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Which "SAMUEL" Strickland is which???


NOTE: Most of the following is my own research, however, some lineage information in this section was obtained from online posts by other Strickland researchers and unverified information is so marked.  Citations are included for all documents (copies) in my possession or for all abstracts found in published books. I consider all cited documents to be reliable. All unverified documents are, in my opinion, unreliable until public record is found and cited.   © 2003, Sharon Anderson, All Rights Reserved

2nd Generation
  Samuel Strickland, son of Matthew the First

3rd Generation

4th or 5th Generation
Samuel born 1788 in Sampson County, and lived/died in Johnston County, North Carolina - Who is his father?

A Samuel (who may have been born in Albamarle CO NC) , and married Mary ____; had the following children:   Stephen, Benjamin, Jeremiah, David or Davis (OR Daniel Davis ?), Samuel Jr., Uriah, Abigail, Josiah, Mary. This Samuel is the one who died about 1784 in Johnston County, North Carolina and left a will naming his children. See link to study of these children under the will section.


1720 - Samuel Strickland of Isle of Wight, Virginia - I believe this to be Samuel, son of Mathew the First (Will written in 1718, not recorded until 1720. This suggests that his death occurred in 1720.)    

1784 - Samuel Strickland of Johnston CO NC. I believe this Samuel may be the one who received a land grant in 1762, Johnston County, North Carolina, but have no idea where he lived before moving to Johnston. (Source: This will is listed as no copy, but original is in North Carolina archives in Olds, Fred A. "Abstracts of Wills in North Carolina. Oxford: Clearfield, CO., 1925, pg 498)
     - Study of the children of Samuel listed on his will

1805 - Will of Joseph Stricklin, Amherst County, Virginia, no citation. Sons: Joseph Strickland II, Samuel Stricklin and Abel Stricklen; Daughters: Nancy Stricklin Witt, Abigail Stricklin Rippetoe, and Amy Stricklin Strand.

1853 - Samuel B. Strickland deceased, will dated August 11, 1853 and recorded in Johnston County, North Carolina. Heirs: Son Josiah, Daughters: Polly Oliver, Elizabeth Strickland, Zilpha Phillips, and Edith Massey

1859 - Samuel Strickland Will of 1859, Johnston County, North Carolina, Will Book 1, pg 730. (Source: Olds, Fred A. "Abstracts of Wills in North Carolina. Oxford: Clearfield, CO., 1925, pg 498)



Census --- Samuel Strickland (Stricklin) on Census from late 1700s to 1870



Revolutionary War - STRICKLAND, Samuel, Private, NC Militia, List of Sampson-Duplin Revolutionary War Soldiers - From the Book, "Revolutionary War Records of Duplin-Sampson Counties", by Virginia and Oscar Bizzell c1997. (Allied surnames from the Isle of Wight days listed are:     BOON (Boone), Railiff, Private, NC Militia; BOYKIN, John, Private, NC Militia, Infantry & Calvary; BROWN, Charles, Private, NC Militia; BROWN, Charles, Private, NC Militia (also Arhtur Sr., Edward, Jacob & Jesse BROWN); GODWIN, Jacob (& James, Richard & Thomas), Private, NC Militia; MASSEY. Joseph, Private, 1st NC Continental Line; MERRITT, John (and Daniel, Jacob, Nathanial, & Robert), Private, NC Militia;

War of 1812 - Samuel Strickland, 1 REG'T CAVALRY (HETH'S), VIRGINIA MILITIA, Private, Roll Box 201, Roll Exact 602

War of 1812
- Samuel Strickland, 1 REG'T (METCALFE'S) W. TENNESSEE MILITIA, Private, Roll box 201, Roll Exact 602

U.S. House of Represenatatives Private Claims, Vol 3: (On - not dated) Samuel Strickland,
his heirs applied for a pension, the request was referred to Rev. Pensions committee


1699 --- August 4, 1699, Isle of Wight, VA, Deed Book 1, pg 302-303:
Matthew and William Strickland
divide land of their father with their brothers, including Samuel, and sell another 150 acres to Arthur Whitehead at George Pierce's line as attested by John Giles, John Chapman and Andrew Woodley. (See transcription of this deed)

1705 - (Mentioned) --On September 1, 1705 in Bertie Co. N.C. William and Olive of lower parish sold Arthur Whitehead Sr. 10,000 pounds of tobacco in cask 60 acres on White Oak Branch adjoining Samuel Strickland, Valley Branch and Horse Swamp (from 1803 acres patented by my father Matthew Strickland on April 20, 1680). Witnesses: Charles Durham, William Whitley (Deed Book 2 1704-1715, pp. 46-47). (Note: This is from internet and is questionable as to place of recording. The land was in Isle of Wight, Virginia, and other internet references attributed to Bertie CO NC were actually recorded in Isle of Wight VA)

1741 - Bertie County, North Carolina, November 1741 Court (no other citation);
September 15, 1741, John TYNER (or TINER) to Samuel Strickland, for 20 Pounds, 150 acres on the south side of Kerby's Creek, part of patent to Thomas Maden dated April 1, 1723. November Court, 1741. Witness: J. Dew and Carolua Anderson (Additionally, some have reported there is a Bertie County record, Deed Book not numbered, page 333, dated August 11, 1741, stating a deed of sale from John TYNER to Samuel Strickland, acknowledged and read.)

1750, Johnston County, North Carolina: April 7, 1750,, North Carolina Colonial Land Patents: Vol 4, p 1059, Samuel Strickland application for grant; then on April 2, 1751, at Vol 4, pg 1244, Sanuel Strickland granted 200 acres in Johnston County, North Carolina

1762 - Land Patent of Johnston County, North Carolina, October 22, 1762: Samuel Strickland receives 300 acres in Johnston County on south side of Mill Creek, adjoining John Bud, the Miery Branch, and Aebula Cook. Source; Colony of North Carolina 1735-1764, Abstracts of Land Patents, Vol 1, by Margaret M. Hofman, 1982 (Roanoke News Co., Weldon NC, Publishers

1766 - Johnston CO NC, DB E-1, pg 62;
Samuel Strickland (his mark) to John TYNER in consideration of 2 pounds, 5 Shillings, being part of a grant to Samuel Strickland on October 30, 1765, land on the north side of the Neuse RIver. Jesse TYNER, witness.

1779 - Johnston CO NC, DB 1, pg 264, May 31, 1779:
John TYNER or Johnston County, planter, to William DAVIS in consideration of 10 pounds, a tract granted to Samuel Strickling on October 20, 1765, on the north side of the Neuse River, between John Whitley and Joseph Sims, on south side of Bawdy Swamp, adjacent to Thomas Chambers. Signed by mark. Witnesses: John Whitley, Davis Strickling.

1796 - Sampson CO NC DB 10, 196:
16 Feb. 1796, Nathan GODWIN sold to Samuel STRICKLAND land on the Cohara granted to NG in 1794; wit. John Holly and William GODWIN. The land was 200 acres between head of Little Cohara & Great Cypress Pond beginning in a fork of Camp Branch.
(Contributed by Bill Lindsey who is searching for Anna Strickland who married Nathan Godwin. See queries page to contact Bill.)


November 30, 1790 - Samuel Strickland married Sarah Hocutt, in Johnston County, North Carolina. Bondsman: Rich Applewhite Witness; R. Sanders Bond #: 000069985 (, "North Carolina Marriages Bonds 1741 - to 1868")

August 3, 1797 -  Samuel Stricklin married Jesse Dunbar, Fairfax County, Virginia (, "Virginia Marriages to 1825")

August 25, 1803 - Samuel Strickland married Sally Thompson in Johnston County, North Carolina Bondsman: John Herring     Witness: E Sanders    Bond #: 000069990    (, "North Carolina Marriages Bonds 1741 - to 1868")

March 25, 1821 - Samuel Strickland married Deliah Pope in Johnston County, North Carolina    Bondsman: Henry Jordan   Witness: D Thomson    Bond #: 000069986    (, "North Carolina Marriage Bonds 1741 - to 1868")

July 18, 1835 - Samuel Strickland married Susan Stanly in Johnston County, North Carolina.
Bondsman: Elijah Baker;   Witness: Thos Rice;    Bond #: 000069987 (, "North Carolina Marriage Bonds 1741 - to 1868")

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