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y-Chromosome DNA STREETER Surname Project


Project launched 19 May 2003 < Page created 25 May 2003 < Page updated 22 July 2009


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Origins of the STREETER Surname and Common Spelling Variants


The name, STREETER, is of English origin and designates one who lives near an ancient roman road or on the main street of a village; it is almost exclusively unique to Sussex.  It is a variation of STREET, which comes from the Old English stroet for roman road which comes from the Latin strata, from the past participle of sternere, to strew, cover, surface.  Other variations include STRETE, STREETE, STREETS, STREATER, and STREAT (Patricia Hanks and Flavia Hodges, A Dictionary of Surnames, [Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1988]).  For more details, please see an excerpt from my documentation, The Origin of the Streeter Name in Sussex.


Thus, with few exceptions, all STREETERs can trace their origins to Anglo-Saxon or Norman forebears in Southeast England.  However, multiple English STREETER families may have adopted STREETER as their surname so not all STREETERs are related.  Exceptions include STREETERs whose ancestors adopted the surname as an Anglicization of a non-English synonym surname such as the German surname, Streider.


In the United States, there are also STREETER families of primarily African ancestry who acquired the STREETER surname during slave-holding times.  Participation in this project would permit these families to establish connections with each other as well as prove or refute any speculation that they may have regarding the genetic paternity of slave ancestors.


In any case, all male STREETERs, regardless of race or ethnicity, are welcome and encouraged to participate.  Female STREETERs do not inherit a y-Chromosome from their fathers so they are not eligible to participate.


Project Background


The STREETER surname project was launched on 19 May 2003 by Perry Streeter.  I am the President and a Life Member of The STREETER Family Association and the Listowner of  I encourage STREETER descendants worldwide to participate in both of these valuable groups.  However, participation in the y-Chromosome DNA STREETER Surname Project is not dependent on participation in the association or the surname list.


Geneticists can now study the DNA of males bearing the STREETER surname to determine whether or not they are related and approximate their degree of kinship.  For an excellent explanation of this process, please see DNA 101 at the BLAIR DNA Project.


Specifically, for genealogists, if you match another person exactly you have a 99.9% likelihood of sharing a common ancestor with that person.  This individual is described scientifically as the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA).


Explained another way, if you match exactly on all of the markers except for one or a few of the markers we have determined mutate more quickly, then despite the mutation this mismatch only slightly decreases the probability of two people in your surname group who match 11/12 or even 23/25 of not sharing a recent common ancestor.


— Family Tree DNA


Using an ethical and competent testing company, Family Tree DNA, we are creating a STREETER DNA database.  To address any concerns that you may have about privacy, please click here.  To collect a DNA sample, a simple, painless cheek-scraping test is used instead of a blood test; the instructions are easy to follow.


I offer one caveat—DNA testing can also reveal secret adoption or maternal infidelity anywhere in a lineage, so any STREETER male testing his DNA should be prepared for the statistical possibility that he may not be a STREETER, genetically speaking.


Project Objectives



§  Henry Streeter of Maresfield, Sussex, England

§  Jarvis Streeter of Kent, England and New York, USA

§  Robert Streater of West Hoathly, Sussex, England and New Zealand

§  Stephen Streeter of East Farleigh, Hunton, Kent, England

§  Stephen Streeter of [Goudherst,] Kent, England & Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA

§  Thomas Streeter of East Grinstead, Sussex, England & Steuben County, New York, USA

§  Thomas Streeter of Wisborough Green, Sussex, England

§  William Streeter of East Grinstead, Sussex, England & Greene County, New York, USA



§  Abel STREETER of Buxted, Sussex & Pennsylvania, USA

§  Dr. Charles STREETER of London, England & Pennsylvania and Texas, USA

§  Edward STREETER of England & Boston, Massachusetts, USA

§  Edward STREETER of England & Virginia and the Carolinas, USA

§  George STREETER of Shipley, Sussex, England & Elmira, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

§  Henry STREETER of England & Lancaster, Erie County, New York, USA

§  James STREETER of Hunton, Kent, England & New Zealand

§  John Charles Streeter of England & North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada

§  Joseph STREETER of England & Colden, Erie County, New York, USA

§  Thomas STREETER of London, England & Barbados

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Project Results


As of 23 August 2007…










How to Participate in the Project


If you are direct line male STREETER descendant and would like to have your DNA tested for matches with others, simply click on the following link to get started…


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As a project participant, you will be eligible for a discounted test prices.  There is also a small fee for shipping & handling and return postage.  Also, you can start with a 12-marker test and later upgrade to a test with more markers if desired.