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Schedule for Future Board of Directors Meetings


§  28 September 2013—Salt Lake City, Utah


About the Streeter Family Association


The Streeter Family Association is an international non-profit organization for anyone who descends from any Streeter family. William W. Streeter of Northampton, Massachusetts, USA founded the association in 1984.  Association dues include a subscription to the Streeter Genealogical Newsletter.  The association is in the process of compiling and publishing genealogies on all Streeter immigrants (see below) to America, their English ancestors, and all of their known descendants.


§  Streeter Genealogical Newsletter in the Family History Library Catalog


The Streeter Family Association Constitution and Bylaws

As Amended on 27 July 2002


OBJECT.  The object of this association shall be to promote among the members of the association a mutual interest in the surname from the time of its origins up to the present, with a view to obtain items of interest in connection with the surname and to furnish, provide, and classify such facts pertaining to the surname and its history as will be of interest in genealogical investigations.


MEMBERS.  Any person being a descendant of any Streeter family shall be entitled to membership, as will all persons with the surname Streeter, including spelling variations of that name, and friends of those families, by payment of the annual membership fee… dues shall be paid annually, and shall be due in the anniversary month of first payment.


A full copy of the association’s Constitution and Bylaws are available upon request from the Secretary of the Streeter Family Association. A small fee may be required to cover photocopying and postage expenses.


English Streeter Emigrants


The majority of North American Streeters descend from Stephen and Ursula (Adams) Streeter of colonial Massachusetts.  However, there have been other Streeter immigrants to North America over the centuries.  Thomas Streeter (1753–1831) of Dunnings Farm, East Grinstead, Sussex, England came to Steuben County, New York from London in 1794. William and Mary (Payne) Streeter also came to New York State from East Grinstead, Sussex; William was a nephew of Thomas Streeter.  Other English Streeter emigrants include:


§  Abel Streeter of Buxted, Sussex & Pennsylvania, USA

§  Dr. Charles Streeter of London, England & Pennsylvania and Texas, USA

§  Edward Streeter of England & Boston, Massachusetts, USA

§  Edward Streeter of England & Virginia and the Carolinas, USA

§  George Streeter of Shipley, Sussex, England & Elmira, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

§  Henry Streeter of England & Lancaster, Erie County, New York, USA

§  James Streeter of Hunton, Kent, England & New Zealand

§  Jarvis Streeter of Kent, England & New York, USA

§  John Charles Streeter of England & North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada

§  Joseph Streeter of England & Colden, Erie County, New York, USA

§  Robert Streater of West Hoathly, Sussex & New Zealand

§  Thomas Streeter of London, England & Barbados


STREETER Surname DNA Project


Although several members of The Streeter Family Association are participating in this project, the association does not officially sponsor it and membership in the association is not required to participate.  For more information, please click on the link below: is the official Internet mailing list of The Streeter Family Association. Although membership in the association is not required to participate in, we hope that you will consider joining as another opportunity to learn more about your Streeter ancestors and kin.  For assistance, please click on the link below:


Streeter Surname Links


§  Streeter Resources at RootsWeb

§  Streeter Message Board at RootsWeb

§  Streeter Family Genealogy Forum


Streeter Family Links


§  A genealogical history of the descendants of Stephen and Ursula Streeter of Gloucester, Mass., 1642, afterwards of Charlestown, Mass., 1644–1652: with an account of the Streeters of Goudherst, Kent, England by Milford B. Streeter (1896).

§  Streeter Immigrants of Greene and Steuben Counties [New York]: The Common Origins of Elizabeth (Streeter) Faulkner, Thomas Streeter, and William Streeter, at Dunnings Farm, East Grinstead, Sussex, England” by Perry Streeter (The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, January and April 2011).

This article and the following links contain thousands of additions and corrections to the Genealogy of William and Mary Streeter and Their Descendants by Arthur L. Streeter (1959).

o   Streeter WorldConnect Database at

o   Customized Google Map of Dunnings Farm, East Grinstead, Sussex, England


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§  Perry Streeter:  Ancestors & Kin




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