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I recently came into possession of an old photo album from the Gouverneur area of St. Lawrence County.  It appears to include items related to the RAVEN family, most likely the descendents of Peter G. Raven and his sons.


The album contains 24 photographs and two memorial cards.  I’ve scanned them all in and would appreciate it if anyone seeing this can help me identify any of the people in the pictures.  Anyone with any information can contact me at:


The following provides links and descriptions of the photos.  Click on the items in blue to see the pictures.  I don’t have any direct connection to the Raven family, though my ancestors always seemed to be living around them.  The info I have on the family comes from the LDS website ( and from census records.


First, the two memorial cards:

Mrs. Nancy R. Raven – Died August 6, 1888; Aged 55 yrs, 8 months, 20 days.  (Nancy R. Wright was the wife of Abraham C. Raven (1832-1902) who was the son of Peter G. Ravens and his wife, Sabrina.


Mrs. Fred Raven – Died May 26, 1925.  This card is for Clara T. Day (1880-1925), the wife of Frederick  Raven (1872-1954).  Fred Raven was the son of Abraham C and Nancy R. Wright Raven and was a grandson of Peter Raven.


Of the 24 photographs, only one was labeled.

Albert Stanley Raven – Age 6 months.  Albert Stanley Raven was born around 1912-1913 so this picture would be from around 1913.  Albert Stanley Raven is the son of Leon S. Raven and Hazel Murton.  Leon S. Raven was the Charles U. Raven and Dinah Dunlap, and Charles was the son of Abraham and Nancy R. Raven. 


Two of the photographs are from Jackson Michigan.  Looking in the 1880 census, one of the Raven’s is listed as living in Jackson Michigan.  That Raven is William Franklin Raven (1851-1917).  His wife’s name was Elona Naomi Case (1853-1929) and they were married in 1878.  I can’t say for sure if the photos are of them, but maybe someone can tell me:

Jackson Michigan photos of Man and Woman


One photograph of a baby was from Antwerp:

Antwerp Baby Girl


And another photo was from Utica:

Utica Woman


Four pictures were from Ogdensburg (while some of the Raven’s did get to Ogdensburg from time to time in the census, I can’t be sure who these are).  Daniel Nelson  Raven (1873-1955) was listed there in the 1900 census, but I don’t know if he’s connected to any of these:

Ogdensburg Young Man or Teen

Ogdensburg Older Woman

Ogdensburg Couple

Ogdensburg Woman (Lesperance Studios)


The rest of the pictures were from various studios in Gouverneur.  Some appear to have been taken at close to the same time. 


These two shots (one of a woman, another of a baby) have the same studio markings on them:

Woman from CC Cunningham Photographers – Gouverneur

Baby from CC Cunningham Photographers – Gouverneur


This next scan is of pictures of a couple, taken at apparently the same time:

Couple photographed at Cunningham – Gouverneur


One photo shows a woman and what appear to be her two daughters:

Woman and Daughters – Mann Photographer’s Gouverneur


One photo is from Slocum Studio’s in Gouverneur:

Man with wide tie (Gouverneur)


Four photographs from Tisdell Photographers in Gouverneur had similar markings:

Small shot of woman

Photo of different woman

Baby Girl

Male Teen


Another photo from Tisdell Photographers in Gouverneur has completely different markings:

Young Boy


Two photos of middle aged men from Gouverneur (Cunningham Studios), taken about the same time as each other.

Man number 1

Man number 2


One more photo from Cunningham Studios in Gouverneur:

Two women in black dresses


And lastly, there was one small unmarked photo:

Unmarked photo of Young Woman