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Below are links to various documents I've obtained over the last couple years, which I'm finally getting around to transcribing to put online. They are organized by the town they are most closely associated with, or just under the county if they aren't specific to one location. I've got a ton of these to work through so keep checking back for new additions.

St. Lawrence County Overall
1827 Memorial to Congress by the Delegates of St. Lawrence County asking for actions against the acts of the British Parliament

1904 Statement of the St Lawrence county Farmer's Insurance Company, listing the losses and damages paid to each farmer (complete with farmer's name and value of loss). From this report it looks like at just about any point in time a cow somewhere in St Lawrence county was being struck by lightening.

Town of Canton
1844 – Silas Wright Deed  Conveying property in Canton from Silas Wright and his wife Clarissa to Benjamin Squire.  Signed by Silas and Clarissa.

Town of Colton
1847 - Bond Oath for Constable George Munger
1847 - Bill to Town of Colton for services by Henry Benham
1849 - Oath for Constable sworn to and signed by C. L Bacheller
1850 - Results of election on new School Law
1852 - Assignment of Overseer of Highways, and acceptance - Seth Culver
1852 - Appointment of Constable, Jonathan Starks
1855 - Oath for Constable sworn to and signed by Alonzo Squire
1866 - Oath for Constable sworn to and signed by B. F. Read

Town of Oswegatchie/City of Ogdensburg
Transcription of the 1808 Account Register for an Ogdensburgh Merchant for 2 days in May

Transcription of the 1889 Directory of the First M. E. Church, Ogdensburg, NY

Town of Stockholm
1800 Deed between Aquila Giles (Marshall for the State of New York) and Samuel Reynolds, selling the town of Stockholm within the Ten Towns original tract previously owned by John Lamb as partial payment of the debts and damages John Lamb owed to the State. Year could be 1801 or 1802 as the eighteen hundred was pre-inked and the year written in. Nothing shows up but it could have faded out.
1802 Deed between Samuel Reynolds, Nicholas Low, Nicholas Gouverneur, John Delafield, and William Laight (and his heirs) regarding the early ownership of the town of Stockholm. Includes photograph of deed with signatures and seals
Pre-1802 Land ownership breakdown for Stockholm between Nicholas Low, John Delafield, William Laight, Nicholas Gouverneur and Samuel Reynolds
1803 Bill for Land Sale with Jacob Stout buying from Dunham Davis
1802-4 Payment Schedule and land ownership breakdown. Delefield, Low, Gouverneur, Laight and Reynolds
1804 Agreement between Samuel Reynolds and Robert Bisbee for purchase of Stockholm Lot 63 by Samuel Reynolds
1811 Deed between Cornelius Ray and Samuel Reynolds, where Samuel Reynolds buys lot 43 in the town of Stockholm from Cornelius Ray for $250.

Town of Waddington
Index and Selected entries from a journal kept by Seth Dewey, Justice of the Peace in Waddington. Covers the dates of 1849-1882. Journal documented court judgements, post office records, bank records, and Insurance records

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