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I am fascinated with the study of genealogy through genetic DNA testing and have become interested in learning more about it. The use of DNA testing has recently become very popular in helping family genealogists to learn about there "deep ancestry" (origins) and to aide in getting past "brick walls" in there own genealogy research.

There are now several testing labs which conduct DNA testing specifically for aiding genealogical research. Among those are Family Tree DNA and Relative Genetics, which will conduct the tests and assist individuals in managing family DNA projects.

The tests seem fairly simple, requiring only swabbing the inside of an individuals mouth and sending in the specimen for testing, cataloging and returning results back to the participant. Tests vary by "resolution" which determine the level of accuracy and detail that the results provide. The tests cost from $99.00 for the lowest resolution (12 marker) test and go up from there depending on the resolution level (25, 37 or 43 marker). While the cost may be somewhat prohibitive for some, the potential payoff in research "breakthoughs" could be significant, depending on the individuals goals or desires. Since most people are also concerned about privacy and confidentiality of test results, the reputable companies seem to go to great lengths in following appropriate safeguards, to ensure the protection of personal information.

I am interested enough in this new technological advancement in genealogical research, that I would consider not only taking the test but also volunteering to be the project leader for a Streiff DNA Project. Most of the testing for surname lineage involve testing the Y chromosome which is only in males. This can determine whether different males with the same surname are likely to share a common ancestors or not. As such, testing is more informative when done by several males with the same surname.

If you are a male with the Streiff surname and are interested in this form of family ancestry research, I would encourage you to do your own research into the subject and let me know if you would be interested in participating in such a project. I will probably not do the testing myself unless there is enough interest from others. Also, testing fees are usually provided at a discount rate if it is done as part of a project being managed by the testing lab. Please let me know your thoughts or questions about this. I look forward to hearing from you. My email address is pjstreiff @

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