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When searching the SSDI, omit the final 'c' in Stojsavljevic. Apparently, the Social Security database only retains the first 12 letters of a name.
Last time I checked, the only World Connect info related to the Stojsavljevic surname was submitted by one person.(me!) If you have a tree, why not submit it to World connect?
Ellis Island To those unfamiliar, figuring out a handwritten version of Stojsavljevic isn't always easy. So as you might guess, there are a lot of transcription errors. I've found records on the Ellis Island site under the following versions in addition to STOJSAVLJEVIC: stojsav, stojsavgevic, stojsavlevic, stojsa...vic, stojsavljuic, stoisavljevic, stojsavlievic. In many cases, the name on the manifest can be relatively easily read as "stojsavljevic". While a search of this site for STojsavljevic will only produce SSDI results, this site provides access to the catalog of Microfilms which are viewable at LDS Family History Centers. One of special interest to those researching the Stojsavljevic Surname is the "Serbian Orthodox Church registers of births, marriages and deaths for Velika Popina, Hungary, now Velika Popina,Hrvatska, Yugoslavia." (1830-1831)(FHL INTL Film 1536633 Item 8)
If anyone has had a chance to transcribe Stojsavljevic entries from this film, I'd love to post them here!

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