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  89. Will Book, Will Book 5, Page 67-68. Will of Nathaniel Robertson Signed 2-June-1885 Probated September Term 1893 Transcribed and Contributed by Jim Price © 2005 Source: Sumner County Tennessee, Will Book Vol. 5, pages 67 - 68 page 67 I, Nathaniel Robertson do make and publish this as my last Will and testament hereby revoking and making void all others made by me at any time. First - I direct that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid out of any money I may die possessed of or may first come into the hands of my executor. Second - I will and bequeath to my wife Susan during her natural life or widowhood, fifty two acres of land on which my dwelling house stands and all the improvements belonging to it, and bounded as follows by survey, Beginning at a Stake in S. T. Lovings line thence S. 87 degrees E. 136 poles to a stake, thence N 4degrees E. 65 poles to a stake in Wylie's line, thence N. 87degrees E. 133&1/2 poles to a persimmon tree, thence S. 4degrees W. 58 poles to the beginning. In addition I give to her all my Kitchen furniture, the clock, one bed stead, six chairs and the wagon, one sorrel mare and colt 16 years old, two cows and stock hogs sufficient to do her, the sewing machine water vessels, together with all the property she brought here with her. Third - I give all my property not before disposed of to my children equally and I direct that my executor sell all of said property both real and personal for division. And I direct my executor to pay my two grand daughters Nannie Robertson and Kate Harris the part their father would get if still living. Fourth - I direct that my executor hold in trust the parts, C. M. Robertson and E. T. Robertson will get from my estate for the benefit of their children. Fifth - I direct that when my executor sells the fifty two acres heretofore devised to my wife Susan during her life at her death he shall forever reserve one half acre for a family burying ground, and when he sells the remainder of my land he shall reserve a road 14ft. wide from my house to the draw-bars on the Canoe Branch road. And I further direct my executor to reserve a road 5 ft. wide from my home to my gate near Wylie's corner in James Robertson's line. I hereby nominate and appoint J. O. Robertson my executor. In witness whereof I have hereunto to this my will set my hand on this 2nd day of June 1885. [pg 68] his Nathaniel X Robertson mark Attest, G. W. O. Griffin Signed and published in our presence of the testator. G. W. O. Griffin State of Tennessee Sumner County Court September Term Sept. 23th 1893 A paper writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Nathaniel Robertson deceased was this day produced in open Court for probate, which is duly proven by the oath of G. W. O. Griffin the only subscribing witness thereto. And it appearing that said Will devises both real and personal property and is not written by the testator and witnessed by only one witness and hence insufficient to convey real estate, but is good as to the devise of the personal property, the same is admitted to probate as the Will of said Nathaniel Robertson deceased in so far as it devises personalty but not otherwise and as such ordered recorded. A true copy Harris Brown Clk.
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  92. Nathan Knight, web page located at the On 29 October 1873 when Nathaniel was 65, he second married Susannah "Susan" C. Stoval, daughter of William Turner Stoval & Elizabeth "Betsy" Tatum Rickman. Susannah "Susan" C. was born on 3 January 1835 in Sumner County, Tennessee. Susannah "Susan" C. was 83 when she died in Hartsville, Trousdale County, Tennessee on 12 August 1918. She is designated as "Mrs. Susan Robertson widow of Nathaniel Robertson deceased" in a division of his estate of record in 1893.
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