886
Seamster, Patricia Ann
Seamster, Paul b.1893
Seamster, Paul D. b.1907
Seamster, Paul Vinson , Jr.
Seamster, Paula Kathleen
Seamster, Permelia b.1818
Seamster, Poet Ann "Annie" b.1878
Seamster, Raymond Delbert
Seamster, Rebecca "Becky" Right b.1864
Seamster, Rebecca Lynn
Seamster, Rhoda Ellen b.1856
Seamster, Richard b.1854
Seamster, Richard b.1861
Seamster, Richard b.1840
Seamster, Richard (Rickey) Ellis
Seamster, Robert Allen
Seamster, Robert Asbury b.1881
Seamster, Robert E Lee b.1867
Seamster, Robert Forest
Seamster, Robert J. b.1921
Seamster, Robert L. b.1892
Seamster, Robert Lee , Dr. b.1852
Seamster, Robert Marion
Seamster, Robert Marion b.1887
Seamster, Robert Thomas b.1880
Seamster, Robert Thomas b.1879
Seamster, Rosetta
Seamster, Roy Lee
Seamster, Russell Kelvin b.1907
Seamster, Ruth b.1835
Seamster, Ruth Edwards
Seamster, Sallie Elizabeth b.1874
Seamster, Sally
Seamster, Sally B. b.1854
Seamster, Samantha Ann
Seamster, Sandra
Seamster, Sandra Lavon
Seamster, Sarah b.1855
Seamster, Sarah b.1829
Seamster, Sarah b.1802
Seamster, Sarah Ann b.1888
Seamster, Sarah Ann b.1828
Seamster, Sarah Elizabeth b.1846
Seamster, Sarah J. b.1863
Seamster, Sarah Margaret Barr b.1862
Seamster, Sean Phillips
Seamster, Shana DeAnn
Seamster, Sharon Lee b.1943
Seamster, Shawna Kay
Seamster, Shirley Faye m.1964
Seamster, Sidney b.1869
Seamster, Sidney A. b.1856
Seamster, Silas b.1893
Seamster, Son
Seamster, Stephen Sallee b.1836
Seamster, Stephen Sheldon b.1800
Seamster, Steven Martin
Seamster, Susan
Seamster, Susan b.1839
Seamster, Susan Anne
Seamster, Susan Elizabeth b.1875
Seamster, Susie b.1884
Seamster, Tabetha b.1837
Seamster, Terri
Seamster, Texie b.1905
Seamster, Thelma
Seamster, Tiffany J.
Seamster, Timothy b.1841
Seamster, Tracy Lavon
Seamster, Velma C. b.1903
Seamster, Velma Cleo
Seamster, Vickie Jean b.1945
Seamster, Viola b.1874
Seamster, Virgil L. b.1888
Seamster, Walter Allison b.1875
Seamster, William b.1829
Seamster, William
Seamster, William b.1880
Seamster, William b.1818
Seamster, William b.1858
Seamster, William Allen b.1858
Seamster, William Arthur b.1858
Seamster, William C. b.1880
Seamster, William D. Seamster b.1869
Seamster, William E. b.1905
Seamster, William H. b.1845
Seamster, William H. b.1896
Seamster, William Harly b.1896
Seamster, William Joshua "Billy" b.1873
Seamster, William Preston b.1865
Seamster, William Rufus b.1890
Seamster, William Scott
Seamster, William Thomas b.1829
Seamster, Williamson Shaw , Rev. b.1815
Seamster, Willsby M. b.1917
Seamster, Winona May m.1959
Seamster, Wyanette
Seamster, Yvonne Loraine b.1913


Searcy, Isaac Raymond b.1893
Searcy, James "Jim"
Searcy, Lisa Michelle (Bent)
Searcy, Ronald Joseph b.1937


Sears, Catherine Kate b.1854


Sebrell, Nancy b.1820


Seckels, Donna Kay
Seckels, George Brooks b.1909
Seckels, Geroge Edwin
Seckels, Kristin Blair
Seckels, Linda Jean
Seckels, Stephen George


See, John m.1855


Seeds, Everett Otho
Seeds, Everett Otho , Jr.


Seeley, Lidey R. Renee b.1873


Seely, Abraham b.1795
Seely, Alzona Josephine b.1877
Seely, Annie Elizabeth b.1890
Seely, Bessie Beulah b.1894
Seely, Cecil b.1904
Seely, Cecil Andrew b.1869
Seely, Charles A. b.1869
Seely, Charles Harvey b.1866
Seely, Charles Harvey , Rev. b.1826
Seely, Cora B. b.1892
Seely, Dallas b.1902
Seely, David b.1889
Seely, Dee b.1909
Seely, Delmar b.1906
Seely, Elijah S. b.1846
Seely, Ella Audrey b.1891
Seely, Ellen J. b.1882
Seely, Elzora Josephine b.1862
Seely, Eula Mattie b.1892
Seely, Ezekiel b.1780
Seely, Ezekiel R. b.1820
Seely, Female b.1900
Seely, Flossie Mae b.1889
Seely, George B. b.1878
Seely, George W. b.1854
Seely, George Washington b.1787
Seely, George William b.1899
Seely, Henry W. b.1879
Seely, Hugh L. b.1927
Seely, Isaac b.1800
Seely, James Albert b.1886
Seely, James Francis "Frank" b.1850
Seely, James H. L. b.1886
Seely, James W. b.1878
Seely, Jennie L. b.1880
Seely, John E. b.1888
Seely, John F. b.1852
Seely, John Nicholas b.1748
Seely, John W. b.1845
Seely, Josie b.1904
Seely, Lee b.1875
Seely, Lena b.1894
Seely, Leonard Carl b.1935
Seely, Mary Ann b.1858
Seely, Mary E. b.1900
Seely, Mary I. b.1848
Seely, Nancy E. b.1861
Seely, Oata Francis b.1891
Seely, Osta Minty b.1884
Seely, Preston b.1891
Seely, Price b.1907
Seely, Robert E. b.1844
Seely, Rosey Deemy b.1882
Seely, Roy b.1905
Seely, Sidney R. b.1857
Seely, Urmah Theodore b.1896
Seely, William b.1873
Seely, William Alva b.1876
Seely, William H. b.1848


Seelys, Terry


Seevers, Grace b.1871


Seger, Frank
Seger, J.Aline
Seger, Mabel
Seger, Roy
Seger, William Franklin "Frank" m.1883


Sehon, Austin Ryan
Sehon, Dakata Scott
Sehon, Wendy Jo
Sehon, Wesley Edward
Sehon, William Edward d.1991


Seibert, John H. m.1883


Seid, Albert C.
Seid, Allen Frederick b.1882
Seid, Audra b.1908
Seid, Bessie May b.1888
Seid, Boy b.1910
Seid, Caroline d.1880
Seid, Charles b.1857
Seid, Clarence b.1898
Seid, Clifford Mackey b.1913
Seid, Darrall Mark d.1961
Seid, Della R. b.1878
Seid, Edmund
Seid, Edwards C.
Seid, Elizabeth C.
Seid, Esther b.1895
Seid, Evelyn b.1906
Seid, Fern b.1900
Seid, Hannah b.1848
Seid, Hattie M. b.1892
Seid, Henry L. b.1893
Seid, Infant d.1880
Seid, Jacob F. b.1855
Seid, Jacob F. b.1854
Seid, Johannah "Hannah" Christina b.1822
Seid, John b.1847
Seid, John A. b.1823
Seid, John J. b.1855
Seid, Jonathan A. b.1859
Seid, Juanita
Seid, Kenneth
Seid, Luther d.1880
Seid, Male
Seid, Mary J. b.1853
Seid, Minnie b.1876
Seid, Minnie Louise b.1891
Seid, Nancy "Naynee" B. b.1890
Seid, Nellie
Seid, Norman Wilbur
Seid, Son1
Seid, Son2
Seid, Son3 b.1937
Seid, Warden E. b.1906
Seid, Wayne
Seid, Wilbur Larmar b.1884
Seid, William Frederick b.1819
Seid, William Frederick b.1850
Seid, William Ray b.1909


Self, Irene b.1832
Self, John Turner
Self, William Ellsworth b.1912


Selish, Walt


Sellers, Frederick J. m.1905


Servent, Gertrude


Sessions, Stella C.


Seward, Ivan Clark b.1902


Sexton, Charles D. b.1859
Sexton, David H. b.1827
Sexton, Diadamon b.1898
Sexton, Frank H. b.1885
Sexton, Fred F. b.1900


Shackelford, Martha m.1911


Shadle, Alexis
Shadle, Mathew


Shafer, Anna Fredricka b.1841
Shafer, Ferbe Elizabeth b.1834


Shaffer, Elchard Albert b.1908
Shaffer, Eleanor Elaine
Shaffer, Elizabeth M. b.1859
Shaffer, Floyd
Shaffer, Gerald
Shaffer, Gerald Leroy
Shaffer, Jodene
Shaffer, John m.1858
Shaffer, John Alvin b.1904
Shaffer, Lillian Irene
Shaffer, Louise
Shaffer, Male
Shaffer, Margaret E. b.1840
Shaffer, Mary Bel b.1899
Shaffer, May
Shaffer, Norma Jean
Shaffer, Pauline
Shaffer, Pauline Oma
Shaffer, Ray
Shaffer, Rhoda Olevia b.1869


Shain, Effie M.


Sharon, Bonnie Lee b.1909


Sharp, Dorothy
Sharp, John D.
Sharp, Male


Shattuck, Mary B. b.1817
Shattuck, Simeon Nathaniel b.1810
Shattuck, Simeon Nathaniel b.1789


Shatz, Heather Renee
Shatz, Heather Renee


Shaw, Alva
Shaw, Benjamin H. b.1888
Shaw, Bessie b.1891
Shaw, Charles R.
Shaw, Cora Ellen b.1885
Shaw, Edward
Shaw, Elizabeth m.1918
Shaw, Eulah T.
Shaw, Grace
Shaw, Infant b.1910
Shaw, Jamie Ann
Shaw, John Melvin b.1872
Shaw, Joseph Duncan b.1816
Shaw, Joseph Marion b.1872
Shaw, Kristen Marie
Shaw, Lavern B. b.1907
Shaw, Margaret Elizabeth b.1845
Shaw, Mary Agnes b.1893
Shaw, Mary Ann b.1850
Shaw, Melissa Alice
Shaw, Orrin Christopher , Jr.
Shaw, Roy b.1887
Shaw, Susan Jane b.1841
Shaw, Valentine Bennett b.1883
Shaw, Walter M. b.1892
Shaw, William Alexander b.1855
Shaw, William Duncan b.1879


Sheeler, Elizabeth Ida m.1884
Sheeler, Ida


Sheif, Irwin


Shelley, Elizabeth Shelby m.1814


Shelly, Douglas Thane
Shelly, John Herman
Shelly, Kimberly Leann
Shelly, Michael Ray


Shelter, Henry b.1898


Shelton, Mary b.1865
Shelton, Minnie Maye m.1917
Shelton, Mollie
Shelton, Ruby
Shelton, Victoria b.1863
Shelton, William


Shepard, Analissa E. b.1827


Sheriff, Jennie Fern m.1914


Sherman, Clyde Lee
Sherman, Jessie Louise Sue b.1891
Sherman, Noel
Sherman, Wanda b.1933
Sherman, Wayne


Sherwood, Christopher
Sherwood, Cory Allen
Sherwood, Craig Jay
Sherwood, Jerrell Ray
Sherwood, Lori Lynn


Shetley, Male
Shetley, Tabetha Marie


Shewmake, Walter m.1907


Shideler, Aaron Milford b.1904


Shipley, Lee Madeline b.1871


Shipman, Male


Shira, David
Shira, Lucy Jane b.1869


Shirley, Elizabeth Catherine b.1856
Shirley, Lucinda B. "Dulcena" b.1820
Shirley, Ottie Nelson


Shockley, Alma Vera b.1898
Shockley, Cora b.1891
Shockley, Frederick b.1899
Shockley, Henry S. b.1859
Shockley, Hiram
Shockley, Julia d.1918
Shockley, Lura
Shockley, Stella Susan b.1895
Shockley, Thomas


Shoemaker, Flo
Shoemaker, Josephine b.1845
Shoemaker, Karla May
Shoemaker, Kirk Wendell
Shoemaker, Peter James


Shore, Elaine Harline
Shore, Harley
Shore, Martha b.1807


Show, Ivan M. b.1878
Show, Thomas J.


Shryer, Mahala b.1828


Shupe, Harris


Sidebotham, Marjorie Eleanor


Siegel, Barbara


Siggerud, Charles
Siggerud, Krista
Siggerud, Lisa
Siggerud, Paulette
Siggerud, Ryan


Sikes, Leroy D.
Sikes, Marvin L.
Sikes, Matthew Leroy


Simerl, Charles James b.1872
Simerl, Emily Malinda (Emma) (Emmy) b.1878
Simerl, John Wilson b.1880
Simerl, Leota Faye m.1961
Simerl, Louisa Elizabeth b.1876
Simerl, Mary Ellen b.1868
Simerl, Nathan b.1833
Simerl, William Lafayette b.1870


Simister, John


Simmons, Charles
Simmons, Debra
Simmons, Jessica Elizabeth Ruth
Simmons, Joyce
Simmons, Nancy
Simmons, Patricia


Simms, Benjamin m.1852


Simons, Georgiana


Simpkins, Lydia "Biddy" b.1848
Simpkins, William d.1874


Simpson, Caroline Cordelia m.1886
Simpson, Eleanor Mae
Simpson, George
Simpson, Jewell
Simpson, Male
Simpson, MaleChild


Sims, George K. m.1843
Sims, George Keiser b.1812
Sims, John L. Dr.
Sims, Marcellus
Sims, Unknown


Simson, Mary Elizabeth b.1855


Sinclair, Fred E. b.1896


Sing, Everett b.1900
Sing, Gladys S. b.1910
Sing, Otis S. b.1923
Sing, Samuel b.1869
Sing, Thomas b.1898


Singleton, Aletia m.1834
Singleton, Juliet Ann m.1852


Sinnard, Agnes Louise


Sites, Hazel b.1917


Skaggs, Beryl Lane m.1917
Skaggs, Billy Horton b.1926


Skelly, Shane Marshall
Skelly, Sherry Kay


Skelton, Abraham Carter , Jr. b.1856
Skelton, Abraham Carter , Sr. b.1814
Skelton, Ada B. b.1918
Skelton, Albert b.1892
Skelton, Amboline b.1900
Skelton, Arizona b.1876
Skelton, Arthur B. b.1915
Skelton, Charity B. b.1869
Skelton, Charles b.1888
Skelton, Charles Emery b.1894
Skelton, Christine b.1900
Skelton, Cora E. b.1900
Skelton, Cordela b.1896
Skelton, Core b.1928
Skelton, D.F. b.1880
Skelton, Daisy Lydia b.1887
Skelton, Donald Glen b.1931
Skelton, Dora Belle b.1882
Skelton, Edith b.1918
Skelton, Edna b.1871
Skelton, Elizabeth b.1832
Skelton, Elizabeth Jane b.1848
Skelton, Elmer b.1892
Skelton, Eva Louise b.1901
Skelton, Eve Ann b.1861
Skelton, Florence b.1889
Skelton, Francis "Frank" Marion b.1847
Skelton, Freda M. b.1920
Skelton, George A. b.1919
Skelton, George David Vernon b.1868
Skelton, George Edward b.1890
Skelton, George R. b.1843
Skelton, George W. b.1863
Skelton, Harvey C. b.1923
Skelton, Harvey Estes b.1894
Skelton, Henry b.1880
Skelton, Henry b.1859
Skelton, Henry Clay b.1856
Skelton, Henry Jasper b.1912
Skelton, Infant b.1883
Skelton, Infant b.1903
Skelton, Infant Daughter b.1911
Skelton, Infant Son b.1920
Skelton, Isabel S. b.1894
Skelton, James b.1852
Skelton, James b.1818
Skelton, James b.1844
Skelton, James b.1797
Skelton, James Adam b.1867
Skelton, James Harold b.1920
Skelton, James Henry b.1806
Skelton, James Henry b.1871
Skelton, James Monroe b.1877
Skelton, James T. b.1851
Skelton, Jane b.1812
Skelton, Jasper Newton b.1845
Skelton, Johanna b.1862
Skelton, John b.1823
Skelton, John b.1847
Skelton, John Calvin b.1872
Skelton, John P. Thomas b.1869
Skelton, John William b.1877
Skelton, Joseph b.1899
Skelton, Joseph Henry b.1879
Skelton, Julia
Skelton, Junior Warren b.1907
Skelton, Katherine C. b.1917
Skelton, Leon b.1896
Skelton, Lou Elizabeth b.1891
Skelton, Louisianna A. b.1855
Skelton, Luella Mae b.1918
Skelton, Lydia b.1917
Skelton, M. C. b.1856
Skelton, Mabel Elnora b.1915
Skelton, Male
Skelton, Male m.1867
Skelton, Male
Skelton, Male
Skelton, Marium "Mamie" b.1892
Skelton, Martha b.1849
Skelton, Martha b.1867
Skelton, Martha b.1865
Skelton, Martha b.1851
Skelton, Mary b.1863
Skelton, Mary A. b.1857
Skelton, Mary A. b.1916
Skelton, Mary Columbia b.1874
Skelton, Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" b.1882
Skelton, Matilda b.1840
Skelton, Melvin b.1868
Skelton, Melvina b.1839
Skelton, Myrtle Armilla " Martha" b.1889
Skelton, Myrtle P. b.1910
Skelton, Nancy b.1877
Skelton, Nancy b.1838
Skelton, Nancy M. b.1860
Skelton, Nathan Green b.1882
Skelton, Nellie b.1897
Skelton, Pauline b.1922
Skelton, Rachel M. b.1852
Skelton, Rachel Orlena b.1884
Skelton, Randolph D. b.1875
Skelton, Raymond E. b.1911
Skelton, Reuben
Skelton, Reuben
Skelton, Reuben R. b.1838
Skelton, Richard O. b.1884
Skelton, Robert Arnold b.1900
Skelton, Robert James b.1916
Skelton, Sallie b.1879
Skelton, Samuel b.1858
Skelton, Sarah b.1855
Skelton, Stella W. b.1918
Skelton, Susan b.1867
Skelton, Susan Hannah b.1914
Skelton, Susan I. b.1852
Skelton, Thomas b.1886
Skelton, Thomas b.1843
Skelton, Thomas J. b.1861
Skelton, Unknown d.1900
Skelton, Vera I. b.1930
Skelton, Vesta Jane b.1870
Skelton, Woodrow W. b.1913
Skelton, Zena Marie b.1905


Skillman, Allan Geoffrey
Skillman, Bernice
Skillman, Geoffrey
Skillman, Rosa Jean


Skinner, Isaac Frank b.1856
Skinner, Mary Jane
Skinner, Vallie
Skinner, Vinnie b.1905


Slaymaker, James Lee


Slightom, Albert S. b.1881
Slightom, Aretta Margaret b.1880
Slightom, Arthur Franklin b.1889
Slightom, Bessie Eugenia b.1897
Slightom, Charles Albert b.1878
Slightom, George Franklin b.1849
Slightom, Henry W. b.1865
Slightom, James J. b.1879
Slightom, James Oliver b.1824
Slightom, James William b.1884
Slightom, Joel C. b.1862
Slightom, John b.1792
Slightom, John Bell b.1860
Slightom, John Jefferson b.1837
Slightom, Levi b.1887
Slightom, Mary E. b.1882
Slightom, Mary Margaret b.1847


Sloan, Barbara


Slover, Arthur b.1885


Slyter, Adelle
Slyter, Allen White b.1818
Slyter, Charles W. b.1852
Slyter, Chester E. b.1858
Slyter, David O. b.1863
Slyter, James O. b.1860
Slyter, Jane b.1848
Slyter, Julia A. b.1865
Slyter, Mary V. b.1856
Slyter, Richard b.1846
Slyter, William D. b.1869


Smalley, David G. b.1807
Smalley, Minerva b.1834


Smead, Alvin
Smead, Anna b.1865
Smead, Arthur b.1868
Smead, Eugene b.1871
Smead, Garfield b.1879
Smead, Julia b.1864
Smead, O. Elijah b.1833


Smiley, Mattie


Smith, ?
Smith, Abigail J. b.1838
Smith, Ada
Smith, Adeline
Smith, Alpha
Smith, Anna b.1857
Smith, Ashley
Smith, Benjamin Wayne
Smith, Brandon
Smith, Bud b.1850
Smith, Catherine "Kate" b.1823
Smith, Catherine Gilles m.1896
Smith, Channing Liston m.1876
Smith, Charles C. m.1903
Smith, Clara B.
Smith, Clara Belle b.1865
Smith, Cody
Smith, Cordelia d.1914
Smith, Dorothy
Smith, Edward
Smith, Effie J.
Smith, Eliza Savilla b.1869
Smith, Esther Florine
Smith, Female
Smith, Female
Smith, Florence
Smith, Floyd Elwood b.1918
Smith, Floyd Raymond m.1931
Smith, Fred b.1894
Smith, Gary b.1892
Smith, Glenn
Smith, Gregory Gene
Smith, Gusta May
Smith, Helen m.1882
Smith, Henry
Smith, James
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, Josie
Smith, Juanita
Smith, Julia A. b.1860
Smith, Lena Viola b.1894
Smith, Lois
Smith, Male
Smith, Male
Smith, Male m.1885
Smith, Male
Smith, Male
Smith, Margaret Jane b.1865
Smith, Mary L.
Smith, Maurice B.
Smith, Minerva
Smith, Myla Mae b.1905
Smith, Nancy Ellen m.1894
Smith, Nannie m.1916
Smith, Nathaniel P. Talmage m.1872
Smith, Nellie b.1890
Smith, Phil
Smith, Rachel M. b.1868
Smith, Raymond David b.1931
Smith, Ronald
Smith, Ruie M. m.1897
Smith, Stacy
Smith, Susan Anne b.1937
Smith, Sybil Elizabeth b.1859
Smith, Terry
Smith, Tessie
Smith, Thomas m.1891
Smith, Thomas F. m.1908
Smith, Thomas M. b.1885
Smith, Vernon b.1908
Smith, Vernon Franklin
Smith, Vianna Kay
Smith, Vincent George
Smith, White
Smith, Willa m.1920


Smoot, Clarice b.1907


Smutz, Betty Lou


Snape, Male


Snead, Male


Sneden, Helen


Sneed, Isreal


Snell, William m.1869


Snider, Barbary Ellen b.1840
Snider, Doll
Snider, Tom


Snodgrass, Claud E. b.1901
Snodgrass, Edward M. b.1906
Snodgrass, Frederick Lewis b.1872
Snodgrass, Harold R.
Snodgrass, Marion S. b.1908


Snook, Emma E. m.1878


Snow, Archdeacon Harry
Snow, Donald
Snow, Jayme
Snow, Jessica
Snow, Male
Snow, Michael
Snow, Ruby m.1986
Snow, Russell


Snowbarger, Albert Harrison b.1895
Snowbarger, Bertha Elizabeth b.1883
Snowbarger, Evelyn Murlene
Snowbarger, Harold Leon
Snowbarger, Jacob II b.1848
Snowbarger, Lester Dean
Snowbarger, Louisa m.1883
Snowbarger, Rilla May
Snowbarger, Samuel b.1827
Snowbarger, Samuel Henry b.1857


Snuggs, Miriam E.


Snyder, Martha
Snyder, Ruth Fern b.1893
Snyder, Shirley
Snyder, Sylvia
Snyder, Vern Otto


Solheid, Margaret Miriam


Solomon, Thane


Son, Jacob Boffman b.1831
Son, Sarah Jospehine b.1865


Sones, Pearle Nancy b.1887


Sons, Eliza b.1859
Sons, Enoch b.1845
Sons, Frances E. b.1861
Sons, Henry C b.1848
Sons, Hiram P. b.1854
Sons, James b.1857
Sons, James b.1822
Sons, James E. , Rev.
Sons, Matilda b.1863
Sons, Sarah b.1851
Sons, Sarah Almira "Mora" b.1870


Sooter, Alice Durenda b.1878


Sorell, Beatrice Helen b.1914
Sorell, Carl
Sorell, Cheri
Sorell, Claude Ferris b.1907
Sorell, Cleon Ferris m.1906
Sorell, Elchard m.1907
Sorell, Gladys Leota b.1908
Sorell, Jennie B. d.1919
Sorell, Joe
Sorell, Mary
Sorell, Melvin


Sorenson, Anna J. m.1918


Souder, Frederick Ralph
Souder, Katherine Ann
Souder, Ralph
Souder, Wallace William
Souder, Wallace William , Jr.


Southard, James Thomas m.1873


Southards, Patricia Ann
Southards, Robert Leo
Southards, Roberta Lynn
Southards, Walter Eugene


Sowers, Male


Spafka, Adeline Mary b.1911


Spain, Martha Catherine b.1843


Sparkman, Erin Margaret


Sparks, Albert Jefferson b.1878
Sparks, Albert Ross
Sparks, Betty-Jo
Sparks, Claude Dee b.1911
Sparks, Delbert Lewis
Sparks, Edna Beatrice "Bee" b.1904
Sparks, Gladys Susan b.1902
Sparks, Gordon Wesley b.1907
Sparks, Grace Cleo
Sparks, John Dee
Sparks, John Wesley
Sparks, Joseph b.1840
Sparks, Joseph Paron b.1905
Sparks, Joyce Lee (Fredendall)
Sparks, Mary Elizabeth b.1909
Sparks, Nancy
Sparks, Robert Burlie b.1918
Sparks, Robert Williams
Sparks, Roy Orval b.1913
Sparks, Roy Raymond
Sparks, Vada Rae


Sparrow, John m.1789


Speake, Ralph m.1916


Spear, Maud


Spears, Doctor
Spears, Julia


Speed, Betty


Speegle, Arrarria Wall m.1896


Spencer, Adeline d.1930
Spencer, Alexander m.1895
Spencer, Charlie Edgar
Spencer, Leticia Henrietta
Spencer, Ludo
Spencer, William H. b.1827


Spender, ?


Spenser, Rachel b.1796


Spinks, Charlee
Spinks, Charles
Spinks, Jenny


Spiva, Charles W. b.1883
Spiva, Dora E. b.1897
Spiva, Virgil Floyd b.1906
Spiva, William R. b.1899
Spiva, William R. b.1873


Sprabeary, Alice b.1915
Sprabeary, Catherine b.1913
Sprabeary, Cleo
Sprabeary, Infant b.1925
Sprabeary, Irene
Sprabeary, Jerry Jefferson
Sprabeary, Lessie Joann
Sprabeary, Luther J. b.1890
Sprabeary, Luther Tom Jr
Sprabeary, Luther Tom Sr.
Sprabeary, Thelma b.1919
Sprabeary, Walter Jeffers b.1914


Sprague, Clarence Keeney
Sprague, Dorothy
Sprague, Male


Sprayberry, Ella b.1884
Sprayberry, Male


Springer, Azariah B. b.1832
Springer, Ella A. b.1877
Springer, Mary Jane b.1832
Springer, William b.1842


Spurlin, Cynthia Carolyn b.1867
Spurlin, Male m.1867


Spurlock, James K. m.1869
Spurlock, Margaret Ann b.1852


Squire, Beverly Gail
Squire, Charles M.
Squire, William L.


Staats, Mary Eloise


Stacy, Abiram b.1855
Stacy, Carolyn Olmer
Stacy, Charles Wright
Stacy, John Jack Shade b.1896
Stacy, John Shade
Stacy, Olive Melissa b.1892
Stacy, Rick
Stacy, Sarah Ann b.1887
Stacy, Sarah Eleanor b.1890
Stacy, Virginia Eleanor
Stacy, Wallace Oliver
Stacy, Wright Abiram b.1888
Stacy, Wright Oaks


Stahl, Ill Mae


Stalcup, Easter Indiana


Stambach, Jacob


Stanbrough, Alva b.1869
Stanbrough, Alvin b.1869
Stanbrough, Bessie M. b.1907
Stanbrough, Celia I. b.1908
Stanbrough, Elaine Alvina b.1916
Stanbrough, Gilbert H. b.1904
Stanbrough, Hazel M. b.1910
Stanbrough, John Bond b.1838
Stanbrough, Lester L. b.1905
Stanbrough, Luther L. b.1867
Stanbrough, Mary Jane b.1942
Stanbrough, Zarion W. ,Jr. b.1915
Stanbrough, Zarion W. ,Sr. b.1875


Standard, Janet Sue


Standley, Anna Viola b.1904
Standley, Carrie
Standley, Earnest Leroy b.1880
Standley, Edyth Anna Sue
Standley, Francis Marion
Standley, Helen M.
Standley, Lena
Standley, Male
Standley, Mervin Keith b.1906
Standley, Robert Elson
Standley, Sylvester Lee
Standley, Willy Leroy b.1902


Stanley, Joseph R. b.1845
Stanley, Joseph William d.1899
Stanley, Laura Jane d.1893
Stanley, Nancy b.1771
Stanley, Rosamond Belle b.1871


Stannard, David Hodson
Stannard, James Hodson
Stannard, Mark


Stanwaity, Hope b.1895
Stanwaity, John m.1890
Stanwaity, Mary b.1894


Stapleton, Edward b.1844
Stapleton, Elendor b.1822


Starbuck, Alabama b.1834
Starbuck, Arzula May b.1890
Starbuck, Benjamin Franklin b.1857
Starbuck, Caroline b.1835
Starbuck, Cecil L. b.1895
Starbuck, Charles Wesley b.1852
Starbuck, Charles Wilbur b.1863
Starbuck, David Clinton b.1870
Starbuck, Elizabeth b.1841
Starbuck, Everett Winfield
Starbuck, Frances b.1906
Starbuck, Guy
Starbuck, Hephzia Jane b.1849
Starbuck, Hepisiah\Hepsibah b.1889
Starbuck, Ida Pauline
Starbuck, Isaiah b.1837
Starbuck, Jesse Arthur b.1883
Starbuck, John Harrison b.1889
Starbuck, John Weatherly b.1844
Starbuck, Kenneth C b.1902
Starbuck, Loretta Frances b.1854
Starbuck, Margaret Melissa b.1851
Starbuck, Mary Ann b.1858
Starbuck, Mathew James b.1830
Starbuck, Nancy b.1862
Starbuck, Oliver Vinton b.1879
Starbuck, Samuel P. b.1849
Starbuck, Seth b.1839
Starbuck, Seth "Pete" b.1859
Starbuck, Seth A. b.1887
Starbuck, Stephen A. b.1846
Starbuck, William b.1809
Starbuck, William b.1855
Starbuck, William Hezekiah b.1832


Stark, Carson
Stark, John
Stark, Megan


Starnes, Katherine Lucinda b.1810


Starrat, Sara Elizabeth b.1836


Steadman, James Milton


Steel, Ninian George b.1854
Steel, Ninian M. b.1800
Steel, Rebecca
Steel, Rebecca Hardin b.1828


Steele, Luella b.1857
Steele, Robert "Bob"
Steele, Ruby Ferne b.1954


Steenrod, Kenneth Alroy


Steffey, Shirley ILena


Stein, Susan Carol


Stephens, Cleo b.1904
Stephens, Daniel Jefferson b.1878
Stephens, Elisabeth A.J. b.1818
Stephens, Forest
Stephens, Guinilla
Stephens, James b.1806
Stephens, James A. b.1847
Stephens, Jane Francis
Stephens, Jeremiah
Stephens, Jill
Stephens, JoAnn
Stephens, John
Stephens, Joseph
Stephens, Lovett Aaron
Stephens, Martin B. "Mart" b.1887
Stephens, Mary b.1881
Stephens, Nancy Jane
Stephens, Orville
Stephens, Patricia
Stephens, Rosco b.1923
Stephens, Sarah b.1790
Stephens, Susan
Stephens, Velma Venita b.1913


Stephenson, Ione m.1905


Stepp, James b.1845
Stepp, Mary E. b.1869


Stevens, Leslie
Stevens, Male


Steward, Clyde Emory
Steward, Lucile "Cele" L. b.1919


Stewart, Ann b.1868
Stewart, Audrey
Stewart, Augustus S.
Stewart, Chad Michael
Stewart, Effa b.1886
Stewart, Effie F.
Stewart, Evan m.1838
Stewart, Female b.1884
Stewart, Francis M. Jr
Stewart, Francis Marion b.1838
Stewart, James b.1885
Stewart, James V.
Stewart, Jesse Thomas b.1861
Stewart, Jessie Lois b.1905
Stewart, John W. b.1860
Stewart, Katheryn Leigh
Stewart, Kristen Jane
Stewart, Letha L. b.1890
Stewart, Male
Stewart, Mary Ann b.1791
Stewart, Odio b.1882
Stewart, Orian b.1895
Stewart, Orvil b.1884
Stewart, Richard E. b.1871
Stewart, Sidney H.
Stewart, Taylor Alexandra


Stiles, Male


Still, Daniel
Still, Ray m.1937


Stines, John F. m.1860


Stinson, Curtis Franklin b.1913
Stinson, Cynthia
Stinson, Florence
Stinson, John Franklin
Stinson, Leford Alfred
Stinson, Male
Stinson, Male
Stinson, Margaret Henrietta "Dettie"


Stippel, Jake
Stippel, Noah Blain


Stites, Andrew Jackson b.1833
Stites, Asa Thomas b.1848
Stites, Charles E. b.1878
Stites, Elvira b.1875
Stites, Henry b.1828
Stites, Henry J. b.1873
Stites, Henry Oscar b.1841
Stites, Isaac b.1808
Stites, John T. b.1846
Stites, Levi b.1826
Stites, Lewis b.1831
Stites, Maggie m.1898
Stites, Mahala J. b.1870
Stites, Mary Ellen
Stites, Myra Elvira b.1859
Stites, Nancy A. b.1835
Stites, Oliver b.1916
Stites, Pauline b.1842
Stites, Ruth Ann
Stites, Sandra Irene
Stites, Susannah b.1838
Stites, Tabitha
Stites, William Isaac b.1823
Stites, William R. b.1863


Stocker, Leslie Elmer
Stocker, Leslie Elmer
Stocker, Marilyn Jean
Stocker, Pamela May
Stocker, Russell Lee


Stockton, Effie b.1875
Stockton, John W. b.1869
Stockton, Male
Stockton, Mary Etta b.1924


Stokes, Samuel Thomas b.1847
Stokes, Sarah J. b.1849


Stoll, Koreen


Stone, Alice E.
Stone, Amelia V. b.1875
Stone, Davis b.1861
Stone, Emanuel b.1838
Stone, Gladys b.1899
Stone, Isadora b.1866
Stone, Lester W. b.1903
Stone, Matilda R. b.1879
Stone, Melissa Bell b.1868
Stone, Theodore C. b.1881
Stone, Thomas J. b.1874
Stone, Vera b.1908


Storey, Pamela Rae


Storment, Brian Duane
Storment, Bruce Allen
Storment, Chance Ryan
Storment, Christopher Allen
Storment, Darrell Eugene
Storment, David Dean
Storment, David Tyler
Storment, Devan Michael
Storment, Eva Jean
Storment, Gerald Rand
Storment, Glenda Marie b.1954
Storment, James , Jr
Storment, James Hugh "Earl" b.1886
Storment, Jennifer Lewis
Storment, Jeremy
Storment, Jerry Allen b.1943
Storment, Jessica Sue
Storment, John Clayton
Storment, Johnny Melvin b.1918
Storment, Kayla Lynn
Storment, Kaylea Marie Storment
Storment, Laqueta Jane
Storment, Larry Dean
Storment, Latasha Sue
Storment, Laura Roberta
Storment, Lilly Rose
Storment, Lova Rozella
Storment, Mathaniel Lee
Storment, Patrick Lee
Storment, Randy Len
Storment, Rebecca Sue
Storment, Riley Walker b.1916
Storment, Robert Duane
Storment, Samantha Dawn
Storment, Scotty Joe
Storment, Sheryl Ann
Storment, Skylar Don
Storment, Stacey Renee
Storment, Stephanie Fawn
Storment, Tabitha Ann
Storment, Terry Ray
Storment, Tracy Lee
Storment, Treva Mae
Storment, Tyler David
Storment, William Kirk


Stothard, Barbara Mae b.1935
Stothard, Carl
Stothard, Carolyn June


Stout, Gerald Edwin b.1893


Stovall, Bartholomew
Stovall, Thomas d.1803


Stover, Mary b.1824


Strain, Rhoda b.1800


Stremme, Anna Elizabeth


Stribling, Elvira b.1837
Stribling, Francis b.1803
Stribling, James b.1842
Stribling, Thomas b.1845


Stringfield, Anna Mae b.1874
Stringfield, Cassandra "Cassie"
Stringfield, Charles W. b.1854
Stringfield, Christopher b.1867
Stringfield, Christopher C. b.1829
Stringfield, Christopher Calla b.1875
Stringfield, Edna Florena b.1881
Stringfield, Edwin Porter b.1868
Stringfield, Emily
Stringfield, Frank Lemon b.1879
Stringfield, Frederick Simpson b.1876
Stringfield, George F. b.1838
Stringfield, Henreitta b.1839
Stringfield, Hester Ann b.1833
Stringfield, John
Stringfield, John Lester b.1886
Stringfield, John Wesley b.1851
Stringfield, Joshua b.1814
Stringfield, Julia b.1847
Stringfield, Leweston b.1856
Stringfield, Loderick Hudson b.1810
Stringfield, Louisa
Stringfield, Luther
Stringfield, Martha b.1842
Stringfield, Mary
Stringfield, Mary b.1842
Stringfield, Nathan b.1804
Stringfield, Rollie Cyril b.1884
Stringfield, Roxy Ann
Stringfield, S. B. b.1831
Stringfield, Sarah b.1844
Stringfield, Sarah Alfretta "Allie" b.1877
Stringfield, Sarah Francis b.1852
Stringfield, Sophia b.1872
Stringfield, Sophice "Sophia"
Stringfield, Thomas Jefferson Dr. b.1849
Stringfield, William Harrison b.1840
Stringfield, William Ray b.1767
Stringfield, William Scipio b.1872


Stripp, Oval Oren


Strong, Aurita
Strong, Benjamin Franklin b.1842
Strong, Charles b.1870
Strong, Francis Marion b.1837
Strong, Harvey or Henry b.1839
Strong, James A. b.1828
Strong, Leonia b.1864
Strong, Levi b.1844
Strong, Martin V. b.1808
Strong, Mary b.1849
Strong, Rebecca Jane b.1852
Strong, Sneed Dr. b.1865
Strong, Vera May b.1902
Strong, William b.1832
Strong, William Harve b.1873


Strople, Joy


Stroud, Anna "Annie" b.1855
Stroud, Daryle
Stroud, John W. Jr
Stroud, Laura
Stroud, Sophia b.1813
Stroud, Stephen


Strum, Ed


Stubbs, Mary Ann b.1814


Studdard, Laura


Stuke, Marian m.1956


Stumbach, Frederick d.1840


Stumbaugh, Adam b.1781
Stumbaugh, Allie Clendon
Stumbaugh, Andrew Jackson Rev b.1824
Stumbaugh, Anna b.1879
Stumbaugh, Armina b.1853
Stumbaugh, Barbara Melissa
Stumbaugh, Catherine b.1789
Stumbaugh, David Dart b.1788
Stumbaugh, Edward H.
Stumbaugh, Emma
Stumbaugh, Estelle Rudder
Stumbaugh, Eva b.1858
Stumbaugh, Female
Stumbaugh, Franklin Taylor b.1847
Stumbaugh, Frederick , Jr. b.1783
Stumbaugh, George Francis
Stumbaugh, George Washington b.1813
Stumbaugh, Graham Newt b.1854
Stumbaugh, Hamilton Pierce b.1853
Stumbaugh, Horace Clarence
Stumbaugh, Ira Neal "John"
Stumbaugh, Jackson
Stumbaugh, Jackson G. b.1860
Stumbaugh, James b.1822
Stumbaugh, Joseph A. b.1858
Stumbaugh, Joseph Anderson "Major" b.1881
Stumbaugh, Kelly b.1833
Stumbaugh, Laura
Stumbaugh, Lavinia b.1849
Stumbaugh, Louisa b.1866
Stumbaugh, Mahaly b.1850
Stumbaugh, Margaret L. b.1869
Stumbaugh, Michael
Stumbaugh, Ollie Willnetta
Stumbaugh, Penona Ann b.1856
Stumbaugh, Roxie Ann
Stumbaugh, Sarah
Stumbaugh, Sarah b.1845
Stumbaugh, Sarah (Sally) b.1792
Stumbaugh, Sophia b.1793
Stumbaugh, Stater b.1864
Stumbaugh, Susan Clem "Clemmie" b.1883
Stumbaugh, Theodocia b.1862
Stumbaugh, Viola
Stumbaugh, William "Bill" Franklin


Stumbo, Ada Pearl b.1885
Stumbo, Adam b.1830
Stumbo, Adam b.1841
Stumbo, Albert Edward b.1860
Stumbo, Alice Ann b.1866
Stumbo, Alma Arminta b.1877
Stumbo, Alpha b.1886
Stumbo, Alphagene b.1908
Stumbo, Amy Lynn
Stumbo, Anna b.1835
Stumbo, Anna
Stumbo, Anna
Stumbo, Anna b.1880
Stumbo, Archibald b.1832
Stumbo, Archibald Barry b.1836
Stumbo, Arline Alice b.1889
Stumbo, Artaminta b.1843
Stumbo, Audrey
Stumbo, Augustus "Gus" b.1893
Stumbo, Barbara b.1790
Stumbo, Barbara Ellen b.1851
Stumbo, Benjamin b.1795
Stumbo, Benjamin b.1787
Stumbo, Benjamin C. b.1896
Stumbo, Bert d.1961
Stumbo, Bertha M. b.1891
Stumbo, Bertie b.1882
Stumbo, Bessie G. b.1891
Stumbo, Betty Lee
Stumbo, Beulah May b.1907
Stumbo, Blanche b.1883
Stumbo, Blanche Ernestine b.1914
Stumbo, Calvin b.1888
Stumbo, Carol Anne
Stumbo, Caroline b.1826
Stumbo, Carrie M. b.1872
Stumbo, Catherine b.1912
Stumbo, Cecil b.1902
Stumbo, Charles B. b.1890
Stumbo, Charles Crayton b.1882
Stumbo, Charles D. b.1843
Stumbo, Charles David b.1870
Stumbo, Charles Raymond b.1913
Stumbo, Charlotte Maude b.1908
Stumbo, Cheryl
Stumbo, Child
Stumbo, Clara
Stumbo, Clarance Elton b.1893
Stumbo, Clarence b.1918
Stumbo, Claude Olin , Jr. b.1915
Stumbo, Claude Olin , Sr. b.1887
Stumbo, Claudette
Stumbo, Clyde Harry b.1887
Stumbo, Daisy Malinda b.1872
Stumbo, Dale
Stumbo, Dale
Stumbo, David b.1828
Stumbo, David Charles b.1827
Stumbo, David Harvey b.1877
Stumbo, David L. b.1824
Stumbo, Dell C. b.1893
Stumbo, Donald
Stumbo, Donald d.1999
Stumbo, Donald Arthur
Stumbo, Donald L. b.1916
Stumbo, Dora Blanche b.1883
Stumbo, Dorothy Illeta
Stumbo, Earl R. b.1897
Stumbo, Edith b.1886
Stumbo, Edna b.1887
Stumbo, Edward b.1894
Stumbo, Edward b.1897
Stumbo, Edward b.1884
Stumbo, Effie b.1873
Stumbo, Eliza b.1896
Stumbo, Eliza Ann b.1854
Stumbo, Eliza Jane b.1847
Stumbo, Elizabeth
Stumbo, Elizabeth b.1844
Stumbo, Elizabeth Ann b.1830
Stumbo, Elizabeth Marcile "Betty"
Stumbo, Elma b.1874
Stumbo, Elmer George b.1867
Stumbo, Emeline b.1851
Stumbo, Emma b.1888
Stumbo, Ernest b.1891
Stumbo, Ernest Leo b.1899
Stumbo, Ernest W. b.1898
Stumbo, Evan Morris b.1889
Stumbo, Eve Eva b.1785
Stumbo, Everett b.1896
Stumbo, Fern V. b.1902
Stumbo, Flotilla "Flota" b.1863
Stumbo, Floyd Ivan
Stumbo, Forest d.1999
Stumbo, Forest C. b.1889
Stumbo, Francis A. b.1892
Stumbo, Francis Alvin b.1875
Stumbo, Francis Marion "Frank" b.1842
Stumbo, Frank b.1877
Stumbo, Frank b.1863
Stumbo, Frank E. b.1883
Stumbo, Fred Leo
Stumbo, Fred Ralph b.1879
Stumbo, Frederick King b.1872
Stumbo, Frederick M. b.1820
Stumbo, Gary
Stumbo, Gary
Stumbo, George E. b.1867
Stumbo, George Goodson b.1834
Stumbo, George Victor b.1870
Stumbo, George W. b.1848
Stumbo, George W. b.1855
Stumbo, George William b.1857
Stumbo, Gladys M b.1903
Stumbo, Glenn b.1912
Stumbo, Goldie
Stumbo, Hannah b.1838
Stumbo, Harry E. b.1885
Stumbo, Harry Kerr b.1884
Stumbo, Harvey b.1871
Stumbo, Hauser Montana b.1890
Stumbo, Hazel b.1890
Stumbo, Hazel b.1916
Stumbo, Hazel Mary b.1927
Stumbo, Helen d.1999
Stumbo, Helen
Stumbo, Helen May b.1927
Stumbo, Henry C. b.1912
Stumbo, Henry or Harry b.1863
Stumbo, Henry R. b.1875
Stumbo, Herbert J. b.1898
Stumbo, Hersa Rachael "Peggy" b.1910
Stumbo, Howard
Stumbo, Howard L. b.1932
Stumbo, Ida b.1891
Stumbo, Ida Louise b.1923
Stumbo, Infant
Stumbo, Jacob b.1823
Stumbo, Jacob Henry b.1860
Stumbo, Jacqulyn Mae d.2003
Stumbo, James b.1894
Stumbo, James b.1796
Stumbo, James C. b.1887
Stumbo, James Joseph b.1882
Stumbo, James McPherson b.1835
Stumbo, James Quincy b.1840
Stumbo, James Wilson b.1916
Stumbo, James Wilson b.1818
Stumbo, James Wilson b.1853
Stumbo, James Wilson b.1868
Stumbo, Jenette
Stumbo, Jennie Pearle
Stumbo, Jerre Ann
Stumbo, Jerrie Z. b.1893
Stumbo, John
Stumbo, John
Stumbo, John b.1826
Stumbo, John b.1876
Stumbo, John Calvin Breckenridge b.1861
Stumbo, John Dale
Stumbo, John David b.1886
Stumbo, John Ellis
Stumbo, John F. b.1868
Stumbo, John George b.1846
Stumbo, John Hudson b.1876
Stumbo, John Hudson b.1785
Stumbo, John J. b.1845
Stumbo, John Joseph b.1860
Stumbo, John Leonard b.1899
Stumbo, Joseph b.1829
Stumbo, Joshua b.1836
Stumbo, Julia b.1928
Stumbo, Julie Christine
Stumbo, Keith
Stumbo, Kermit
Stumbo, L. J. b.1915
Stumbo, Leo Sylvester b.1892
Stumbo, Leroy Ash b.1895
Stumbo, Letha Fern b.1914
Stumbo, Letitia Ann
Stumbo, Lewis Burtin b.1830
Stumbo, Lewis Burton b.1880
Stumbo, Lillian Ann
Stumbo, Lillian Eva b.1912
Stumbo, Lillian May b.1884
Stumbo, Lillie Belle b.1861
Stumbo, Lloyd
Stumbo, Lloyd Morrison b.1897
Stumbo, Louis b.1889
Stumbo, Lucinda b.1830
Stumbo, Lucretia b.1845
Stumbo, Lulu Lucretia b.1878
Stumbo, Mable
Stumbo, Malinda "Linnie" b.1878
Stumbo, Malinda "Linnie" E. b.1868
Stumbo, Margaret
Stumbo, Margaret b.1839
Stumbo, Margaret "Maggie" Susan b.1855
Stumbo, Margaret W. b.1816
Stumbo, Marjorie
Stumbo, Mary Ann
Stumbo, Mary E. b.1885
Stumbo, Mary Elizabeth (Martha) b.1849
Stumbo, Mary Jane b.1893
Stumbo, Mary Lucretia b.1847
Stumbo, Mattie b.1896
Stumbo, Maude b.1884
Stumbo, Maude E. b.1866
Stumbo, Melinda R. b.1840
Stumbo, Melvina A. b.1852
Stumbo, Michael George Jr b.1913
Stumbo, Michael George Sr b.1887
Stumbo, Mildred Serona "Birdie" b.1878
Stumbo, Monte R. b.1877
Stumbo, Mrs.Dell m.1924
Stumbo, Myrtie b.1872
Stumbo, Myrtle b.1885
Stumbo, Naomie P. b.1895
Stumbo, Nellie B. b.1900
Stumbo, Nellie Blanche b.1894
Stumbo, Nellie Rose b.1879
Stumbo, Nora Mae b.1876
Stumbo, Norma
Stumbo, Ora Everett b.1902
Stumbo, Paul Preston "SixShooter" b.1882
Stumbo, Pelmia
Stumbo, Phillip b.1795
Stumbo, Ralph S.
Stumbo, Raymond b.1901
Stumbo, Rebecca b.1844
Stumbo, Rebecca
Stumbo, Reuben Vermillion b.1851
Stumbo, Reuben Vermillion Jr. b.1887
Stumbo, Richard "Dickie" Warren b.1945
Stumbo, Richard Moore , Jr.
Stumbo, Richard Ray "Dick"
Stumbo, Richard William Jr
Stumbo, Richard William Sr b.1903
Stumbo, Roger
Stumbo, Rosa Edyth b.1880
Stumbo, Roscoe Dale , Jr. b.1923
Stumbo, Roscoe Dale , Sr. b.1900
Stumbo, Rowena Viola b.1899
Stumbo, Roxie b.1893
Stumbo, Roy Edwin b.1906
Stumbo, Ruby A.
Stumbo, Ruby Jane b.1935
Stumbo, Ruth
Stumbo, Samuel Russell b.1837
Stumbo, Sarah b.1833
Stumbo, Sarah
Stumbo, Sarah b.1842
Stumbo, Sarah Ella b.1871
Stumbo, Sarah Ellen b.1858
Stumbo, Silvan Ray b.1895
Stumbo, Stan d.2003
Stumbo, Stanley Charles
Stumbo, Stella May b.1890
Stumbo, Stephen Walter
Stumbo, Susan b.1843
Stumbo, Susan b.1886
Stumbo, Susan b.1816
Stumbo, Thelma Hazel
Stumbo, Thomas Jefferson b.1857
Stumbo, Thomas Sheldon
Stumbo, Uriah P. b.1849
Stumbo, Velma Carol b.1924
Stumbo, Vera M. b.1899
Stumbo, Vicki
Stumbo, Virginia Ruth
Stumbo, Walter Glenn b.1911
Stumbo, Warren Clair b.1874
Stumbo, Wilbur Addison b.1877
Stumbo, William
Stumbo, William b.1911
Stumbo, William Aaron b.1854
Stumbo, William Avice b.1910
Stumbo, William Cantwell b.1822
Stumbo, William H. b.1884
Stumbo, William Henry b.1911
Stumbo, William Joseph "Billy" b.1795
Stumbo, William L. b.1895
Stumbo, William Lovell b.1848
Stumbo, William S. b.1864
Stumbo, Wilma Jean
Stumbo, Y. Parker b.1850


Sturdevant, Cora E. O. E. b.1870
Sturdevant, Edwin O. b.1874
Sturdevant, James Almond b.1839
Sturdevant, Julia A. b.1837
Sturdevant, Louis C. b.1876
Sturdevant, Mary Alice b.1869
Sturdevant, Rebecka b.1835
Sturdevant, Samuel Nelson b.1845
Sturdevant, Samuel S. b.1812


Sturgeon, Martha Ann b.1842


Sturges, Brenda
Sturges, Zoe


Sturm, Nellie


Stuvick, Carole Jean


Sugg, Elizabeth b.1850


Sullivan, Loyd
Sullivan, Male
Sullivan, Martha Elizabeth b.1825
Sullivan, Vergie b.1907


Suma, Richard


Summer, Male


Summey, Alice Josephine b.1886
Summey, Bertha Ella b.1884
Summey, Christopher Columbus b.1850
Summey, Dema "Virginia" b.1898
Summey, Elizabeth b.1872
Summey, Female
Summey, Female
Summey, Fred McKinley
Summey, George W. b.1777
Summey, George Washington b.1853
Summey, Horace b.1865
Summey, Jacob Henry b.1851
Summey, James b.1875
Summey, James Francis Franklin b.1858
Summey, James G. b.1886
Summey, John Dallas b.1888
Summey, John E. b.1885
Summey, John Quincy Adams b.1820
Summey, John Wesley b.1854
Summey, Lucinda b.1872
Summey, Lucy b.1888
Summey, Male
Summey, Martha b.1870
Summey, Martha b.1870
Summey, Mary b.1862
Summey, Mary b.1852
Summey, Mary Bess b.1892
Summey, Millie
Summey, Nancy b.1868
Summey, Tom J. b.1886
Summey, William P. b.1880
Summey, William Pendergraft b.1847


Sups, Mahala


Surber, Janis Lynn
Surber, Lloyd Edward
Surber, Marvin Philip


Sutherland, John Ernest


Sutter, Elizabeh Abigail b.1904


Sutton, Glades


Swafford, Elizabeth m.1828


Swanson, Deann
Swanson, Eda


Swarts, Milton b.1878


Swaser, Douglas


Swett, Emma b.1863


Swift, Antha Jane b.1884
Swift, Arta May b.1887
Swift, Benjamin Franklin "Frank" b.1816
Swift, Cintha Orilla b.1889
Swift, Herthel Alma b.1903
Swift, Izella Grace b.1882
Swift, John Dean b.1857
Swift, Jonna b.1892
Swift, LaVona Ellen b.1880
Swift, Male
Swift, Ora Rebecca b.1897
Swift, Orpha Alice b.1894
Swift, Viola Virginia b.1900


Swope, Callie b.1896
Swope, Carrie J. b.1872
Swope, Cash M. b.1870
Swope, Elmer W. b.1903
Swope, Emma b.1875
Swope, Florence b.1863
Swope, Ina b.1895
Swope, Ira b.1868
Swope, Jayne
Swope, Lizzie Belle b.1865
Swope, Mark b.1863
Swope, Mark b.1863
Swope, Nellie b.1879
Swope, Ole Clay b.1906
Swope, Ollie b.1877
Swope, Pearl b.1909
Swope, Rome H. b.1900
Swope, Romulus b.1835


Swore, Jeanette Louise


Sykes, Ann


Sylvester, James K. d.2006
Sylvester, Janet
Sylvester, Jean
Sylvester, Jeri
Sylvester, Joan Joyce b.1921
Sylvester, Merle E.


Symons, Elizabeth


Szewezk, Agatha


Tagg, Carrie
Tagg, Thomas Jefferson b.1847


Talbert, Frank


Talbot, Bradley Michael
Talbot, Gary


Tallent, Elizabeth b.1814


Talley, Angela Marie
Talley, Carol
Talley, Jacqueline Faye
Talley, Kisley


Tate, Alma Pauline b.1924
Tate, Doris Ann b.1877
Tate, Ethel Gertrude b.1893
Tate, Grusham R. b.1869
Tate, Liddie Marie
Tate, Mary Ellen b.1881


Tauer, Nancy Francis


Taylor, Alma b.1898
Taylor, Asa b.1838
Taylor, Bernita
Taylor, Beulah
Taylor, Billy
Taylor, Britney
Taylor, Chad
Taylor, Cora Francis b.1892
Taylor, Dean
Taylor, Dorothy Lucille
Taylor, Fannie Ruth b.1912
Taylor, Florence Ethel b.1895
Taylor, Floyd
Taylor, Francis
Taylor, Gilmer
Taylor, Gladys
Taylor, Glen
Taylor, Inez
Taylor, James
Taylor, James m.1922
Taylor, Jane (Tyler?) b.1836
Taylor, John Frank m.1902
Taylor, John R.
Taylor, Kirsten
Taylor, Liberty b.1854
Taylor, Mahala b.1830
Taylor, Male b.1846
Taylor, Male
Taylor, Male
Taylor, Margaret
Taylor, Monroe
Taylor, Montez Robert
Taylor, Nellie
Taylor, Norris
Taylor, Omega Alice b.1869
Taylor, Ora Adeline b.1864
Taylor, Orissa Adelaide b.1861
Taylor, Orville A. b.1862
Taylor, Randolph b.1913
Taylor, Russel
Taylor, Ryan
Taylor, Velma
Taylor, William M. b.1850


Teague, Adam Wade
Teague, Anthony Eugene
Teague, Brendon Taylor
Teague, Jacob Cameron
Teague, Krystal Lyne
Teague, Lance Michael
Teague, Laura Nadene b.1928
Teague, Michael Lee
Teague, Shelby Gene
Teague, Shelley Ann
Teague, Thomas Eugene


Tedder, Ruth Irene


Tell, Augusta C. b.1875




Temple, James Hartwell b.1837
Temple, Lena May b.1876


Terry, Margaret Linnie
Terry, Virginia V. b.1872


Test, Mary Emily b.1859


Teveich, Donald John , Jr.


Theissen, Catherine Ann
Theissen, David Gerard
Theissen, George Alton
Theissen, Gregory John
Theissen, Hubert H.
Theissen, Mark Joseph


Thoma, John C.
Thoma, John W. m.1901


Thomas, Audra
Thomas, Elizabeth m.1844
Thomas, Grover Gene d.1960
Thomas, Horace b.1911
Thomas, Male
Thomas, Murray
Thomas, Sharon
Thomas, Walter Richard (Latinis)


Thomason, ? Mimms
Thomason, Elizabeth b.1855
Thomason, James W. b.1873
Thomason, Johanna Jarena Thomason b.1872
Thomason, Martha Ann b.1841
Thomason, Marvin E.
Thomason, Mary Alice b.1844
Thomason, Robert b.1791
Thomason, Sarah Elizabeth "Betty" b.1839
Thomason, Zemeriah b.1845


Thompson, ?
Thompson, Alonzo (Al) Anthony
Thompson, Anna b.1900
Thompson, Annie Mae Watson
Thompson, Beulah
Thompson, David Wayne b.1933
Thompson, Dixie Rae
Thompson, Earl Charles
Thompson, Elizabeth Joan (Beth)
Thompson, Elizabeth Louise
Thompson, Eva b.1896
Thompson, Flora
Thompson, Gerry Lee
Thompson, Hollie
Thompson, Ira
Thompson, Iris Osa b.1919
Thompson, Jacob Jeremiah
Thompson, James David
Thompson, Jami Ruth
Thompson, Jasmine Rachael
Thompson, Jeanette Elaine
Thompson, John Charles
Thompson, Joshua James
Thompson, Lana Gene
Thompson, Laura Rose
Thompson, Lillie Alberta m.1892
Thompson, Loretta Kay
Thompson, Mariam Rebekah
Thompson, Marilyn Joyce
Thompson, Mary Jane b.1887
Thompson, Robert b.1893
Thompson, Robert b.1913
Thompson, Sheryl Lynn
Thompson, William b.1891
Thompson, William R. b.1850


Thomson, Frank


Thoreson, Bradford
Thoreson, Douglas
Thoreson, Gale
Thoreson, Luanne
Thoreson, Lucille
Thoreson, Marjorie
Thoreson, Mark
Thoreson, Peter
Thoreson, Peter b.1883
Thoreson, Randy
Thoreson, Robert James
Thoreson, Samuel
Thoreson, Tracy


Thornhill, Judy b.1800
Thornhill, Shirley d.1997


Thornton, Nellie Marie b.1902
Thornton, Sarah m.1766


Thorson, Mary Lou


Threet, Thomas


Throckmorton, Robert


Thrower, Mary Ann b.1822


Thurman, Ada Elizabeth


Thurston, Beth Ann
Thurston, Constance Patricia
Thurston, David
Thurston, David Edward
Thurston, Edward d.1936
Thurston, John
Thurston, Mary Caroline b.1915
Thurston, Richard Leigh b.1920
Thurston, Rita
Thurston, Sidney
Thurston, William Wallace b.1913
Thurston, William Wallace ,Jr


Tice, Alice Viola "Allie" b.1891


Tigner, George Wallace


Tilford, Dale
Tilford, Donna
Tilford, Henry L. b.1858
Tilford, James David
Tilford, Linda
Tilford, Male
Tilford, Ray Dean
Tilford, Rhonda


Tilley, Martha J b.1879
Tilley, Martha Jane m.1867


Tillman, Barbara
Tillman, Harlan Larry b.1907
Tillman, Lenora


Timby, Delbert Francis b.1913
Timby, Virginia Marie


Tipton, Candel
Tipton, Cordelia b.1832
Tipton, Joel


Tish, m.1902


Tittsworth, Joseph Henry
Tittsworth, Male b.1884


Titus, Frank
Titus, George
Titus, Martha Patti b.1734


Todd, Infant b.1863
Todd, John F. m.1864
Todd, Melvina
Todd, Nora b.1873




Tolen, Ellen


Tomlin, Robert


Toner, Calvin
Toner, Cheryl
Toner, Edward ( Ted) b.1911
Toner, Edward E. (Teddy) b.1933
Toner, Jan
Toner, Lillian Eve


Tongate, Serena b.1822


Toombs, Dicey m.1788


Torrence, Carrol
Torrence, James Ray b.1925
Torrence, Percy Ray


Torres, Brian d.1967
Torres, Calvin Wayne (Michael)
Torres, Edward Enoch (Teddy)
Torres, Female
Torres, Genebeth
Torres, Hersa Jean
Torres, Janet Lynn
Torres, Jerry Junior
Torres, Joseph Wayne b.1991
Torres, Patricio m.1939
Torres, Patrick Eugene
Torres, Ronald Eugene
Torres, Stacie Jane
Torres, Tarra
Torres, Tonya Joan


Torres-Lebeau, Karla Marie


Torst, Irene J.


Totten, Katlynn Aleese
Totten, Thoma Mark


Towell, Eunice m.1930


Town, Lola Mae
Town, Milan


Townly, Charles M. b.1850
Townly, Cyrus b.1812


Tracey, Arthur Ambrose
Tracey, John Edmund
Tracey, Martin
Tracey, Patrick Alfonso
Tracey, Richard
Tracey, Robert
Tracey, Thomas
Tracey, Thomas Keeney


Track, Ruth


Trainor, Robert Frank b.1916
Trainor, Robert Irene b.1942


Trantham, Daniel L. b.1846
Trantham, Daniel T. b.1831
Trantham, Dona b.1873
Trantham, Henry J.
Trantham, Joseph C. b.1798
Trantham, Levi b.1804
Trantham, Martin


Traub, Lena m.1892
Traub, Raymond B. b.1888


Tredennick, Willa b.1907


Tree, Willow m.1875


Trent, Willis G.


Trentham, A. Franklin b.1867
Trentham, Atta M. b.1892
Trentham, Louisa Lora b.1841


Trobaugh, Mary Magdelena b.1780
Trobaugh, Nicholas


Trotter, Male


Trout, Ora


Truby, Katrina
Truby, Male
Truby, Zachary


True, Marilyn


Truett, Lillian E. b.1906


Trufet, Marie b.1641


Trunell, Charles Graham b.1918


Trusdale, Grace D. b.1891
Trusdale, John William b.1889
Trusdale, Moses b.1826


Tuck, Ada b.1891
Tuck, Amanda T. b.1860
Tuck, Anna\Annie J. b.1861
Tuck, Augustus Cary b.1892
Tuck, Benjamin b.1836
Tuck, Bessie L. b.1887
Tuck, Caldora b.1874
Tuck, Cary b.1762
Tuck, Cary b.1797
Tuck, Charles Benson b.1872
Tuck, Charles T. b.1890
Tuck, Cordelia Clementine b.1855
Tuck, Donnie b.1884
Tuck, Edward b.1812
Tuck, Edward b.1864
Tuck, Floyd A. b.1890
Tuck, George Leander b.1842
Tuck, George Riley b.1850
Tuck, George William b.1795
Tuck, Gimmey A. b.1861
Tuck, Harry Linden b.1904
Tuck, Herbert Cloud b.1884
Tuck, Hiram b.1807
Tuck, Homer Lee b.1886
Tuck, Horace T. b.1870
Tuck, Infant b.1881
Tuck, James b.1877
Tuck, James W. b.1858
Tuck, Jane b.1802
Tuck, Jarret b.1849
Tuck, Jessie b.1889
Tuck, John b.1792
Tuck, John b.1878
Tuck, John Charles b.1863
Tuck, John Henry b.1841
Tuck, Joseph b.1800
Tuck, Joseph Benjamin b.1851
Tuck, Joseph Cephus b.1862
Tuck, Lee b.1897
Tuck, Lester E. b.1896
Tuck, Logan P. b.1887
Tuck, Male
Tuck, Marinda b.1844
Tuck, Martha b.1876
Tuck, Martha b.1849
Tuck, Mary b.1847
Tuck, Mary Ann b.1854
Tuck, Matilda b.1861
Tuck, Morris Benson b.1887
Tuck, Myrtle b.1895
Tuck, Nancy b.1809
Tuck, Nancy b.1844
Tuck, Nancy Jane b.1852
Tuck, Pearl b.1898
Tuck, R. Albert "Ira" b.1878
Tuck, Rachel b.1874
Tuck, Sarah b.1867
Tuck, Sarah b.1852
Tuck, Sarah Jane b.1863
Tuck, Sarah Lee b.1892
Tuck, Susan b.1867
Tuck, Susan b.1854
Tuck, Thomas b.1791
Tuck, Thomas b.1825
Tuck, Vianna b.1858
Tuck, Visa b.1873
Tuck, W. L. b.1888
Tuck, William b.1804
Tuck, William b.1816
Tuck, William J. b.1870
Tuck, William J. b.1881
Tuck, William Josiah b.1856
Tuck, William Thomas b.1856
Tuck, William Z. b.1892


Tucker, James b.1813
Tucker, Marada b.1855
Tucker, William


Tull, Alma b.1889


Tully, Cecil b.1905


Tumey, Daisy B. b.1881


Tunk, Judith Ellen


Tunnell, Daphne
Tunnell, Male


Turley, Alice m.1892


Turner, Bernice Sue
Turner, Britteniegh Elizabeth
Turner, Carrie T. b.1883
Turner, Christian Dean
Turner, Cloyd L.
Turner, Clyde L. d.2005
Turner, Daisy Maud b.1875
Turner, Harry Monroe
Turner, Jaccob Nathaniel
Turner, Jordan Dominic
Turner, Lowell
Turner, Margaret b.1839
Turner, Mike Olen
Turner, Monnie Anne
Turner, Rexell (Rex) Dean
Turner, Rosanne Lynette
Turner, Ruth
Turner, Virgil Lee
Turner, Virginia Louise
Turner, Wanda Dean


Turnstall, Ray b.1933


Twaddell, Larry D.
Twaddell, Lea Annette
Twaddell, Vincent Paul


Twight, Sonia


Tyler, Annie m.1926
Tyler, Jennie Laura b.1855
Tyler, Priscilla b.1840


Tynan, Bill
Tynan, Elinore "Ellie" b.1927
Tynan, Leona
Tynan, Malachy "Mal" Leo m.1927
Tynan, Malachy Peter


Uhl, Charles Aaron
Uhl, Male


Umbels, Clara d.1953


Underwood, J. W. , Dr.
Underwood, Kelly Marie
Underwood, Kimberly Anne
Underwood, Mathew Allan
Underwood, Steven Andrew

Unknown Buttram

Unknown Buttram, Eliza Jane b.1837


Unknown, "Lillian" Lilly Ann d.1975
Unknown, A. b.1858
Unknown, Agnes b.1883
Unknown, Aileen
Unknown, Alice
Unknown, Alice
Unknown, Allie b.1900
Unknown, Alta L. m.1920
Unknown, Alyse
Unknown, Amanda L.
Unknown, Amber
Unknown, Amy
Unknown, Angel
Unknown, Angela Kay
Unknown, Ann b.1844
Unknown, Ann
Unknown, Ann
Unknown, Ann "Nancy" b.1740
Unknown, Ann "Nancy"
Unknown, Anna b.1796
Unknown, Anna b.1896
Unknown, Anna b.1880
Unknown, Anna C. b.1872
Unknown, Anna M. b.1876
Unknown, Anna Marie
Unknown, Anna Marie b.1842
Unknown, Annie b.1876
Unknown, Annie
Unknown, Annie B. b.1892
Unknown, April b.1900
Unknown, Arla
Unknown, Barbara
Unknown, Barbara
Unknown, Barbara b.1827
Unknown, Barbara
Unknown, Becky
Unknown, Belle
Unknown, Belle b.1874
Unknown, Bertha
Unknown, Bertha A. b.1882
Unknown, Bertha A. b.1889
Unknown, Bertha O. b.1902
Unknown, Bessie b.1895
Unknown, Bessie F. b.1890
Unknown, Bessie J.
Unknown, Bete
Unknown, Betty
Unknown, Betty d.2006
Unknown, Betty
Unknown, Betty
Unknown, Betty
Unknown, Betty d.2000
Unknown, Beulah b.1910
Unknown, Beulah E. b.1910
Unknown, Beverly
Unknown, Brenda
Unknown, C. Gayle
Unknown, C.Camille
Unknown, Callie b.1884
Unknown, Candace E. b.1843
Unknown, Carol
Unknown, Carole Ann b.1944
Unknown, Caroline S. b.1821
Unknown, Carolyn
Unknown, Carrie b.1834
Unknown, Carrie R. b.1904
Unknown, Carrie R. b.1879
Unknown, Carry A. b.1903
Unknown, Catherine b.1806
Unknown, Catherine
Unknown, Celeste
Unknown, Charlotte
Unknown, Christina
Unknown, Christine
Unknown, Christine b.1926
Unknown, Cinthia
Unknown, Cleo C. b.1895
Unknown, Cora b.1890
Unknown, Corrine
Unknown, Daughter1
Unknown, Daughter2
Unknown, Daughter3
Unknown, Dee Ann
Unknown, Dehonna
Unknown, Delilah b.1841
Unknown, Della b.1893
Unknown, Delores
Unknown, Diancy b.1857
Unknown, Diane
Unknown, Diane
Unknown, Dianne
Unknown, Dicey b.1805
Unknown, Dicey Tabitha
Unknown, Donna
Unknown, Donnie b.1896
Unknown, Dora b.1912
Unknown, Dora A. b.1886
Unknown, Dora E. b.1883
Unknown, Dora M. b.1818
Unknown, Dora Myrtle b.1886
Unknown, Dorothy b.1907
Unknown, Dorothy
Unknown, Dorothy (Dottie)
Unknown, Dorothy J.
Unknown, Dorothy L. b.1909
Unknown, Dorthula b.1869
Unknown, E. Leona b.1911
Unknown, E. May b.1884
Unknown, Edith b.1898
Unknown, Edna
Unknown, Effie
Unknown, Effie
Unknown, Eldora b.1871
Unknown, Elisabeth b.1818
Unknown, Eliza
Unknown, Eliza
Unknown, Elizabeth
Unknown, Elizabeth b.1767
Unknown, Elizabeth b.1795
Unknown, Elizabeth b.1801
Unknown, Elizabeth b.1820
Unknown, Elizabeth
Unknown, Elizabeth
Unknown, Elizabeth b.1856
Unknown, Elizabeth
Unknown, Elizabeth b.1804
Unknown, Elizabeth b.1808
Unknown, Elizabeth b.1864
Unknown, Elizabeth
Unknown, Elizabeth b.1832
Unknown, Elizabeth
Unknown, Elizabeth b.1829
Unknown, Elizabeth
Unknown, Elizabeth
Unknown, Elizabeth b.1846
Unknown, Elizabeth "Lizzie" b.1864
Unknown, Elizabeth Ann b.1798
Unknown, Elizabeth J. b.1836
Unknown, Ella b.1861
Unknown, Ella E. b.1893
Unknown, Ellen
Unknown, Ellen b.1864
Unknown, Ellen b.1878
Unknown, Ellen
Unknown, Elsie E. b.1907
Unknown, Emeline b.1842
Unknown, Emily b.1840
Unknown, Emily b.1875
Unknown, Emma b.1862
Unknown, Emma Cornelia b.1904
Unknown, Emma J. b.1871
Unknown, Erina b.1852
Unknown, Erma
Unknown, Essie
Unknown, Esta M. b.1889
Unknown, Estella b.1880
Unknown, Esther b.1899
Unknown, Esther M. b.1909
Unknown, Ethel b.1884
Unknown, Ethel b.1898
Unknown, Ethel M.
Unknown, Ethel May b.1886
Unknown, Ethleen C. b.1896
Unknown, Etter R. b.1862
Unknown, Evaline b.1836
Unknown, Eve b.1861
Unknown, Eve
Unknown, Evelyn E. b.1901
Unknown, F. Idella b.1893
Unknown, Fannie
Unknown, Fanny b.1821
Unknown, Faye
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female m.1871
Unknown, Female m.1898
Unknown, Female m.1900
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female m.1875
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female m.1842
Unknown, Female m.1894
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female m.1885
Unknown, Female m.1894
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female m.1953
Unknown, Female m.1925
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female m.1885
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female d.1856
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female m.1850
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female b.1759
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female d.1971
Unknown, Female m.1899
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female d.1955
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female m.1791
Unknown, Female m.1908
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female
Unknown, Female m.1717
Unknown, Female H. b.1886
Unknown, Female1
Unknown, Female1
Unknown, Female2
Unknown, Female2
Unknown, Female2
Unknown, Female3
Unknown, Fern
Unknown, Florence b.1906
Unknown, Florence b.1919
Unknown, Fradie b.1895
Unknown, Frances b.1872
Unknown, Francielle b.1920
Unknown, Gale
Unknown, Gayle
Unknown, Ginger
Unknown, Gladys
Unknown, Glenna
Unknown, Gloria
Unknown, Golda
Unknown, Goldie
Unknown, Goldie b.1913
Unknown, Grace b.1888
Unknown, Grace b.1904
Unknown, Grace b.1916
Unknown, Grace
Unknown, Grace E. b.1895
Unknown, Gretelle B. b.1906
Unknown, Hannah
Unknown, Hannah
Unknown, Hannah
Unknown, Hannah Elizabeth
Unknown, Hannah M. b.1845
Unknown, Hannah Mary
Unknown, Harriet
Unknown, Harriet May b.1859
Unknown, Hattie B. b.1878
Unknown, Hattie Estelle
Unknown, Hazel b.1917
Unknown, Hazel b.1904
Unknown, Hazel B. b.1917
Unknown, Hazel E. b.1898
Unknown, Hazel F. b.1900
Unknown, Helen
Unknown, Helen b.1831
Unknown, Helen M. b.1900
Unknown, Hettie
Unknown, Ica Don b.1898
Unknown, Ida m.1915
Unknown, Ida A. b.1871
Unknown, Ila
Unknown, Inez b.1890
Unknown, Irma
Unknown, Isabelle
Unknown, Iva b.1890
Unknown, Jack C.
Unknown, Jan
Unknown, Jane
Unknown, Jane b.1846
Unknown, Jane b.1838
Unknown, Jane b.1835
Unknown, Janice
Unknown, Jean
Unknown, Jean
Unknown, Jean
Unknown, Jenne
Unknown, Jennet
Unknown, Jennie d.1967
Unknown, Jennie b.1851
Unknown, Jennifer
Unknown, Jessica
Unknown, Jewell b.1897
Unknown, Jill
Unknown, Josephine b.1872
Unknown, Josephine b.1865
Unknown, Josie b.1879
Unknown, Joyce
Unknown, Joyce
Unknown, Juanita M.
Unknown, Judith
Unknown, Julia b.1898
Unknown, Julia b.1827
Unknown, Julia A. b.1836
Unknown, Juliann b.1841
Unknown, Kate b.1895
Unknown, Kate b.1892
Unknown, Kate M. b.1863
Unknown, Katie b.1886
Unknown, Katie b.1890
Unknown, Lanay M. b.1845
Unknown, Lanelle b.1914
Unknown, Laura b.1871
Unknown, Laura B. b.1874
Unknown, Lee Madeline b.1871
Unknown, Lela b.1887
Unknown, Lela M.
Unknown, Lelia b.1867
Unknown, Lena C.
Unknown, Lenora Sue
Unknown, Lesta M.
Unknown, Lettie b.1901
Unknown, Lilliam
Unknown, Lily V. b.1925
Unknown, Linda
Unknown, Linda
Unknown, Lizzie M. b.1878
Unknown, Loalla b.1885
Unknown, Lois
Unknown, Lola Dean b.1908
Unknown, Lorene b.1902
Unknown, Loretta d.1992
Unknown, Loretto b.1901
Unknown, Lou A. b.1882
Unknown, Louis Myrtle b.1879
Unknown, Louisa b.1869
Unknown, Louisa b.1824
Unknown, Louisa b.1839
Unknown, Louisa b.1849
Unknown, Louisa
Unknown, Louisa B.
Unknown, Louise
Unknown, Louise O. b.1923
Unknown, Lucille m.1941
Unknown, Lucinda b.1858
Unknown, Lucinda b.1847
Unknown, Lucinda R.
Unknown, Lucy b.1863
Unknown, Lucy b.1849
Unknown, Lula b.1881
Unknown, Lydia Anna b.1866
Unknown, Mabel M. b.1891
Unknown, Madeline b.1881
Unknown, Maggie May b.1873
Unknown, Mahala b.1811
Unknown, Mahala N. b.1876
Unknown, Male
Unknown, Male m.1894
Unknown, Male
Unknown, Male
Unknown, Male
Unknown, Male
Unknown, Male
Unknown, Male
Unknown, Male
Unknown, Male
Unknown, Malinda b.1812
Unknown, Malinda b.1848
Unknown, Malinda Jane b.1857
Unknown, Malissa b.1845
Unknown, Mamie A. b.1885
Unknown, Margaret
Unknown, Margaret b.1834
Unknown, Margaret
Unknown, Margaret
Unknown, Margaret b.1833
Unknown, Margaret b.1837
Unknown, Margaret b.1827
Unknown, Margaret Ann b.1859
Unknown, Margaret C. b.1835
Unknown, Margaret S. b.1880
Unknown, Marge
Unknown, Marie b.1903
Unknown, Marie b.1906
Unknown, Marie
Unknown, Marie A. b.1907
Unknown, Marinda L. b.1869
Unknown, Martha b.1818
Unknown, Martha b.1815
Unknown, Martha b.1828
Unknown, Martha b.1832
Unknown, Martha b.1892
Unknown, Martha b.1806
Unknown, Martha b.1822
Unknown, Martha J. b.1823
Unknown, Martha M. b.1846
Unknown, Mary b.1860
Unknown, Mary b.1891
Unknown, Mary b.1789
Unknown, Mary
Unknown, Mary b.1793
Unknown, Mary b.1910
Unknown, Mary b.1780
Unknown, Mary b.1896
Unknown, Mary b.1878
Unknown, Mary b.1838
Unknown, Mary
Unknown, Mary
Unknown, Mary
Unknown, Mary
Unknown, Mary d.1705
Unknown, Mary A. b.1846
Unknown, Mary A. b.1845
Unknown, Mary Ann b.1825
Unknown, Mary Ann
Unknown, Mary Anna b.1869
Unknown, Mary C. b.1856
Unknown, Mary C. b.1855
Unknown, Mary Catherine "Kate" b.1885
Unknown, Mary D. b.1856
Unknown, Mary E. b.1859
Unknown, Mary E. b.1864
Unknown, Mary E. b.1901
Unknown, Mary E. b.1873
Unknown, Mary E. b.1807
Unknown, Mary Ellen
Unknown, Mary G. b.1876
Unknown, Mary I. b.1883
Unknown, Mary J.
Unknown, Mary Jane b.1877
Unknown, Mary Jane b.1834
Unknown, Mary L. b.1865
Unknown, Mary M. b.1831
Unknown, Mary Wilma b.1907
Unknown, Matilda F. b.1866
Unknown, Matilda J. b.1827
Unknown, Mattie b.1878
Unknown, Mattie
Unknown, Maxine d.2000
Unknown, Maxine
Unknown, May b.1878
Unknown, Melinda b.1817
Unknown, Melissa A. b.1821
Unknown, Melvina b.1819
Unknown, Mertie M. b.1908
Unknown, Mildred b.1905
Unknown, Milley b.1802
Unknown, Milley N. b.1879
Unknown, Millie b.1860
Unknown, Minera b.1874
Unknown, Minnie
Unknown, Minnie b.1871
Unknown, Minnie
Unknown, Mollie m.1904
Unknown, Mollie b.1881
Unknown, Molly
Unknown, Myrtal J. b.1880
Unknown, Myrtle
Unknown, Myrtle B. b.1885
Unknown, Myrtle E. b.1893
Unknown, Myrtle O. b.1880
Unknown, Myth
Unknown, N.A. b.1836
Unknown, Nancy b.1840
Unknown, Nancy
Unknown, Nancy b.1838
Unknown, Nancy
Unknown, Nancy b.1809
Unknown, Nancy
Unknown, Nancy
Unknown, Nancy m.1827
Unknown, Nancy A. b.1853
Unknown, Nancy E. b.1857
Unknown, Nancy Orlene b.1877
Unknown, Naomi F.
Unknown, Nellie b.1903
Unknown, Nellie B. b.1888
Unknown, Nellie J. b.1883
Unknown, Neoma E. b.1892
Unknown, Netta
Unknown, Nettie b.1875
Unknown, Nikki
Unknown, Noelle
Unknown, Nora
Unknown, Norma b.1921
Unknown, Oletta F. b.1914
Unknown, Oliver b.1824
Unknown, Ollie M. b.1891
Unknown, Omega C. b.1878
Unknown, Opal
Unknown, Opal
Unknown, Opal
Unknown, Opal G. b.1901
Unknown, Ora E. b.1885
Unknown, Ova
Unknown, P. Rhea b.1895
Unknown, Patricia
Unknown, Patricia
Unknown, Patsy
Unknown, Patty
Unknown, Paul H.
Unknown, Pauline b.1858
Unknown, Peggy
Unknown, Penny
Unknown, Pheba G. b.1891
Unknown, Phoebe Ellen b.1877
Unknown, Presilla b.1861
Unknown, Quentyn "Quinnie"
Unknown, Rebecca b.1907
Unknown, Rebecca
Unknown, Rebecca
Unknown, Rebecca m.1776
Unknown, Rhoda A. b.1870
Unknown, Rosa C. b.1908
Unknown, Rosa L. b.1881
Unknown, Rosa May b.1879
Unknown, Rosalind m.1941
Unknown, Rose b.1876
Unknown, Rosena
Unknown, Rosetta b.1850
Unknown, Roxanne
Unknown, Ruby
Unknown, Ruby Elizabeth b.1927
Unknown, Ruth
Unknown, Ruth b.1804
Unknown, Ruth J. b.1830
Unknown, Ruth M. b.1906
Unknown, Sadie Bell m.1913
Unknown, Salina
Unknown, Sallie b.1879
Unknown, Sami
Unknown, Sandra
Unknown, Sarah
Unknown, Sarah b.1786
Unknown, Sarah
Unknown, Sarah b.1825
Unknown, Sarah b.1848
Unknown, Sarah m.1779
Unknown, Sarah
Unknown, Sarah
Unknown, Sarah b.1891
Unknown, Sarah d.1880
Unknown, Sarah
Unknown, Sarah A.
Unknown, Sarah A. b.1847
Unknown, Sarah Ann b.1838
Unknown, Sarah C. b.1837
Unknown, Sarah D. b.1909
Unknown, Sarah E. b.1856
Unknown, Sarah E. b.1882
Unknown, Sarah Elizabeth b.1834
Unknown, Sarah Hanna m.1868
Unknown, Sarah L. b.1884
Unknown, Scott
Unknown, Sebrina
Unknown, Sedalia A. b.1883
Unknown, Sharon
Unknown, Sherry
Unknown, Sherry
Unknown, Shirley
Unknown, Shirley m.1981
Unknown, Shirley
Unknown, Sophia b.1845
Unknown, Sophia b.1774
Unknown, Stella
Unknown, Sue
Unknown, Susan b.1845
Unknown, Susan
Unknown, Susan b.1816
Unknown, Susan b.1833
Unknown, Susan E. b.1851
Unknown, Susan E. b.1891
Unknown, Susannah
Unknown, Susannah b.1827
Unknown, Susannah
Unknown, Susannah Jane b.1813
Unknown, Susie
Unknown, Susie M. b.1888
Unknown, Sylvia b.1895
Unknown, Sylvia Mae b.1891
Unknown, Tabitha Margaret b.1845
Unknown, Tena W. b.1906
Unknown, Teresa
Unknown, Terry
Unknown, Terry
Unknown, Tersa b.1872
Unknown, Theresa M. b.1848
Unknown, Trella d.2000
Unknown, Ursula b.1822
Unknown, Viola b.1871
Unknown, Viola b.1880
Unknown, Viola E. b.1921
Unknown, Virgie
Unknown, Virginia b.1892
Unknown, Virginia b.1892
Unknown, Virginia
Unknown, Virginia
Unknown, Virginia O. b.1918
Unknown, Vivian H. b.1904
Unknown, Wilma L. m.1942
Unknown, Zelda Juanita b.1919
Unknown, Zelma B. b.1903
Unknown, Zona b.1873


Urban, Carol


Urick, John


Utterson, David b.1872
Utterson, Earle b.1903
Utterson, Elizabeth "Lizzie" b.1861
Utterson, Ferne Luther b.1893
Utterson, Flora b.1866
Utterson, Gordon b.1879
Utterson, James O. b.1862
Utterson, John b.1830
Utterson, John W. b.1864
Utterson, Katheryne b.1909
Utterson, Kenneth B. b.1898
Utterson, Lena K. b.1870
Utterson, Robert b.1876


Vacek, Harry


Vail, James H. b.1900


Valdez, Manuel


Valentine, Curtis b.1906
Valentine, Goldie b.1904

Van Arkel

Van Arkel, Patricia
Van Arkel, Ralph

Van Dorn

Van Dorn, Male

Van Fleet

Van Fleet, Gertrude Ethel b.1905
Van Fleet, Jerry C. b.1876
Van Fleet, Lois Pearl
Van Fleet, Loriene Margaret b.1906
Van Fleet, Ruth Ellen b.1908
Van Fleet, Wealtha Luella b.1903

Van Hook

Van Hook, Gladys Marie

Van Sickle

Van Sickle, Irene b.1902

Van Valkenberg

Van Valkenberg, Joy Lela m.1933


VanArsdall, Beulah Edith b.1896
VanArsdall, Franklin m.1892
VanArsdall, Kermit Wallace b.1908
VanArsdall, Lavona Ethel b.1899
VanArsdall, Mabel Audra b.1894
VanArsdall, Walter


Vance, Lydia b.1780


Vandagriff, Linda Christine


Vandenburg, Ann
Vandenburg, John
Vandenburg, Joseph
Vandenburg, Robert J.


Vandergon, Jacki A.
Vandergon, Mark
Vandergon, Trent M.
Vandergon, Trevor B.


VanFlieberghe, Anneliese Margarete b.1923


VanFossan, Lynn Annette
VanFossan, Rober Marion
VanFossan, Stacy Lynn
VanFossan, Stefanie Michelle
VanFossan, Stephen Wayne


Vanich, Agnes b.1893


Vanpool, Catherine Sue b.1947
Vanpool, Darell Williams
Vanpool, David W.
Vanpool, George David
Vanpool, John Willis
Vanpool, Mary Fern
Vanpool, Virginia Lou


VanScoy, Douglas


Vanzandt, Martha "Marty" E.
Vanzandt, Sarah E. m.1885


Varner, Alta J. b.1879
Varner, John Baxter b.1843
Varner, Mary J. m.1858


Vaughan, Ermine Elliott
Vaughan, James m.1785


Vaughn, Andrew Jackson
Vaughn, Bonnie Lee
Vaughn, Frances A. "Fanny" b.1846
Vaughn, Jeremiah
Vaughn, Sarah Elizabeth m.1864
Vaughn, Shannon Lonita
Vaughn, Walter Franklin m.1903


Veach, Donald Erril
Veach, Donald Max
Veach, Roger Dale


Vedder, Female


Vela, Linda


Velbig, Mary Lou


Vermillion, Mary Polly


Vermilyea, Cora Lillian b.1871


Verschoor, Simon N.


Vest, Henry J. b.1858
Vest, Homer Houston b.1890
Vest, Nellie b.1899


Vetti, Patti


Viall, Gale Marie


Vice, Marvin


Vickers, Bill Gordon
Vickers, Byron Leroy
Vickers, Crystal May b.1917
Vickers, Edna "Maxine" b.1916
Vickers, Harold Henry
Vickers, Henry William b.1861
Vickers, Jane Dianne b.1947
Vickers, John Franklin "Frank" b.1893
Vickers, Kathleen Renee
Vickers, Pauline Pearl b.1918
Vickers, Ray (or Roy) Franklin
Vickers, Ruby Helen b.1921
Vickers, Scott Patrick
Vickers, Wayne Laverne
Vickers, Wilma Wanda


Vincent, Carol Anne
Vincent, Claude
Vincent, Robert


Vineyard, Patsy Kay


Virchow, Donna


Vitatoe, Eva


Viuhkola, Marjorie Ann


Voigt, Alex Lee


Vollmer, Kevin


Votra, Mate Dawn


Vrill, Judith b.1662


Waddell, Jean m.1924


Wade, Elizabeth (Betty\Betsy) m.1763
Wade, Hampton
Wade, Mamie I. b.1908
Wade, Raymond b.1902


Wadsworth, Celia d.1877
Wadsworth, James


Wages, James Franklin m.1895
Wages, Kelly b.1898


Waggoner, Pearl Elizabeth b.1928


Wagner, Dale E. b.1888
Wagner, Ernest M. b.1862
Wagner, John Augustus Wagner b.1818
Wagner, Lloyd P. b.1897
Wagner, Paul M. b.1894
Wagner, Sylvia M. b.1890


Wagoner, Fern M.
Wagoner, Grace m.1909


Waits, Allen
Waits, Rhoda Emeline b.1829


Walcutt, Amelia 'Millie' b.1839


Waldemarsen, Jenny


Walden, Albert "Cotton" b.1914
Walden, Alice
Walden, Alice Rozella b.1917
Walden, Allie b.1909
Walden, Allie b.1882
Walden, Alva b.1906
Walden, Anderson M. b.1841
Walden, Andrew b.1911
Walden, Andrew J. b.1889
Walden, Angie b.1903
Walden, Annie L. b.1893
Walden, Belle b.1867
Walden, Benjamin J. b.1868
Walden, Betty
Walden, Bonnie Irene b.1934
Walden, Bunia b.1906
Walden, Celia b.1906
Walden, Clarence B. b.1896
Walden, Cleva b.1917
Walden, Clova R. b.1910
Walden, Clovie Abe b.1912
Walden, Clyde b.1906
Walden, Clyde b.1908
Walden, Cuma Ethel
Walden, Cummie b.1900
Walden, Dallas D. b.1877
Walden, David B. b.1866
Walden, Dewey M. b.1899
Walden, Dona Elma b.1902
Walden, Edith b.1913
Walden, Elba b.1917
Walden, Elvis
Walden, Elvis A. b.1907
Walden, Esteline b.1910
Walden, Ethel b.1902
Walden, Everett
Walden, Flossie
Walden, Frances Jane b.1863
Walden, Frank
Walden, Genette b.1902
Walden, Geneva Louis b.1904
Walden, Grover C. b.1886
Walden, Hannah b.1833
Walden, Harry
Walden, Henry Baker b.1872
Walden, Hillard H. b.1867
Walden, Hugh Woodrow b.1918
Walden, Infant b.1903
Walden, Infant Son b.1886
Walden, Irene b.1903
Walden, Iris D. b.1875
Walden, Isabell b.1877
Walden, J. S.
Walden, Jack
Walden, Jack b.1919
Walden, James B. b.1868
Walden, James M. b.1879
Walden, James Solomen "Jimmy Dry" b.1885
Walden, Jerry M. b.1903
Walden, John D. Long Goody b.1828
Walden, John Earnest b.1903
Walden, John H. b.1871
Walden, John J. b.1867
Walden, John Thomas b.1874
Walden, John W. Jr. b.1917
Walden, John W. Sr b.1869
Walden, Joseph b.1879
Walden, Joseph B. b.1798
Walden, Joseph Peyton b.1832
Walden, Joseph S. b.1859
Walden, Joseph S. "Sandy Jo" b.1887
Walden, Laura b.1900
Walden, Lillie b.1871
Walden, Lilly m.1888
Walden, Lona Thelma b.1902
Walden, Lonnie b.1899
Walden, Louis Wayne b.1898
Walden, Luther b.1905
Walden, Margaret S. b.1872
Walden, Martha b.1875
Walden, Martha
Walden, Martha b.1892
Walden, Mary b.1877
Walden, Mary b.1895
Walden, Mary b.1855
Walden, Mary L. b.1873
Walden, Mary Margaret b.1911
Walden, Nevella
Walden, Norma
Walden, Oliver Lee b.1901
Walden, Opal
Walden, Oscar H. b.1907
Walden, Patricia
Walden, Rachel b.1908
Walden, Rosa
Walden, Rosa Annie b.1860
Walden, Sarah b.1875
Walden, Sarah Cordelia b.1871
Walden, Sophransia b.1859
Walden, Stella b.1906
Walden, Thelma
Walden, Thomas J. b.1873
Walden, Thomas T. b.1838
Walden, William Albert b.1891
Walden, William Bertrand "Doc" b.1870
Walden, William H. b.1871
Walden, William P. b.1835
Walden, William Solomon b.1861
Walden, William W. b.1856
Walden, Winnie May b.1900
Walden, Zerilda b.1854


Walker, Brock Michael
Walker, Eunice Marie b.1898
Walker, Gerald
Walker, John b.1753
Walker, Kayla Sue
Walker, Lillian K. b.1885
Walker, Louisa F. b.1839
Walker, Lucy b.1742
Walker, Male
Walker, Male
Walker, Malinda b.1841
Walker, Martha b.1868
Walker, Matilda Clinton b.1815
Walker, Michael Rae
Walker, Myrta Jane b.1875
Walker, Nancy
Walker, Nina
Walker, Sarah b.1867
Walker, Solomon b.1872
Walker, Stephen B. b.1846
Walker, Thomas
Walker, Virgina
Walker, Warren


Walkingstick, Christal


Wall, Stephen
Wall, Susanna


Wallace, Adam
Wallace, Harriett b.1857
Wallace, James b.1861
Wallace, James b.1811
Wallace, Jeff
Wallace, John "Doc Holiday"
Wallace, Joseph b.1883
Wallace, Marcy b.1854
Wallace, Martha b.1847
Wallace, Mary b.1849
Wallace, Mary b.1869
Wallace, Melcena "Mellie"
Wallace, Oliver b.1894
Wallace, Robert b.1869
Wallace, William b.1778
Wallace, William b.1852
Wallace, William "Bill"
Wallace, William H. b.1886


Wallen, Addie
Wallen, Agnes Jane b.1840
Wallen, Alfred Alonzo "Lon" b.1881
Wallen, Anderson b.1842
Wallen, Artie
Wallen, Arvenia M. b.1883
Wallen, Charles E. b.1886
Wallen, Columbia Gertrude b.1879
Wallen, Dempsey b.1847
Wallen, Edward Stevenson b.1854
Wallen, Elender E. "Ellen" b.1853
Wallen, Elizabeth b.1858
Wallen, Elizabeth A. b.1843
Wallen, Furlona b.1871
Wallen, Hannah b.1830
Wallen, Hannah b.1847
Wallen, Henry P. b.1862
Wallen, Henry Payton b.1820
Wallen, Jackson John b.1844
Wallen, James Carr b.1771
Wallen, James Carr b.1822
Wallen, John Carr b.1820
Wallen, John R. b.1873
Wallen, Joseph b.1852
Wallen, Juanita b.1908
Wallen, Lou Anna b.1860
Wallen, Lucinda
Wallen, M. M. b.1853
Wallen, Martha b.1849
Wallen, Mary Polly b.1825
Wallen, Mary Polly b.1824
Wallen, Milley b.1847
Wallen, Monroe
Wallen, Nancy b.1856
Wallen, Ollie Catherine b.1882
Wallen, Sarah E. b.1868
Wallen, Shade E. b.1876
Wallen, Shade V. b.1856
Wallen, Spivey b.1858
Wallen, Susan b.1849
Wallen, Susan b.1816
Wallen, Susannah b.1831
Wallen, Thomas F. b.1810
Wallen, Webster b.1867
Wallen, William E. b.1866


Walley, Andrew Linza
Walley, Bradford Ellis
Walley, Douglas Arthur
Walley, Jeffery Douglas
Walley, Sarah Marie
Walley, Steven Ray


Wallin, Billy
Wallin, Female
Wallin, Female2
Wallin, Martha b.1833


Wallis, George Calvin b.1856
Wallis, Mary Jane b.1861


Walls, Evelyn Marie


Walsh, Shawn


Walters, Male


Walton, Oscar Reese m.1916


Wann, Ann b.1841
Wann, Elizabeth b.1844
Wann, James b.1839
Wann, John b.1844
Wann, Joshua b.1836
Wann, Joshua Capt. b.1794
Wann, Louisanna b.1846
Wann, Male
Wann, Martha b.1852
Wann, Martha Catherine b.1832
Wann, Minnie b.1858
Wann, Robert b.1792
Wann, Robert M. b.1837
Wann, Samuel McGowen b.1814
Wann, Sarah Catherine b.1833
Wann, Savannah b.1852


Ward, Amanda M.
Ward, Jared T.
Ward, Lillie Mae
Ward, Thomas J.


Warnock, Helen


Warren, Eulah
Warren, John
Warren, Mary
Warren, Nancy Hawkins
Warren, Sarah b.1850


Wasden, Glen


Washburne, Ruth Ella b.1853


Wasmandt, James William


Wassum, Chloe Elizabeth
Wassum, Janice Kaye
Wassum, John Hunter b.1899
Wassum, John Melvin
Wassum, John Michael
Wassum, Lorrine Fay b.1921


Waters, Mary Jane b.1862


Watkins, Gregory
Watkins, Lauren
Watkins, Male
Watkins, Tyler


Watson, Eliza Kazar b.1858
Watson, George Pleasant
Watson, John
Watson, John Leander b.1809
Watson, Male
Watson, Paul Ezra b.1917
Watson, William Houston b.1844


Watts, John B. b.1805
Watts, Martha b.1857
Watts, Mason b.1830
Watts, Sarah H. b.1828


Watznauer, Randall


Waugh, Edward F. b.1871
Waugh, Mary E. b.1876
Waugh, Sarah E. b.1870
Waugh, Thomas A. b.1815


Way, Lawrence


Weakland, Ethel Mae b.1894
Weakland, John


Weakly, Male d.1930


Weatherly, Allie b.1833
Weatherly, Ann b.1835
Weatherly, Denny b.1807
Weatherly, Emaline b.1841
Weatherly, Francis Marion b.1869
Weatherly, Francis Marion b.1839
Weatherly, Granville b.1845
Weatherly, Jane b.1847
Weatherly, John Haley b.1872
Weatherly, William b.1836


Weathers, Harold
Weathers, Janeen


Weaver, "Sally" Marguerite Peggy b.1759
Weaver, Asher b.1842
Weaver, Clint Lavern
Weaver, John
Weaver, Lucy
Weaver, Nancy or Mandy b.1790
Weaver, Shaylea
Weaver, Tara


Webb, Charles F. b.1908
Webb, Clarissa J. b.1837
Webb, Claud Vance b.1901
Webb, Dwight Clinton
Webb, Edith b.1895
Webb, Effie Ada b.1888
Webb, Eliza Caroline b.1860
Webb, Ella b.1863
Webb, Elmer b.1902
Webb, Elsie b.1897
Webb, Emery Bernard b.1892
Webb, Emma A. b.1859
Webb, Everett
Webb, Florence Bell b.1903
Webb, Holly Roundtree b.1812
Webb, Jacob b.1844
Webb, Jacob Paul b.1905
Webb, James E. b.1872
Webb, John T. b.1891
Webb, John Theopholis b.1848
Webb, Julia A. b.1854
Webb, Laura A. b.1851
Webb, Margaret Anna
Webb, Mary b.1847
Webb, Maude Angie b.1884
Webb, Nancy Joy
Webb, Parsling b.1856
Webb, Robert Holly b.1899
Webb, Robert William
Webb, Sarah A. b.1871
Webb, Sarah E. b.1838
Webb, Sintitha b.1840
Webb, William b.1873


Webber, Jane Adeline b.1849
Webber, John A. b.1826
Webber, Tom


Weber, Lesley Rene


Webster, Alice b.1878
Webster, Alice Maude b.1885
Webster, Andrew
Webster, Clayton b.1882
Webster, Dorothy
Webster, Harold b.1889
Webster, William d.1918




Weddington, Grace G. b.1897
Weddington, Jeff D. b.1904
Weddington, Olof E. b.1901
Weddington, Steven Miller Dock
Weddington, W. Jack b.1866


Weeks, Brian Edward
Weeks, Calvin G.
Weeks, George Ardell b.1911
Weeks, Joyce M.
Weeks, Larry
Weeks, William Homer


Weeport, Lizzie m.1948


Weese, Mary Ann b.1869
Weese, Mary Anna b.1841


Wehunt, Albert Persis b.1877
Wehunt, Edward Austin b.1875
Wehunt, Frederick b.1820
Wehunt, James b.1858
Wehunt, Lemuel W. b.1872
Wehunt, Lewis b.1852
Wehunt, Mary L. b.1855
Wehunt, Sarah S. b.1863
Wehunt, Thomas J. b.1868
Wehunt, William J. b.1861


Weick, John


Weiford, Oscar
Weiford, Pearl May m.1917


Weinbrenner, Dianna


Weir, Gerald
Weir, Jackie d.1992
Weir, James
Weir, Jeanne
Weir, Jeri A.
Weir, John
Weir, Michael
Weir, Peggie
Weir, Sarah Clark b.1853


Welch, Bill d.2003
Welch, Margaret m.1874


Welden, Florence b.1896


Weldy, Male


Wells, Anna Annette b.1854
Wells, Breck
Wells, Catherine m.1846
Wells, Heather
Wells, Hixey Ann b.1852
Wells, Ida
Wells, James b.1871
Wells, James Michael (Jim)
Wells, Josiah m.1852
Wells, Male
Wells, Male
Wells, Nancy
Wells, Patsy
Wells, Quentin Alexander
Wells, Rita Jo
Wells, Sarah Barshaba b.1808


Welsh, LaNetta Florence


Wenger, Frank


Werner, Donald
Werner, Jurgen


West, A. B.
West, Chris
West, Doug
West, Lowell Dean
West, Mary Burton b.1866
West, Richard Elvin
West, Shandra


Westerfield, Alton Floyd b.1937
Westerfield, Elizabeth b.1900
Westerfield, Gladys Lucille
Westerfield, Hubert Harold b.1902
Westerfield, Lewis Hubert b.1924
Westerfield, Lucille b.1902
Westerfield, Marjorie Leona
Westerfield, Opal Beatrice
Westerfield, Phyllis Irene
Westerfield, Ruby Viola
Westerfield, W. James m.1910


Weston, Ada b.1916
Weston, Amanda b.1869
Weston, Andrew Jackson b.1871
Weston, Andrew Jackson b.1848
Weston, Annie b.1863
Weston, Aurey D. b.1868
Weston, Betsy b.1829
Weston, Burrell b.1913
Weston, Cordelia b.1878
Weston, Cordelia "Corda" M. b.1894
Weston, Crissie Onolo b.1890
Weston, Delmar
Weston, Dillard Ozrow b.1880
Weston, Eddie C. b.1879
Weston, Effie Christina b.1893
Weston, Elbert S. b.1889
Weston, Elizabeth b.1865
Weston, Elizabeth b.1828
Weston, Elmer Clinton b.1888
Weston, Enoch Anderson b.1886
Weston, Ertie C. b.1886
Weston, Eunice b.1918
Weston, Evelyn
Weston, Floyd b.1921
Weston, Fred b.1896
Weston, Fred
Weston, George b.1909
Weston, George Washington b.1853
Weston, Hannah b.1853
Weston, Harvey Servier b.1838
Weston, Henry b.1878
Weston, Hugh Densmore b.1892
Weston, Isaac N. b.1875
Weston, Isaac Newton b.1845
Weston, Jacob b.1876
Weston, James b.1807
Weston, James A. m.1878
Weston, James Henry b.1874
Weston, James K. b.1835
Weston, James M. b.1858
Weston, James Washington b.1861
Weston, James Wilson b.1878
Weston, Jennie b.1876
Weston, John b.1911
Weston, John Dallas b.1856
Weston, John Wesley b.1855
Weston, Kelley b.1867
Weston, Lara B. b.1868
Weston, Lee Oscar b.1876
Weston, Lena Alice b.1891
Weston, Leon b.1919
Weston, Leroy b.1917
Weston, Lillie Mae b.1889
Weston, Marion b.1873
Weston, Mary J. b.1876
Weston, Maud "Monte" b.1882
Weston, Minnie Jane b.1885
Weston, Missouri C. b.1866
Weston, Nora A. b.1885
Weston, Phoebe b.1840
Weston, Regina b.1842
Weston, Rosia b.1897
Weston, Rutha J. b.1839
Weston, Sarah b.1830
Weston, Simon Sephus b.1835
Weston, Stephen Sephus b.1905
Weston, Thelma b.1926
Weston, Thomas T. b.1890
Weston, Walter P. b.1874
Weston, Walter S. b.1880
Weston, Wesley Lee b.1930
Weston, William K. b.1859
Weston, William Kendrick b.1833
Weston, William Pierce b.1872


Wetherford, Oliver P. m.1859


Wethey, Male


Weygold, Joseph


Whalen, Brian
Whalen, Brian Michael


Whaley, Frederick "Fred" J.
Whaley, James Robert
Whaley, Jeffery William
Whaley, Joseph Frederick
Whaley, Robert James b.1927
Whaley, Shawn Renee


Whaley-Johnston, Breanna
Whaley-Johnston, Jessica


Wheat, Kathryn Ann


Wheeler, Claggett MacPherson
Wheeler, Cynthia Ann b.1838


Whitaker, America Jane b.1853
Whitaker, Caroline b.1826
Whitaker, Mary b.1799


White, Alvin Morris
White, Barbara J.
White, Betty J.
White, Edward L.
White, Elisha b.1825
White, Elisha Jordan b.1848
White, Gideon Lafayette b.1839
White, InfantFemale b.1885
White, James b.1879
White, James Elwood b.1879
White, Jim
White, John Will
White, Judith A.
White, Kenneth
White, Kenneth Richard
White, Lena Francis b.1886
White, Lois E.
White, Mack
White, Male
White, Male
White, Male
White, Mary b.1795
White, Mary E. b.1856
White, Mary Elizabeth b.1873
White, Mayberry Lawson
White, Mollie d.1930
White, Rena F.
White, Ronald E.
White, Rosanna b.1839
White, Ruth Lorraine
White, Sarah B. b.1800
White, Sarah Lucinda b.1843
White, Sharon
White, Thelma b.1904
White, Treva
White, Warren LeGrand
White, Wayne
White, William b.1875
White, William Lawson


Whitedeer, Blandene


Whitlock, George A.


Whitmer, Cynthia Karen
Whitmer, Diana Jo
Whitmer, Jacqulin Marie


Whitney, James b.1818
Whitney, Male


Whittington, Claude L. m.1936
Whittington, Janet Lyn
Whittington, Marcia Ann


Wickam, Marguerite Helen
Wickam, William Warren b.1883


Wickersham, Isaac E. b.1870


Wickhieser, Catherine b.1847


Wickincamp, Lisa


Wiedmaier, Christopher
Wiedmaier, Sarayah Gabreel
Wiedmaier, Shawn Deric


Wieland, Joan


Wiese, Darrell


Wilborne, Mary Polly b.1805


Wilderson, John B. b.1904


Wiley, Elzie William b.1912
Wiley, Nancy b.1828
Wiley, Nancy Elizabeth Ann


Wilhite, Male


Wilkerson, A.B.
Wilkerson, Albert Benton "Ben" b.1877
Wilkerson, Alpha Elizabeth b.1895
Wilkerson, Andrew
Wilkerson, Augustus Benton "Gus" b.1901
Wilkerson, Christopher
Wilkerson, Clarence Leroy b.1896
Wilkerson, Clarence Leroy "Bob"
Wilkerson, Glaphyra b.1898
Wilkerson, Johannan "Jo" Marie
Wilkerson, Marcus
Wilkerson, Philip Benton
Wilkerson, Richard Brush b.1951
Wilkerson, Sarah


Wilkes, Jennie b.1847
Wilkes, Lewis b.1859


Wilkinson, A. M. b.1860
Wilkinson, Abner b.1900
Wilkinson, Charles B. b.1815
Wilkinson, Eliza b.1857
Wilkinson, Elizabeth b.1847
Wilkinson, Hugh b.1845
Wilkinson, John b.1844
Wilkinson, Kaylea
Wilkinson, Louisa B. b.1857
Wilkinson, Madison b.1838
Wilkinson, Sarah Margaretha b.1849
Wilkinson, Susannah b.1840
Wilkinson, Theron E. b.1836


Will, Male


Willeschleger, Jeanette


Willey, Bryan Edward
Willey, Carmen Deanne
Willey, Daren Lee
Willey, Dwayne Allen
Willey, Garland Gene
Willey, Rhonda
Willey, Velvet Irene


William, Renee Barbara


Williams, Addison Grace
Williams, Allen Mullinax b.1809
Williams, Amanda Joyce b.1853
Williams, Barbara
Williams, Barbara
Williams, Briana Mae
Williams, Charles Wesley d.1995
Williams, Charlotte b.1843
Williams, Charlotte Temple b.1812
Williams, Cory
Williams, Delbert
Williams, Diana b.1858
Williams, Dora
Williams, Eliza m.1859
Williams, Elizabeth J. b.1834
Williams, Evette
Williams, Female b.1883
Williams, Francis "Fannie" P. b.1861
Williams, George Washington b.1857
Williams, Hazel Ann
Williams, J. C.
Williams, Jacqueline Lavonne
Williams, James Madison b.1812
Williams, John Evans "Ike"
Williams, John R. b.1854
Williams, Kelly
Williams, Kelly
Williams, Laura A. b.1852
Williams, Lauren Jeanette "Jenea"
Williams, Lenna m.1901
Williams, Louisa b.1845
Williams, Male
Williams, Male m.1910
Williams, Martha b.1849
Williams, Martha Ann b.1853
Williams, Mary Laverne b.1857
Williams, Pammy b.1961
Williams, Ray
Williams, Robert d.1846
Williams, Robert Lyle
Williams, Sara Noelle
Williams, Sarah b.1825
Williams, Sarah E. b.1838
Williams, Shawna
Williams, Steven
Williams, Susannah b.1800
Williams, Tifanny Elizabeth


Willis, Brianna Jane
Willis, Jennifer Marianne
Willis, Ryan Mckay


Willits, Jemina b.1731


Willoughby, Mary A.


Wilmes, Marie b.1863
Wilmes, Theodore


Wilson, Alma Pat b.1883
Wilson, Arthur
Wilson, Arthur Benjamin m.1914
Wilson, Bert
Wilson, Clyde
Wilson, Deborah (Debbie) Kay
Wilson, Delores Ellen
Wilson, Diltha E. b.1849
Wilson, Doc b.1859
Wilson, Don
Wilson, Donald Earl
Wilson, Edgar M. b.1906
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, Ellery b.1853
Wilson, Elsie Lee
Wilson, Etta
Wilson, Everett
Wilson, Francis Cordelia b.1855
Wilson, Frank Roy
Wilson, Fred
Wilson, Frieda Mae
Wilson, George F. b.1865
Wilson, George Raymond
Wilson, Grant
Wilson, Hazel b.1908
Wilson, Hazel Lorene m.1950
Wilson, Ida M. b.1885
Wilson, Jacob Lee
Wilson, James L. b.1909
Wilson, Jessie m.1789
Wilson, John C.
Wilson, Lucretia b.1799
Wilson, Lulu b.1895
Wilson, Male
Wilson, Male m.1910
Wilson, Male
Wilson, Male
Wilson, Mary b.1845
Wilson, Marylou Margaret
Wilson, Maude A. b.1886
Wilson, Olive
Wilson, Robert Cary
Wilson, Ruby N.
Wilson, Samuel Kemp b.1857
Wilson, Tillie
Wilson, William J.
Wilson, William Jerry
Wilson, William W. b.1848


Wilt, James , Jr.
Wilt, James F.
Wilt, John
Wilt, Julie
Wilt, Male


Wimberly, Charles Taylor b.1861
Wimberly, Clara Elizabeth "Betty" b.1919
Wimberly, Claude C. b.1892
Wimberly, Clyde Otis
Wimberly, Otis Taylor b.1897
Wimberly, Velma Irene
Wimberly, Vesta Louise
Wimberly, Wanda Marie


Wing, Clara Mabel b.1888
Wing, George H. b.1882
Wing, Georgia Myrle b.1911


Wingblade, Arthur


Wininger, Mary Ann b.1814


Winkler, Elvira b.1854


Winn, Nancy Elizabeth b.1863
Winn, Zadok Clayton


Winters, Aaron b.1803
Winters, Aaron Wesely b.1879
Winters, Albert Edward b.1881
Winters, Amasiah b.1847
Winters, Anmariah b.1847
Winters, Anna b.1873
Winters, Arnetta Mae "Nettie" b.1870
Winters, Benjamin H. b.1832
Winters, Elisha H. b.1834
Winters, Eliza Ann b.1855
Winters, Emma b.1865
Winters, Flora May b.1888
Winters, George Jefferson b.1885
Winters, George Washington b.1849
Winters, James Madison b.1844
Winters, Jennie b.1861
Winters, Jennifer Ann b.1829
Winters, John H. b.1836
Winters, John J. b.1874
Winters, John L. b.1891
Winters, Lloyd H. b.1884
Winters, Luther Allen b.1890
Winters, Marcy b.1852
Winters, Margaret Bella b.1871
Winters, Marshall b.1851
Winters, Martin b.1851
Winters, Martin Raay b.1894
Winters, Martin Robert b.1876
Winters, Milton R. b.1842
Winters, Minnie Alice b.1887
Winters, Nathaniel Elmer b.1883
Winters, Reuben b.1848
Winters, Saphronia Alice b.1876
Winters, Sidney Scot b.1887
Winters, Thomas Jefferson b.1859
Winters, Thomas Lippencott b.1808
Winters, Thomas Pierce b.1880
Winters, Vera Blanche b.1891
Winters, Vern b.1911
Winters, Vesta b.1910
Winters, Veva b.1910
Winters, Walter Henry b.1871
Winters, William H. b.1841
Winters, William Starkey b.1872


Wise, Elmer Lee b.1890
Wise, Margaret Eva
Wise, Ruth Anna
Wise, Vincent Randolph b.1914


Wisecup, George b.1829


Wiser, Louisa Katherine
Wiser, Margaret Ann
Wiser, Mary Susan


Wisnoski, John


Witt, Elizabeth


Wodtke, Anne Elize


Wofford, Callie B.


Wolfe, Alred Maurice b.1948
Wolfe, Donna Mae
Wolfe, Frances Kay
Wolfe, Glen Ledner b.1909
Wolfe, Jack
Wolfe, Jean Esther
Wolfe, Mary Ethel


Wolff, Jeanie
Wolff, Norman
Wolff, Warren


Wollard, Bessie P. b.1884


Wollnick, Marie b.1883


Womack, Abraham , Jr.
Womack, Art Lee
Womack, Betty b.1867
Womack, Calvin Newton b.1856
Womack, Della b.1914
Womack, Harriett Lucretia
Womack, Henry Price b.1865
Womack, Isham Rice b.1789
Womack, Isham W. b.1852
Womack, John b.1859
Womack, Joseph G. b.1853
Womack, Levi Teed b.1823
Womack, Levi Teed , Jr. b.1868
Womack, Lucy L b.1863
Womack, Mary Ann b.1850
Womack, Melvina b.1844
Womack, Nancy b.1870
Womack, Queen b.1873
Womack, Thomas d.1802
Womack, Thomas Terrell b.1848
Womack, William H. b.1846


Womak, Cealy b.1827


Wood, Carrie
Wood, Clarence D.
Wood, Female b.1885
Wood, Helen Margaret b.1903
Wood, Hila A. b.1885
Wood, Howard Edward m.1902
Wood, J. C. m.1875
Wood, James b.1882
Wood, Sidney B.
Wood, Stephen M. b.1832
Wood, Wallace A. "Wallie" d.1936


Woodruff, Irl F. b.1888
Woodruff, Wilbert O. b.1881
Woodruff, Wiley Palmer b.1858


Woods, Anna Vera b.1895
Woods, Annette Pearl b.1882
Woods, Annie
Woods, Armina C b.1873
Woods, Austin Edgar
Woods, Carl Homer b.1892
Woods, Cephas D. b.1864
Woods, Charles R. b.1872
Woods, Clyde
Woods, Dewitt C.
Woods, Dora Belle b.1870
Woods, Dysart b.1806
Woods, Elbert P. b.1875
Woods, Elizabeth b.1894
Woods, Elmer William b.1906
Woods, Emma b.1834
Woods, Emma Vernita b.1917
Woods, Finis H.
Woods, Frank Watson b.1880
Woods, George H. b.1885
Woods, InfantSon b.1907
Woods, John Riley b.1828
Woods, John Riley Jr
Woods, John Samuel Eleazer b.1847
Woods, Joseph Newton b.1852
Woods, Larry James
Woods, Letha Doris b.1894
Woods, Margaret "Kitty" Elizabeth b.1867
Woods, Margaret Ann b.1832
Woods, Martha Irene b.1862
Woods, Marvin Samuel b.1904
Woods, Mary Elizabeth
Woods, Myrtle Mallissa
Woods, Paul D.
Woods, Pearl Raymond b.1894
Woods, Rhoda Joyce Emert
Woods, Robert Samuel b.1835
Woods, Rosie
Woods, Samuel D. b.1877
Woods, Samuel L.
Woods, Samuel P.
Woods, Samuel P. b.1776
Woods, Samuel Purviance b.1809
Woods, Sarah b.1800
Woods, Sarah G.
Woods, Una
Woods, William Denton b.1888
Woods, William Harvey b.1836
Woods, William P.


Woodson, Mary m.1751


Woodward, Lloyde Edward b.1930
Woodward, Margaret Rose
Woodward, Rhonda Jayne
Woodward, Scott Parker
Woodward, Sierra
Woodward, Traci Marie


Woolard, Cynthia Lee


Woolf, Lona F.
Woolf, Male


Woolridge, Sarah Elizabeth b.1794


Woolsey, Zerilda


Worrell, Lena Geraldine
Worrell, Mr.


Worthan, Sarah b.1854


Worthen, Dennis


Wortman, Barbara Ann
Wortman, Charles Francis b.1853
Wortman, Christian Everett b.1893
Wortman, Dennis Jacob
Wortman, Dorothy
Wortman, Ellen b.1913
Wortman, Frank b.1883
Wortman, Fred b.1887
Wortman, Hardy Christian b.1859
Wortman, Helen b.1896
Wortman, Jacob b.1830
Wortman, Jacob Lawson , Dr. b.1856
Wortman, Jeanine
Wortman, John b.1851
Wortman, John
Wortman, John Jacob b.1917
Wortman, Marian b.1916
Wortman, Marie
Wortman, Nancy Ann
Wortman, Ralph Jacob b.1882
Wortman, Ruth


Wright, Anna b.1811
Wright, Female
Wright, Female b.1791
Wright, James A. m.1850
Wright, John
Wright, John C.
Wright, Jonathan Braxton
Wright, Laura Lee Ann
Wright, Mary b.1760
Wright, Mary Susan b.1848
Wright, Nancy b.1843
Wright, Raymond Braxton


Wyatt, Christina Margaret b.1842
Wyatt, Jay d.1964
Wyatt, Laura Helen
Wyatt, Sarah E. b.1840
Wyatt, William Joseph b.1813


Wycoff, Becky Jo


Wylde, Faye Marie b.1911


Wyman, Carol Rose


Wynne, Jeanne


Wynngate, Margaret


Wyprott, Lottie M. b.1892


Wyrick, Adeline Feebie b.1870
Wyrick, Solly Sarah Ann b.1865
Wyrick, Solomon C. b.1832


Yance, Cassie M. b.1855


Yancey, Alice Jane


Yanez, Avelina


Yankey, Gertrude b.1911


Yates, David b.1801
Yates, James
Yates, Jessey Delbert
Yates, Louisa b.1862
Yates, Sally


Yeager, Sally m.1835


Yearwood, William P. m.1848


Yeizman, Rafaela


Yocum, Elizabeth b.1819
Yocum, Jacob Levi b.1791
Yocum, Nancy Elizabeth


Yongue, Berneice Gertrude b.1908
Yongue, Dean Edward
Yongue, Travis "Brig" b.1914
Yongue, William "Bill" Travis
Yongue, William Alexander
Yongue, William Gerald b.1906
Yongue, William Wherter b.1875


Young, Beryl Ray b.1925
Young, Bruce b.1899
Young, Candice Lee
Young, Clarence
Young, Clyde Oden b.1909
Young, Donald
Young, Donna Louise
Young, Edna Mae b.1916
Young, Esther
Young, Geroge E. b.1903
Young, Helen
Young, John Wesley b.1861
Young, Laura Bell b.1890
Young, Marcella Ann
Young, Melanie
Young, Russell Charles b.1925
Young, Teddie Lee , Jr
Young, Teddie Lee , Sr b.1932
Young, Thomas J. b.1857
Young, Tymna Fearn
Young, William
Young, William H. m.1887


Youngblood, Julia b.1829
Youngblood, Male
Youngblood, Theodrick Birgit d.1879


Younger, Alexander
Younger, Elizabeth b.1802
Younger, Elizabeth b.1765
Younger, John G.
Younger, Thomas , Sr. b.1720


Yurek, Male


Zahm, Susan b.1963


Zander, Marty
Zander, Perston Joseph


Zantow, June Ruby b.1906


Zeigler, Ellen


Zeller, Edna b.1892


Zigrang, Charles Otto b.1886
Zigrang, Charles Warren b.1922
Zigrang, Dominic b.1839
Zigrang, Teresa M. b.1909


Zimmerman, Helen Sonora m.1924
Zimmerman, Michael


Zimmersheid, Norma "Punky"


Zion, Ollie Marcus m.1909


Zugg, Addison
Zugg, Sarah Elizabeth b.1873


Zumbrunn, Arthur A. b.1867
Zumbrunn, John S. b.1842
Zumbrunn, Lucine Benjamin b.1873
Zumbrunn, R.F. b.1879
Zumbrunn, Sentman L. b.1872


Zumwalt, Adam
Zumwalt, Elizabeth Pearl b.1884
Zumwalt, Female
Zumwalt, James Marion Judge b.1841
Zumwalt, Jesse
Zumwalt, Rebecca b.1837


Zybura, Joanne


Zytnowski, Mitchell
Zytnowski, Owne Mathew

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