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Church Records of St. Lawrence County, NY
Gouverneur Methodist Church
Record of Baptisms 1920 - 1924
Date of BaptismName of SubjectAdult or Infant Names of ParentsPlace and date of Birth Place of Baptism/Remarks
July 18, 1920Elizabeth Jane HarrisInfantGilbert and Anna Watertown-July 18, 1920Church
July 25, 1920Paul Henry HalfordInfantThomas and Pauline Hailesboro-June 16, 1920Hailesboro Church
July 25, 1920Robert Ward HalfordInfantThomas and Pauline Hailesboro-April 12, 1919Hailesboro Church
Sept. 4, 1920Sarah Elizabeth WhiteInfantBertha and Barton Carmell, Maine, April 6, 1916Waddington, N. Y. Church
Oct. 3, 1920Maude Wava LortieInfantManson and Rose Black River, N. Y. July 24, 1920Church
June 13, 1920Leo Milfred HazeltonInfantFloyd and Pearl Hailesboro, April 25, 1920Hailesboro Church
Nov. 7, 1920Thelma Henderson Adult

March 22, 1921Dorothy Louise PhillipsInfantMerlin and Ruth Carthage, N.Y.-March 30, 1918E. Phillips-Grove St.
March 22, 1921Marguerite Bethany PhillipsInfantMerlin and Ruth Watertown-Nov. 21, 1920E. Phillips-Grove St.h
March 26, 1921Charles Lyn StowellInfantCharles and Ella Gouverneur-July 26, 1919Parsonage
March 27, 1921Geraldine Alice GardnerInfantHarold and Nellie May 31, 1920Church
April 10, 1921Leland Gerald LuenbergerInfantGeorge and Hera
April 10, 1921Nellie E. GardnerAdult

April 10, 1921William H. GardnerAdult

March 27, 1921Gladys Kareta MontrevilleInfantThomas and Merle Gouverneur-March 26, 1910Church
March 27, 1921Donald Thos. MontrevilleInfantThomas and Merle Gouverneur-Dec. 23, 1911Church
March 21, 1921Maxie Milbon MontrevilleInfantThomas and Merle Massena Springs-Jan. 30, 1918Church
March 7, 1921Mrs. Mollie M. PowersAdult

March 7, 1921Gordon William GriffithInfantDorrance and Catherine Gouverneur-April 24, 1920Church
April 16, 1922Winifred Mae BignessAdult

April 16, 1922Jennie Eileen PowellAdult

April 16, 1922Lovina Elizabeth BignessAdult
April 16, 1922Esme Luella LambAdult

April 16, 1922Everett Morrison PollackAdult

April 16, 1922Richard James HalfordInfant

April 16, 1922Thelma Mae HalfordInfant

April 9, 1922Emma May HemminwayInfantWilliam and Emma Gouverneur-Feb. 21, 1913Church
April 9, 1922William John HemminwayInfantWilliam and Emma Gouverneur-Sept. 5, 1914Church
April 9, 1922Henry Gilbert HemminwayInfantWilliam and Emma Gouverneur-Oct. 5, 1921Church
Feb. 23, 1923Bessie May BulgerAdult

Home-Depot St.
Feb. 23, 1923Helen Margaret BulgerInfantLuman and Bessie Gouverneur-April 13, 1906Home-Depot st.
Feb. 23, 1923Geneva May BulgerInfantLuman and Bessie Gouverneur-March 20, 1908Home-Depot St.
Feb. 23, 1923Luman David BulgerInfantLuman and Bessie Gouverneur-Sept. 23, 1910Home-Depot St.
March 22, 1923Annette ClarkAdult
Jan. 23, 1849315 E. Main
March 28, 1923Janna Grace PrinsInfantJohn and Mildred Gouverneur-Feb. 4, 1923Prospect st.
March 28, 1923Victor John LaDukeInfantFrederick and Grace Gouverneur-Aug. 3, 192130 Prospect St.
March 28, 1923Helen Jean LaDukeInfantFrederick and Grace LaDukeGouverneur-March 21, 1923Prospect St.
June 4, 1924Harold David SimmonsInfantBurt and Pearl? Gouverneur-April 4, 1923Home-Sand Hill
June 8, 1924Arlene Anna MorrisInfantFrank and Pearl Sept. 18, 1923Church
June 8, 1924Ernest Jr. HuttInfantHerbert and Nellie Jan. 16, 1924Church
June 8, 1924Harlan Everett GoodnoughInfantEverett and Doris Nov. 17, 1921Church
June 8, 1924Jay Ronold PollockInfantJesse and Gertrude Oct. 21, 1919Church
June 8, 1924Philip Charles PerniceInfantCharles and Cora Nov. 27, 1919Church
June 8, 1924Esther Ann PerniceInfantCharles and Cora May 24, 1922Church
June 8, 1924Esther Lillian BopreyInfantFrank and Gladys Sept. 4, 1922Church
June 8, 1924Russell Douglas BrownInfantLeon and Helena Nov. 7, 1923Church
June 8, 1924Virginia Vaughn SmithInfantDouglas and Birneta Dec. 16, 1923Church
June, 8, 1924Ada Grace LouvelierAdult
July 24, 1915Church
Ju8, 1924Florence Louise LouvelierAdult
June 4, 1914Church
June 8, 1924Marion Eleshia RundallAdult


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