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Excerpts from “Normal Magazine”, November 1906

Vol. XI, No. 2

Potsdam Normal School


Published monthly during the school year by the Alumni of the Potsdam Normal School


Alumni Editors-in-Chief – Katherine Kellas ’92; Frank L. Cubley, ’92

Associate Alumni Editors – Amos H. Gleason, Crary, N.D.; Frank W. Ballou, ’02, Univ. of Cin., Cincinnati, Ohio; A. E. MacDonald, ’75, 4035 Prairie Ave, Chicago, Ill.; Jerome E. Crane, ’82, 50 Washington Street, Boston, Mass; Charles B. Dullea, Richmond, NY;  Mrs. Edith Barnum O’Brien, ’90, 1013 Green Street, San Francisco, Cal; Mrs. Lillian Chilton Noble, Rochester, NY


Alumni Jottings:

Albert Newell, ’01, Williams College ’05, has entered the Columbia Law School.

Mr. Jerome Crane of Malden, Mass., visited in Potsdam recently.  He looked as hale and hearty as usual, and had his own warmth of feeling for Potsdam people.

Miss Sadie L. Blood has an excellent position in Greater New York.  Her address is 298 Grand Avenue, Long Island City.

Mr. Charles L. Dayton, formerly of Phoenix, is now in Martinez, Arizona.

Miss Arloine Walton is at 521 W. Monroe St., Chicago, Ill.

Mrs. Martha Clark Hudson’s address is 4735 Evans Ave., Chicago, Ill.

Miss Mabel E. Benson is teaching the eighth grade at Glen Cove, L.I.

Miss Elizabeth Briggs, ’06, is teaching first grade work at Hastings-on-Hudson.

Miss Hannah A. Cahill, ’92, who has taught in the Malone schools most of the time since her graduation has gone to North Dakota where she has a position in Minnewaukon.

Miss Emma Maynard, ’06, has a position at Madrid this year.

Mr. John Hemingway, ’06, is principal of the school at Richville this year.

Miss Lillian M. Thompson is teaching at Remsen.

Miss Ethel B. Robinson of Center Moriches, N.Y., a former student of the Normal, has been transferred to the Oneonta Normal School, which is nearer to her home.

Miss Belle Williams, ’99, is teaching at Middleville.

Miss Agnes Terrance, ’06, is attending the Commercial College at Cornwall, Ont.

Miss Caroline Sheldon has an excellent position as teacher of French in Iowa College, Grinnell, Iowa.

Miss Edna White is at Altmar, N.Y.

Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Cramer (nee Gabriella Collins) are living in Nashville, Tenn., where they moved last September.

The following graduates may be found at the addresses given:  Miss Pearl McLellan, Purchase, N.Y.; Miss Haezel Burroughs, DuBois, Pa.; Miss May Thayer, 58 Union Ave, Irvington, J.J.; Miss J. Louise Nightengale, 619 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Mr. Winfred Doud is at Farmersville Station, N.Y.

Miss May L. Riley is at 1030 American Ave, Long Beach, Calif.

Mrs. E. H. Alexander (nee Miss Ola Esterly) is living at 186 Morris Ave., Summitt, N.J.

Miss Mary A. Woodworth is at 332 Vendome Ave, Los Angeles, Calif.

Mrs. Phoebe Spencer Dopp lives on West Monroe St., Little Falls, N.Y.

Mr. Bernard Gaffney, ’05, is timekeeper in a large lumber mill at Lincoln, N.H.

Mr. Jas. Gaffney is at Rhyolite, Nev.

Miss Sarah V. Chollar’s address is 520 West 122nd St., New York City.  She is studying in Columbia.

Mr. Archibald Scott has an excellent position at Rugby, N. Dak., with a salary of $1400.

Stella Perry Armin writes from 519 E. 59th St. Long Beach, Cal., as follows:  We have failed to receive our magazine (and miss it so much) because we have changed address.  Mr. Armin’s health was so broken that he has dropped all business and we are spending the winter here on the coast.  Flowers, sunshine and fruit, with the music of the Pacific to soothe us to dreamland.  Are there any Potsdam people here in Long Beach?  We would be so delighted to meet them if any are here.  Really half of Long Beach are form Iowa.

Mrs. W. W. Shannon, (nee Miss Elizabeth Bolton) visited at the Normal recently.  She is living at 57 Hamilton St. Watertown, NY.

Mr. Frederick W. Crane, ’06, has entered the Albany Business College.

Dr. De Ette Brownell has gone to Fergus Falls, Minn where she has an excellent position in the state Hospital.

If anyone knows the address of Mr. Daniel J. Crowley, formerly of High Flats, N.Y., we would be glad to have it sent to the Normal Magazine.

In our last issue we asked for the address of Harry W. Scott.  A friend has handed us a clipping giving the following account of the unfortunate death of him and his wife, both of whom were well known alumni.  Black River, July 26.  The death of Harry W. Scott of this village, which occurred at the Brockville, Ont. Hospital Tuesday morning, removes a young man well and favorably known in business and social circles, and following so close upon the death of his wife, which occurred at the same place less than two weeks ago, causes a feeling of sympathy for the family in this entire community.  Mr. Scott was 26 years of age.  He was the son of Byron N. and Sarah Waite Scott of this village.  He graduated from the Black River Union School in 1897 and from Potsdam Normal in 1900.  Following this he occupied the position of principal of the Dekalb Junction High School for two years, after which he accepted a lucrative position on the road.  He was traveling for Kibbe Brothers of Springfield, Mass at the time of his death.  He married Miss Jesie L. Young of Hammond Aug 5, 1902 and her death on July 13 was a severe blow to him and undoubtedly hastened his death.

J.B. Lawrence, principal of the Lake Placid schools, Adirondacks, gives us the following as a list of all the Potsdam people who attended the institute at Keeseville recently.  J. B. Lawrence, Hannah T. Clarke, Lottie E. Johnson, L. Belle White, Lake Placid; Alice Benham, Delia Wainwright, Jay; Lena Losee, Josephine Williams, Keeseville; Ethel Coke, Nettie Gilmore, Lyon Mountain; Ella Quire, Ausable Chasm; Almeda M. Covey.


Crane Normal Institute of Music

Miss Lucy Reynolds, 04, is teaching at Spelman Seminary, having gone to her position quite unexpectedly, having only a few days notice.  She spent last year at the Atlantic Baptist College, which is a school for men on a adjoining campus to Spelman.  Mrs. Grace Walseman, ‘93, has charge of the music at the Atlanta Baptist College and seems much pleased with her work.  Miss Minerva Hayt, ‘98, is in charge of the music in Spelman Seminary, so with the regular teachers who are engaged at Spelman there is quite a colony of Potsdam graduates in Atlanta.

Miss Nettie Williams, ’05, is teaching in one of the state schools in Syracuse.  A letter from Helen Wood, ’98, who has been teaching in the same institution for two or three years, speaks very highly of the work Miss Williams is doing.

Miss Charlotte Bascom, ’03, has accepted the position of teacher of music and drawing in the schools of Cobleskill, N.Y.  Miss Bascom is the fourth of our graduates to teach in these schools, Miss Degan ’02, Miss MeGowan ’03, and Mrs. Church ’04 having preceded her.  Miss Bascom writes that Cobleskill is a beautiful village and she anticipates enjoyable work.  Mrs. Church has been seriously ill for some time, but the townspeople and school authorities were so pleased with her work that they waited until after the opening of the school before giving up the idea that she might recover in time to take up her work again.

Miss Lillian Davis ’06, writes in a most interesting way of her work at Springville, where she is teaching both music and drawing.  It was suggested that she form an orchestra and the material which presented itself was one banjo, one cornet, six violins (all first violins) six snare drums and three fife players “who play by ear.”.  The school has many lovers of music, many girls who play the piano nicely and sing well, and a goodly number of young men who sing.

Letters from Miss Cameron ’01 and Miss Ella Dodd ’04, both teaching in Ashville, N.C. are full of enthusiasm over the work.  They are working together in the music department of the Normal Collegiate Institute, and each is happy in the work of the other.

Mrs. Adelyn Dowing Welsh’s (’01) address is 1358 Leland Ave, Sheridan Park, Chicago.  She keeps up her singing much to the delight of all her friends, even in the midst of jelly making and other housewifely occupations.

Miss McIlwaine ’01 writes that the weather in Williamsburg, Ky., where she is teaching, is charming, and that she is told that it may last until Christmas.  The mountains are very beautiful and the town far prettier and larger than she at first thought.

Mrs. Helen Bridge ’97, and Miss Barbara Moore ’05, journeyed together from Potsdam to Chicago, one going on later to Stevens Point Normal School and the other to the Oshkosh Normal. It was a very pleasant journey, with most interesting work in prospect.  Enthusiastic reports have come from both.  Mrs. Bridge gave a class exercise in music at the N.E. Wisconsin Teachers’ Institute in October.  Miss Moore finds the students very earnest and responsive, the teachers very cordial, and her work entirely to her taste.

Miss Loretta Knights ’05, writes of her happiness in her work at East Aurora.  The second year has begun with the pleasure of improvements in the previous year, and greater ease in doing the work.


Alumni Weddings

Lampman-Sheldon – June 1, 1906; Miss Lena McEwen Sheldon, ’04, to Mr. Ben Hur Lampman.  Mr. Lampman is one of the editors of the “Arena”, Michigan, North Dakota.


Y.W.C.A. Notes

The attendance at the first meeting of the term promises well for the work of the Association.  The number present was 60.  It gives heartfelt pleasure to know that so many are interested in this branch of life’s work.

Miss Harris, a delegate to Silver Bay, gave a short talk on the work there.

The officers serving this term are:  President, Miss Belle Harris; Vice President, Miss Gertrude Orvis; Secretary, Miss Eliza Stark; Treasurer, Miss Catherine Carmon.



The Alpha society has been especially favored this term by the number of visitors present at each meeting.  We are always glad to welcome them, inasmuch as it shows they have an interest in us.

A very interesting program was given Oct. 13 the subject being “Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice”.  The questions debated read, Resolved, that the Jew was unjustly treated in the Merchant of Venice.  The affirmative was upheld by Misses Shepard and Safford; the negative by Misses Diefendorf and Chapin.  The decision was in favor of the negative.

The initiation of new girls was Friday evening, November 2nd, in Alpha Hall.

On Saturday evening, Oct 27, the Alphas held their open meeting.  The program was very entertaining and of a high grade.  Misses Frank and Kestner contested against Misses Mooney and Welch in the debate; question, Resolved, that the President of the U.S. should be elected by the direct vote of the people rather than by the Electoral College.

The Alpha-Roger Union will be held Friday evening November 17th.



The following young ladies have become a part of our society by passing through the mysteries of initiation Misses Butler, Stallwood, Tyler, Brown, Davis, Weaver, Aldrich, Barber, Gurley, Dickinson, Palmer, Gates, Stuart, Hermon and Sherman.  We receive them with open hearts and feel assured of their loyal support.

On the evening of October 27 the society held its Open Meeting.  Program: Opening exercises; Instrumental Duet, Misses Pert and Morgan; Oration, Miss Ida Clark; Vocal Solo, Miss Lillian Cummings; Recitation, Miss Blanch Aldous; Debate, Resolved, that coeducation is desirable in colleges; affirmative, Misses Sullivan and Sprague, negative, Misses Allen and Carney.  Farce in charge of Miss Reeve.


Francis Baconian

The Francis Baconian society is in better condition than would have been thought possible at the beginning of the term.  This is due to the fact that the younger members are taking hold of the work with a vim and are pushing it forward with much energy.  All the members are manifesting much interest and excellent work has been done.  The following new members have been received:  Chauncey Maltby, George Mooney, Lacey Mump, and Robert Reynolds.

The name of Floyd Stickney was proposed at the last meeting.

There is at present some discussion in the society as to whether the Grand Union, which was omitted last year shall be held this winter with the Roger Baconian society.

At the recent Open meeting of the society the question, “Resolved, that the federal government should regulate the so-called private industries,” was most ably handled by Mr. Charles Tyler, affirmative; and Mr. Frederick Woodruff, negative.  The second speakers were Messrs. Howard Sanford and Carl Atwood.  The decision was in favor of the affirmative.


Roger Baconian

The work of the society during the last month has progressed with earnest enthusiasm.  Among those who have given their fraternal allegiance to the Roger Baconian society are Messrs. Stallwood, Compo, Wright, Brennan, and MacDonald.

The line of work to be taken up at the regular meeting will be on the vital questions concerning each of the countries, Ireland, England, Russia, Germany and Italy.  The outline of work with careful preparation gives us excellent results.

The Roger Open Meeting was held with success.  The regular debate on the question, Resolved, that the U.S. should enforce a law opposing the combination of railroads,” was upheld on the affirmative by Messrs. Earl Gale and James O’Sullivan, the negative by Messrs. Howard Sanford and William Wood.  Decision in favor of the affirmative.

The Alpha and Roger Open Meeting will be held on Saturday evening, Nov 17th.


Roll of Honor:

25 cents from Eva Jewell, Oct ’06; Anna Fuller Hickok, Oct ‘06

50 cents from Mrs. Fred Worthing, Oct ’07; Florence H. Kusche, Oct ’07; Prof. S. Norse, ‘Dec 08

75 cents from Edna White, Nov ’07; Mary M. Oliver, June ’07.

$1.00 from Mabel A. Guile, Oct ’08; Candace C. Lewis, July ’08; Alida Russell, Feb ’09; W. P. Gaynor, Feb ’08; J. Grace Doud, Feb ’07; F. P. Smith, Oct ’08; L. May Hallady, March ’07; Winfred Doud,  Feb ’08; Grace Brush Pert, May ’08.

$1.10 from Margaret Donovan, Nov. ‘06

$1.50 from Sophronia Bodman, Jan ’08; M. Helen Ellis, Feb ’08; Eva E. Briggs, May ‘07

$2.00 from Nellie G. Smith, Feb ’06; Adele Johnson, Feb ’08; Louise I. Nightengale, March ’06; E. J. Bonner, Oct ’06; Mrs. W. S. Briggs, Feb ’06.

$2.50 from Edith Brown, June ‘06

$3.10 from Katherine Donovan, Nov ‘06

$5.00 from Dr. R. N. Porter, Oct ‘11