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Blake, Stan
Cannell, Anthoney
Cannell, Jonathan
Cannell, Rebecca
Cuevas, Antonio
Cuevas, Christian
Cuevas, Daniel
Cuevas, Lucas
Fairey, Jack
Fairey, James
Fairey, Louise
Fairey, Simon
Money, Enid Mary
Penny, Mabel Florence
Reavil, Alfred
Reavil, Laurence
Reavil, Peter
Stollery, Alan
Stollery, Anne
Stollery, Constance
Stollery, Eric T. (1914-1997)
Stollery, Gertrude (b. 1876)
Stollery, Harry
Stollery, Henry (b. cir1850)
Stollery, Henry (b. 1873)
Stollery, Jane
Stollery, Jean A.
Stollery, Madge
Stollery, Nellie (b. 1889)
Stollery, Olive
Stollery, Pam (1941-BEF1983)
Stollery, Roy T.
Stollery, Ruth
Stollery, Sidney (b. 1880)
Stollery, Stanley (1886-1959)
Stollery, Thomas Frank (1896-1981)
Stollery, Vera
Stollery, Wallace (b. 1882)
Stollery, Yvonne
Todd, Alfred
Whitlock, Charles
Whitlock, Ian
Whitlock, Kenneth
_____, Bertha (1915-1986)
_____, Blanche
_____, Elizabeth (b. cir1856)
_____, Margery
_____, Mary
_____, _____