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Church Records of St. Lawrence County, NY
Gouverneur Methodist Church
Record of Marriages 1927 - 1928
Name of the Groom Residence of the Groom Age Birthplace of Groom Name and place of birth of groom's Father Name and place of birth of groom's Mother Name of Bride Residence of Bride Age Birthplace of Bride Name and birthplace of Bride's Father Name and birthplace of Bride's Mother Date of Marriage Place of Marriage Witnesses Remarks
Harvey Lemuel Gleason Gouverneur, NY 28 East Pitcairn, NY Charles L. Gleason, East Pitcairn, NY Mary J. Hubbard, Pitcairn, NY Dorothy Lucile Fredenburg Gouverneur, NY 24 Gouverneur, NY Judd M. Fredenburg, Gouverneur, NY Alberta Thayer, Hermon, NY May 24, 1927 Gouverneur, NY Donald Fredenburg, Mrs Frances Tooley Groom is a Book Keeper, Bride is a Nurse
Joseph O. Walter Corning, NY 23 Corning, NY Nelson K. Walter, US Hattie Gorton, US Bernice G. Foster Corning, NY 21 Corning, NY Lewis Foster, US Mattie Hosmer, US Jun 20, 1927 Gouverneur, NY Hazel C. Beach, Henry Ketchum Groom is a Musician, Bride is a Billing Clerk
Nelson Theodore Hutchinson Oswego, NY 23 Clifford, NY Ernest Hutchinson, US ? Holden, US Catherine Veda Williams Oswego, NY 23 Oswego, NY David L. Williams, England ? Winters, Canada Jul 3, 1927 Gouverneur, NY Mr and Mrs J. H. Woods 2nd marriage for Groom who is a Laborer, Bride is a Clerk
Roy Gordon Walrath Hermon, NY 21 Edwards, NY William Walrath, USA Lucy Gordon, USA Mildred Mae Kio Canton, NY 22 Clare, NY Charles Kio, USA Joe Anne Fountain, Canada Jul 4, 1927 Gouverneur, NY Hazel C. Beach, Mina Fredenburg Groom is a Farmer, Bride does housework
Wesson H. Cobb Auburn, NY 78 Dekalb, NY Amos Cobb, Dekalb, NY Sarah Stiles, USA Ella J. Holland Gouverneur, NY 67 Dekalb, NY Gilbert Merithew, Town of Dekalb, NY Anna Cobb, Town of Dekalb, NY Jul 7, 1927 Gouverneur, NY Mrs Helen Gardner, Delia Holland Groom is a Mason, Bride is a housewife; 2nd marriage for both
Leslie Hall Edwards, NY 28 Edwards, NY Silas Hall, USA Ellen McKane, USA Leona Cole Pitcairn, NY 20 Pitcairn, NY Zuer Cole, USA Hela Chatman, USA Jul 9, 1927 Gouverneur, NY Marvin Hall, Myrtle Whitford Groom is an electrician, Bride does housework
Leslie G. Martin Beaver Fall, NY 23 Town of Croghan Victor Martin, USA Lena Lawton, USA Esther E. Herzig Beaver Falls, NY 25 Town of Croghan Fred Herzig, Switzerland Anna Ulrich, USA Jul 19, 1927 Gouverneur, NY Hazel C. Beach Groom is a Millwright, Bride does housework
Roscoe Conklin Richville, NY 42 Dekalb, NY Grafton Conklin, Brownville, NY Isabelle McQueda, Canada Carrie Bowman Richville, NY 18 Canada Wesley Bowman, Canada May Beckstead, ? Jul 30, 1927 Gouverneur, NY Ellabelle Conklin 2nd marriage for Groom who is a Farmer, Bride is a Housekeeper
Harold E. O'Donnel Reynoldsville, PA 30 Camp Run, PA Charles G. O'Donnel, Fuller, PA Mary E. Hice, Winslow Twp, PA Edytha Elizabeth Simmons Gouverneur, NY 21 Richville, NY Joseph Simmons, Gouverneur, NY Mary Henderson, Hermon, NY Sep 3, 1927 Gouverneur, NY Floyd McIntyre, Irma McIntyre Groom is a Brick Layer
Ivan E. Burlingame Gouverneur, NY 24 Gouverneur, NY Nate Burlingame, Norwood, NY Rose Brozzo, Gouverneur, NY Mabel W. Frawley Gouverneur, NY 19 Gouverneur, NY Matthew Frawley, Town of Fowler, NY Gertrude Loucks, Gouverneur, NY Sep 10, 1927 Gouverneur, NY Harry Streeter, Vera M. Link Groom is a Railroad Employee, Bride does Housework
Jasper C. Wickline Clifton Forge, VA 22 Erie, PA Z. Jasper Wickline, VA Elizabeth Ward, PA Geneva May Bulger Gouverneur, NY 19 Gouverneur, NY Luman Bulger, Rossie, NY Bessie Shampine, Gouverneur, NY Sep 28, 1927 Gouverneur, NY Luman Bulger Jr., Helen M. Bulger Groom is a Tailor
Herman Town Gouverneur, NY 21 Russell, NY John Town, Russell, NY Nora Town, Russell, NY Ella Apple Gouverneur, NY 17 Gouverneur, NY Hiram Apple, Rossie, NY Sarah Carman, Antwerp, NY Sep 29, 1927 Gouverneur, NY Hazel C. Beach Groom does Labor, Bride does Housework
John J. Absalom Fowler, NY 22 Fowler, NY Seymour Absalom, USA Mary Bigarel, USA Irene M. Hitchman Fowler, NY 18 Macomb, NY John Hitchman, USA Ida Dodds, USA Oct 7, 1927 Gouverneur, NY Hazel C. Beach Groom is a Farmer
John K. Mills Macomb, NY 61 Macomb, NY William Mills, NY State Susan Starks, NY State Edith J. McEachern Macomb, NY 32 Canada William McEachern, Canada Almeretta Carr, Canada Oct 9, 1927 Gouverneur, NY Hazel C. Beach 2nd marriage for both, Groom is a Laborer, Bride does housework
Reuben H. Taylor Gouverneur, NY 25 Fowler, NY Henry Taylor, Gouverneur, NY Minnie Williams, Macomb, NY Beatrice Leeson Gouverneur, NY 20 Hailesboro, NY George Leeson, ND Josephine Bennett, Fullerville, NY Oct 29, 1927 Gouverneur, NY Hazel C. Beach Groom does Farming
Daniel Robert Van Sant Edwards, NY 23 Russell, NY Frank Van Sant, USA Harriette Dawley, USA Ida Belle French Edwards, NY 18 Pitcairn, NY Dillman French, USA Lettie Wright, USA Dec 3, 1927 Gouverneur, NY Herbert Van Sant, Mora Patterson Groom does Labor, Bride does Housework
Floyd Bresett Gouverneur, NY 29 Town of Dekalb, NY Edgar Presett, USA Bell Powell, USA Pauline Teall Antwerp, NY 17 Antwerp, NY Lester Teall, USA Iva Du Lack, USA Dec 21, 1927 Gouverneur, NY Mr and Mrs Kenneth W. LaClair Groom is a Laborer, Bride is a Domestic
John Enoch Rutzler New Rochelle, NY 22 Brooklyn, NY John Emil Rutzler, Brooklyn, NY Lillian M. Lupton, Jersey City, NY Muriel May Enos Gouverneur, NY 22 Gouverneur, NY Adelbert Enos, Oswego, NY May Libbie Dewey, Rodman, NY Dec 28, 1927 Gouverneur, NY Mrs C. A. Webb Jr., Henry L. Rutzler Groom is a Student, Bride is a Nurse
Milton G. Adams Fowler, NY 21 Fowler, NY George Adams, USA Nettie Lansing, USA Luella F. Peck Fowler, NY 16 Macomb, NY John Peck, USA Gertrude Lake, USA Dec 31, 1927 Gouverneur, NY Mrs Marilla Adams, Mrs Gertude Peck Groom is a Miner, Bride is at home
Burt Traver Donaldson Fowler, NY 24 Gouverneur, NY William Donaldson, Canada Nettie Traver, USA Rosamond Mae McIntosh Fowler, NY 17 Fowler, NY Alfred McIntosh, USA Sadie Race, USA Feb 6, 1928 Gouverneur, NY Alice E. Tuttle, Fred B. Tuttle Groom is a Farmer, Bride is at home
Daniel C. Robinson Edwards, NY 57 Edwards, NY William Robinson, USA Margaret Whitehead, USA Nettie Guiles Harrisville, NY 50 Harrisville, NY Warren Miller, USA Alphoronia Laquier, USA Feb 16, 1928 Gouverneur, NY John Miller, Irma L. Sims 2nd marriage for Bride, Groom is a Laborer, Bride is a Housekeeper
Ceylon Congdon Canton, NY 21 Russell, NY Edson Congdon, North Russell, NY Lena Gray, Dekalb, NY Vera Stowell
19 Edwards, NY Elias Stowell, Town of Fowler, NY Florence Clark, De Peyster, NY Feb 29, 1928 Gouverneur, NY Hazel C. Beach Groom and Bride are Farmers, Groom DOB Aug 4, 1906, Bride DOB Jan 24, 1909
Harold Angus Hayden Richville, NY 24 Gouverneur, NY David Hayden, USA Emma Fields, USA Nettie Leonard Richville, NY 23 Fowler, NY Claud Leonard, USA Millie Cole, USA Mar 24, 1928 Gouverneur, NY Mr and Mrs Floyd Bresett Groom does Farming, Bride is at home
Harold Nelson Clark Gouverneur, NY 22 Gouverneur, NY Silas Clark, Taleville, NY Adelia La Duke, Canada Gladys Carolyn Bacon Gouverneur, NY 23 Philadelphia, NY Fred Bacon, Rose, NY Grace Ashley, Philadelphia, NY Apr 18, 1928 Gouverneur, NY Jessie Bryan, Floyd Fenton Groom does Quarrying, Bride is a Stenographer, Groom DOB Oct 21, 1905, Bride DOB Jan 1, 1905
Vern Thornhill Rensselaer Falls, NY 18 Depeyster, NY Floyd Thornhill, USA Blanch Dodds, USA Mildred McIntyre Canton, NY 18 Ogdensburg, NY William McIntyre, USA Ida Barnhart, Canada May 7, 1928 Gouverneur, NY John Goodison, Edith McIntyre Groom is a Farmer, Bride is a Housewife
Harley Francis Young Hammond, NY 20 Rossie, NY George Francis Young, Hammond, NY Mary Elizabeth Peters, Rossie, NY Evelyn Powers Gouverneur, NY 19 Clare, NY D. Eston Charles Powers, Fine, NY Lillian May Johnson, Fine, NY May 23, 1928 Gouverneur, NY Glen Powers, Mamie Powers Groom is a Laborer, Bride does Housework
Newell Verne Mayne Antwerp, NY 31 Depeyster, NY Thomas Mayne, Lisbon, NY Nellie Turner, Depeyster, NY Mary Ellen Sullivan Antwerp, NY 19 Fowler, NY Robert Sullivan, Edwards, NY Blanche Campbell, Fullerville, NY Jun 20, 1928 Gouverneur, NY Leon Fullington, Leta M. Sullivan Groom does Farming, Bride is a Domestic
Carl A. Dake Morristown, NY 37 Morristown, NY William A. Dake, Hammond, NY Emma Jane Waite, Cleveland, Ohio Muriel Vennetta Bulger Gouverneur, NY 19 Gouverneur, NY Merrill Andrew Bulger, Rossie, NY Virginia Margaret Champine, Gouverneur, NY Jun 27, 1928 Gouverneur, NY Merrill Bulger, Areloine Bulger Witnesses are siblings of Bride, Groom does Farming
Chauncey Monroe Dailey Watertown, NY 30 Gouverneur, NY Fred A. Dailey, Gouverneur, NY Eunice Owens, Hawley, PA Helen Maria Smith Gouverneur, NY 35 Philadelphia, NY Fred H. Smith, Philadelphia, NY Jennie E. Schofield, Philadelphia, NY Jul 21, 1928 Gouverneur, NY Mrs S. W. Close 2nd marriage for Groom who does Advertising, Bride is an Advertising Asst.
Alva A. Conkey Theresa, NY 28 Redwood, NY Joseph Conkey, NY State Ella Oviatt, Brier Hill, NY Edna B. Force Gouverneur, NY 18 Gouverneur, NY Carl W. Force, Town of Rossie, NY Margaret Park, Greig, NY Jul 28, 1928 Gouverneur, NY Mr and Mrs W. A. Storie Groom is a Laborer, Bride is a Paper Mill Employee

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