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Transcription of a brochure for the Russell Union School

Russell, NY



Russell Union School

Russell, N. Y.


Board of Education:

Hugh Kelly, President

George W. Burt

A. B. Shaw



G. Denver Simmons, Principal

Carrie Gibbons, Preceptress

Helena Kelly, Grades


Courses of Study:

I           Teacher’s Course

II         Academic Course

III        Business Course

IV        Music and Drawing


Teacher’s Course

Those taking this course are prepared for examinations for teachers certificates (a) Elementary (b) Rural (c) Academic.

During the past few years the school has successfully prepared a large number of teachers.  We consider this the best recommendation that could be offered.


Academic Course

This is the regular high school course and our graduates are prepared to enter college or can complete the Normal School in two years.


Business Course

This course covers all the elementary branches thoroughly and includes bookkeeping, business arithmetic and business writing.  Students who can not take the longer courses will find this a very practical course which will give them a good insight into ordinary business forms and accounts.


Music and Drawing

While the school does not offer to graduate students in these branches, we consider it a great advantage to young people to have some accomplishments as well as regular school work.

Classes in vocal music will be organized and also in drawing and painting.

By special arrangements students can take piano and private painting lessons, this work will be so arranged as not to conflict with the regular work.

The school has recently purchased a piano and an ogran (sic) for use in the course.


Russell offers many advantages to students who wish to get an education with out much expense.  Board can be obtained from $2 to $3 per week and those who whish to board themselves can rent furnished rooms at a very low cost.

By writing Mr. Simmons or Mrs. Gibbons, boarding places or rooms will be found for students who are strangers here.

The new Rural School Certificate is much easier to earn than the first grade certificate and is renewable, thus making it practically a life certificate.

Tuition is $4 per term (all courses).


The state pays tuition for academic students (handwritten at end of flyer).


Partial list of Students that completed the course for Teachers Certificates the last four years:

Bernice Kelly                ‘06

Roy Hutchinson            ‘06

Mabel Hutchinson         ‘07

Calista Fanning             ‘07

Lillie Fordham              ‘07

Lelia M. Fordham         ‘07

Bernice VanBuren        ‘08

Vernice VanBuren        ‘08

Lelah Royce                 ‘08

Hazel Scott                   ‘08

Mildred White              ‘08

Lelah Moore                ’08      

Anna Kelly                   ‘08

Edna Russell                 ‘09

Nettie Reed                  ‘09

Grace Martin                ‘09

Myrtle Leach                ‘09

Hazel G. Kelly              ‘09

Rose Tiernan                ‘09

Elizabeth Smith             ‘09

Helen Smith                  ‘09

Louise Shaw                 ‘09