The following information came from an old journal I recently acquired which is labeled “Town of Waddington” on the spine. The journal appears to have been the property of Seth J. Dewey, who was an early Justice of the Peace in the town of Waddington. Included in this file are the entries made by S. J. Dewey related either to court cases he was involved with in the 1850’s (before he became a Justice of the Peace), later entries from the Town of Waddington (1860-1880), a few cases from the Town of Madrid (from which Waddington was formed), and some expense claims made by S. J. Dewey for costs associated with his duties as Justice of the Peace. Also included are many other records including old post office records (most of which I have yet to transcribe), records of Washington Insurance company policy holders from around 1851, and bank note records.

The handwriting was not always the best, so I had to make my best guess at times regarding names and a few miscellaneous words.

I've provided an index below to most of the names mentioned in the diaries. S. J. Dewey himself is mentioned throughout the files so I have not included all the references to his name. In addition to the index, links to all by one of the transcription files themselves are provided below. For now, I'm not putting the transcription of the court cases on line. While overall most of the entries are no worse than the typical court case data reported in today's daily papers, there are listings regarding cases of "bastardry" with parents names listed that some people feel should not be put directly online. For those entries, clicking on the provided link will bring up a mail screen where you can send me an email for the actual data. For those cases, please put the name of the person in your email and make sure your return email address is correct.

Index of Individuals in Journal

Specific Transcriptions:
Court Cases and Justice of Peace entries - Transcription of entries containing information on court cases and other Justice of the Peace activities Not online at this time, but names indexed in the index file shown above and details can be requested by email

Listing of bank notes - Transcription of entries regarding bank notes involving individuals from Waddington area

Washington Insurance Co Holders - Transcription of Waddington Area Washington Insurance Co policy holders and payments

Post office Finances - Transcription of Post Office financial records from Sept 1849-Feb 1852

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