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Two Copies (one held by Samuel Reynolds and one by Robert Bisby?)


Articles of agreement made & concluded upon the Tenth Day of September, 1804 between Samuel Reynolds of the City of Hudson, County of Columbia & State of New York & Robert Bisbee of the town of Stockholm, County of St Lawrence & State of New York.  Afforsaid Witnesseth that Robert Bisbee, hereby promised & agrees to deliver all the improvements & betterments which he has now made on Lot No. Sixty Three in the town of Stockholm together with the House, barn, fences and all his right property and interest in the said lot in the same state of repair that they now are in on the fifteenth day of March which will be in the year 1805 to Samuel Reynolds or his heirs or assignors for his or their proper use and benefit without any lett or hindrance whatsoever on the part of the said Bisbee or any person under him.  Also, a two acre lot on the south end of his improvements with the grain & grass that is now growing & one half of a Lot or Island of potatoes as they are now growing, reserving only one half the young apple trees in the Nursery to be removed by said Bisbee in April Next for & in consideration of which the said Samuel Reynolds hereby promises & agrees to pay the said Robert Bisbee his heirs, the sum of two hundred and fifty Dollars on the first day of Nov in the year 1805.  Said Bisbee having first performed the above matter & things on his part for the just & true performance of all & singular of the covenants & agreements above written the parties to these presents hereby binds themselves each to the other in the final sum of Six Hundred dollars in witness where of we have hereunto set our hand on the day & date above written.


Robert Bisbee (signature)

Samuel Reynolds (signature)


Witness hereunto:

Nathan G. Douglas (signature)



Back (of both):

Samuel Reynolds agrees that R. Bisbee shall hold the ladder & a set of rafter that is framed. Hay along end of the barn & a store though 9 m 10th 1804.

Samuel Reynolds


Back (of copy 1)

Paid on the within eight pounds Sixteen & Eight pence being the balance of amounts due me on Settlement 10 m 22nd 1804

S. Reynolds.


Back (of copy 2)

Received Stockholm 10 mo 22 1804 from Samuel Reynolds Eight Pounds, Sixteen Shillings & Three Pence in Sundry articles as Settlement this day.

Robbert Bisby


Received this 22 day of April 1805 of Samuel Reynolds $67 --**91 at Milow Fuller


Received Stockholm 5th Sept in 1805 from Samuel Reynolds by the hand of E. Hurlburd one hundred and twenty six dollars and one cent.

Robert Bisby


Received Stockholm September 11th 1805 from Samuel Reynolds by the hands of Ebenezer Hurlberd Forty One Dollar & ten cents in full principle & interest on the within agreement which is now full filled on both parts & finally settled.


Robert Bisby


(assorted calculations equaling payment of $250 plus $7.04 interest)