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family photo collage

The Story of
Wiley Stringfellow and Nancy Youngblood
And their Descendants
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Part of the Alabama Branch of our tree,

"Bob" and "Berta" Stringfellow

of Pansy, Alabama in Rural Houston County, circa 1960

"Bob" John Robert Stringfellow

"Bertha"-Samantha Alberta Hand Stringfellow

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Part of the Georgia Branch of our tree,

Darling Stringfellow

Confederate Soldier of Marion County, Georgia

Circa 1862


Part of the Alabama Branch of our tree,

Back rows [L to R]: Jean Pate, John "Louie" Stringfellow (behind)-(holding baby Elaine?), Ouida Stringfellow Pate, possibly Evelyn Pate?, Mavis Stringfellow Bolton, Lonnie Pate, Hilda Henderson Olive, Addis Olive, Jack Henderson (behind), Grandpa "Bob" Stringfellow, Vera Stringfellow Henderson, Earl Henderson, John "Robert" Stringfellow, Jr. (behind), "Shelby" Lee Stringfellow, Avis Wilson Stringfellow, Geraldine Henderson (behind), Cousin Buddy Hand, Terry Pate, Bert Pate (hidden behind), Ed Henderson, Hattie Palmer Stringfellow, Mattie Lou Yance Stringfellow, Dez Bolton, Thomas Durward Stringfellow (age 10 mo., held by), Oliver Durward "O.D." Stringfellow, Samantha Alberta "Berta" Hand Stringfellow (better known as Mama Stringfellow)

Front row: Mary Ann Stringfellow, Annette Pate, Ann Stringfellow, Bobby Henderson, Burns Collins, John Louie "Sonny" Stringfellow, Jr., Linda Stringfellow.

Circa 1944

Grandma's House, North of Pansey, Alabama.


The history of our line of the Stringfellow family begins in a swamp in Southern South Carolina. This area is referred to as Boggy Gut in what was then Barnwell County. It has been postulated but never proven that 3 generations of Stringfellow's all ended up owning and farming land next door to each other here. These generations are: Grandfather William Stringfellow, Father Henry Stringfellow, and most likely his Son Wiley Stringfellow. We know that William had a son named Henry. We know that William and Henry lived very close to each other, and that Wiley Stringfellow received land grants right next to Henry Stringfellow. We have no proof that Wiley was the son of Henry Stringfellow who he lived next door to. In fact, we have no record of the names of Henry's children at all. We have no death date for Henry, no gravesite, no will. What we do have are a lot of theories and records of his land transactions.

If this mystery can ever be solved, we can trace back our family tree back 500-700 years. At the current time however we have to begin with With Wiley and Nancy Stringfellow. To read their story, see the next page.