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Terminology and Language
This page will be dedicated to diplaying information (and links to information) which might help clarify searches for genealogical information related to the Stojsavljevic family. If you know of a site which you feel might be pertinent, or if you have some information which might be useful, send it to me at the address below and I'll include it on this page. Examples might include, translations of terms, explanations of religious terms, a timeline of civil administration, or ... whatever you think might be important!

slava: (noun) the feast day of the family's patron saint, passed down from father to son since the family's conversion to christianity. When marrying, women take the slava of their husband's family. In other Eastern Orthodox Christian churches, people take a personal saint day. Only in the Serbian Orthodox Church is their a family saint, passed down through the generations. Many of the STOJSAVLJEVICs honor the slava of Saint Archangel Michael (November 21st by the Gregorian Calendar).
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kum: (noun)
(masc: kum "KOOM", fem: Kuma"KOOM-ah", pl: Kumovi "KOOM-oh-vee")
the godparent at a christening or at a wedding (parallelling the best man at an American wedding. An important difference is that the person is considered related under church rules, to the point that kumovi may not marry each other. Your Kum's family (children, parents, etc.) are also kumovi.
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