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Excerpts from “The Echo”, Winter –1925

Vol. XX, No. 2

Gouverneur High School


The Echo – Published quarterly by the students of Gouverneur High School.  Member of the Eastern Interscholastic Publications Association


Editorial Staff:

Editor-in-Chief – Art Canfield, ‘25

Assistant Editor-in-Chief – Adelaide Harvey, ‘25

Literary Editors – M. Herring, ’25; Ed. Case, ’25; M. Perrin, ’25; Z. Haverstock, ‘25’; D. McLean, ’27

Athletic Editors – Ann Finegan, ’25; Helen Dygert, ’25

Local Editors – H. Jepson, ’25; W. Magee, ’27; D. Harvey, ’27; M. Chisholm, ‘27

Alumni Editors – Rhoda Skinner, ’24; Helen Smith, ‘25

Exchange Editors – Marjorie Lane, ’25; Dorothy Drury, ‘27

Art Editor – Dean H. Elliott, ‘25

Business Staff:

Business Manager – Lloyd Robinson, ‘26

Assistants – Donald Homer, ’26; Gordon Turnbull, ’25; Carl Boyle, ’26

Faculty Advisor – Miss Alice O’Connor, English




1925 Class Officers:

President - Art Canfield

Vice President – Ed Case

Secretary – Ann Finegan

Treasurer – Robert Aldrich


1926 Class Officers:

President – A. Jenkins

Vice President – R. Jones

Secretary – D. Homer

Treasurer – E. Stevenson


1927 Class Officers:

President – Carl Boyle

Vice President – D. McLean

Secretary – M. Streeter

Treasurer – M. Graves


1928 Class Officers:

President – D. Goodnough

Vice President – D. Johnson

Secretary – D. Kaley

Treasurer – H. Jenkins


Society Officers:


President – Anna Finnegan, ‘25

Vice President – Susan Murray, ‘25

Secretary – Adelaide Harvey, ‘25

Treasurer – Mildred Perrin, ‘25



President – M. Herring, ‘25

Vice President – E. Baldwin, ‘25

Secretary – Ruth Fife, ‘26

Treasurer – M. Swett, ‘25



President – Lloyd Robinson, ‘26

Vice President – Harry Corbin, ‘25

Secretary – Art Canfield, ‘25

Treasurer – Emory Laidlaw, ‘25



President – C. Sayer, ‘25

Vice President – E. Stevenson, ‘26

Secretary – T. J. Whitney, ‘27

Treasurer – G. Gingras, ‘27


Athletic Council:

President – Supt. L. T. Wilcox

Vice President – Coach W. I. Graf

Secretary – Lloyd Robinson, ‘26

Treasurer – Mr. Graf


Lyceum Club:

President – Rhoda Skinner, ‘24

Vice President – Susan Murray, ‘25

Secretary – Marion Young, ‘25

Treasurer – Gordon W. Turnbull, ‘25


Basketball- 1924-25:

Captain – H. Melrose, ‘26

Manager – Art Canfield, ‘25


Girls’ Basketball:

Captain – H. Dygert, ‘25

Manager – M. Young, ‘25


Track - 1925:

Captain – L. Robinson, ‘26

Manager – Art Canfield, ‘25


Basket Ball:

G.H.S. vs. Brownville

In the third game of the season the purple and gold quintet defeated the Brownville five by a score of 32 to 19.  The visiting team played good basket ball and many of their plays were similar to the ones taught by Coach Graf.  Howard Jenkins  and Sayer shared the stellar role for our team while Traye starred for the visitors.


G.H.S. vs S.L.U. Frosh

All lovers of basketball were given a chance to see one of the best games of the season Friday night when the purple and gold quintet defeated the S.L.U. Frosh by a score of 27-26.  Almost as soon as Referee Fred Young had begun the game Al Jenkins made our first basket.  He scored thirteen points toward our final twenty-seven.  The first quarter ended 11 to 4 in our favor.  The visitors crept up in the second quarter and made five baskets and one free throw against our two baskets and five free throws.  The half ended 20 to 15.  Both teams sped up in the last half.  The Frosh caged two baskets and three free throws against our one basket, leaving us only one point lead at the final whistle.


S.L.U. Sophs vs. G.H.S.

Saturday evening the purple and gold was lowered to half mast by the fast St. Lawrence sophomore team.  The first quarter was the most interesting part of the game because as soon as we obtained a basket the sophs would get the ball down the floor and make one.  The quarter ended a 6-6 tie.  In the second quarter the visitors obtained a slight lead and the half ended 12-10 in favor of them.  If the third quarter the visitors located the basket for 10 points while our boys were only successful in making 6 points.  In the final quarter our boys obtained the lead and made 8 points to the sophs 6.

Skvorak, who fills a substiture position on the S.L.U. varsity five made 21 of the visitors’ total score of 30.  Captain Melrose did not play as good a game as we expected and it is hoped that in the first league game with Canton that he will play once more in his usual form.  The final score was 30-22.


G.H.S. vs. S.L.U. Aggies

On January 31, the G.H.S. quintet visited the Aggies of St. Lawrence for another victory of 37-22.  The game was played in the Aggie’s barn and was witnessed by but few spectators.  The feature player for the home team was their captain, A. O. Jenkins, while the stellar role of our team was taken by Howard, “Bear” Jenkins, who was high scorer for us.  The contest was fast at times but we managed to do without Captin Melrose who enjoyed the game from the bench.


G.H.S. vs. Canton H.S.

On January 30, G.H.S. displayed a very slow and tiresome game of basketball against Canton.  It was our first league game and ended in our favor lucily.  There were no stars for us, but Philput of the visitors was a crack long shot.  The final accounting stood 23-17.  Bruce of S.L. U. was the referee.


G.H. S. Girs vs. Trinity.

The G.H.S. girls’ basketball quintet journeyed to Watertown Saturday evening, January 31.  The Trinity girls had the larger of a 12 to 8 score at the end of the first half.  Our girls showed their true form during the last quarter of the game by fast pass work.  G.H.S. girls scored 14 points while the Watertown girls caged only 5 points.  Florence Cook, our flashy right guard, was our best performer.  The final score was 22-17.


Friday afternoon, January 16th, the High School girls’ team defeated the O.F.A. girls’ team on their own court by a score of 16-12.  The Gouverneur girls did not play as well as usual on account of not being used to so small a court.  The baskets were poor and the floor was very slippery.  Ogdensburg substituted three times during the game while Gouverneur substituted only once. Magee for Dygert.


Friday night, January 23, the Gouverneur High School girls’ team was defeated by the Watertown girl’s team by a score of 31-16.  Although the visiting team nearly doubled the score, the game was no walk-away.  From the first both teams worked hard for what they got, the first half ending in favor of the visitors by one point lead, 8-7.  The second half began with Magee substituting center on the Gouverneur team.  After 3 minutes of play Dygert was replaced and both teams played hard until the end of the game, which resulted in a victory for Watertown.


The High School girls defeated the Waddington girls’ team, Friday night, December 10th, by a score of 19-6.  The first half was very fast and ended with a score of 7-5 in favor of the locals.  The visiting team lost their center at the beginning of the second half and this broke up their play as she was the main stay of their team.  Dygert was put out on personals and three minutes before the end of the game Gouverneur substituted the whole second team.


Track Awards:

Medals were presented to five of our track men who went to Ithaca for the state meet last June.  The boys were representatives of our section at the Cornell meet.  Those awarded were Chelson Sayer, ’25, who ran the 880 yard run of the medley race and who also was captain of our team.  Lloyd Robinson, ’26, and Howard Freeman, ’26, and Darcey Goodnough, ’27, who ran the 440, 100, and 220 yards respectively, also received the medals.  Allan Jenkins, ’26, the man who defeated the unbeatable Kerr of O.F.A. in the 440 yard dash, was the receiver of the fifth award.


BASSment Notes

In the so-called Domestic Science room, on the twenty-fourth day of January in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and twenty five, Miss Ann Finegan entertained the two managers of the basket ball teams in magnificent array.  Many delicious forms of refreshments were served and we considered that the guests had a very enjoyable time.  Mr. Gibbs who occupies the adjoining apartments, strolled by, meaningly, and Miss Finegan added the worthy gentleman to her list of other guests, namely: Mr. Arthur Bosphorus Canfield and Miss Marian Annette Young.


The Dramatic Club’s Successes

On the evening of December 17, the newly formed Dramatic Club gave the students and several townspeople a rare treat in the way of two, one-act plays.  They were ably presented by the casts, and all who were connected with the enterprise deserve hearty congratulation.  The following are the titles and a list of those participating:


A String of Pearls

Scene – The Madison Living Room

Time – The Present

Cast of Characters:

Ethel Madison – Adelaide Harvey

Peg Madison – Dorothy Drury

Mr. Madison – Lloyd Robinson

Miss Phoebe Madison – Rhoda Skinner

Mr. Anthony Augustus WaterburyDean Elliott

Hannah, the Maid – Louise Webster


The Kleptomaniac

Scene – Mrs. Burton’s Boudoir

Time – The Present

Cast of Characters:

Mrs. Burton (Peggy) – Helen Jepson

Mrs. Valerie Chase AinesleyMarian Taylor

Miss Dixon (Freda) – Marian Young

Mrs. Charles Dover (Mabel) – Zelda Haverstock

Mrs. Preston Ashley (Bertha) – Helen Smith

Miss Evelyn Evans, a journalist – Susan Murray

Katie, the maid – Peggy Magee



In the Hall of Fame

Arthur’s hair

Adelaide’s voice

Rhoda’s dictionary

Susan’s man

Ed Case’s Essays

Dean’s ability to be sick (when the occasion aries)


Alumni Notes:

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Dickson, January 27, 1925

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Johns are rejoicing over the birth of a daughter, Elizabeth Groviene, November 19, 1924

The marriage of Miss Hilda Day, ’19 and Mr. Floyd Whitney, ’20, was solemnized December 23, 1924.  They will take up their residence at Cohoes, where Mr. Whitney is sales engineer of the Cohoes Milling Co.

Miss Deborah Parker, ’22, has announced her engagement to Mr. Meade of New York.

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ramsay, Dec 29, 1924.  Mr. Ramsay was formerly our football coach and Principal of the Gouverneur schools.  Mrs. Ramsay was Miss Kate McDonald, ’11.



Art: (speaking of the team) – “In a few weeks, Casey will be our best man”

M.P. --- “Oh, What a nice way to ask me”


Gordon W. T. (to druggist) – “Will you give me something for my head?”

Druggist – “I wouldn’t take it as a gift”


Howard – “Alison – I will lay fortune at your feet”

Alison – “Oh, but you haven’t got a large fortune”

Howard – “No, but it will look large beside those tiny feet”

He won her.


Wanted: Some nice little girl to play with Howard Jenkins.  About his own age and size.


A Ford Owner’s Prayer:

I own a Ford Motor

Surely I shall not want another

It maketh me to lie down in wet places,

It leadeth me to costly garages.

It breaketh my wallet.

It guideth me in the path of ridicule, for its names sake.

Yea, though I ride through the valley of the shadow of death

I fear no danger for its name is Ford.

It’s noise and it’s clatter, they comfort me.

It prepareth an accident before me and in the presence of mine enemies

It has anointed my head with grease.

My language runneth over.

Surely its noise and its gas bills will follow me unto the ends of the earth.

And I shall swell in the house of the injured forever.


Things that don’t agree:

Murray Raven and the girls

Marion Boulet and rouge

Arthur Canfield and Virgil

Alison and Howard

Albert Vigilante and height

Chelson Sayer and bashfulness

Miss Merritt and short lessons.


The Faculty:

The faculty, the faculty,

They cause us lots of trouble.

If they don’t like this little poem

I ‘spose our woes will double.


But we want you all to know them,

The way the students do

So we’ll take a chance and print it

(of course, its all not true).


Mr. Wilcox is our principal

And to our parents writes,

Those letters, which for many mean,

Two hours every night.


Miss Jeffers in the office

On our marks keeps both her eyes;

She has to use a microscope

Judging from their size.


Miss O’Connor teaches English

Both night and day, it seems;

And at the closing of the term

Her class with knowledge teems.


Miss Bowman, she loves English too,

And mayhap, if she reads,

The first line of this simple verse

Her poor old heart will bleed


Miss Timm in many classes

On evolution lectures;

How the monkey, baboon and the ape

Changed into students and teachers.


Mlle. Rodgers come in next

French is her specialty;

And if you pursue your text enough

You’ll maybe land an E.


In Mr. Graf we have our coach

The greatest coach in town;

And if the player tries to stall

He sure will ride him down.


We get our science from Miss Smith

To Physics she’s a light.

And though we labor every day

Her records are a sight.


Now we come to Miss O’Neil

Who tells us how to orate,

And when it comes to teaching it

She certainly is some curate.


From Miss Fife the girls get

Home Economics and such things;

They can make themselves quite useful

When she’s had them on the string.


We have a dandy orchestra

And glee clubs fine and bright;

Because Miss Hall works all the time

To make them function right.


We love to learn our History

From Miss Owen, bit by bit,

And if you ever come to school

Perhaps you’d like to try it.


Miss Williams many courses

Are sure a holy fright.

We do our very durndest,

But we just can’t get ‘em right.


In P.T. Miss Whittaker

Uses her arms quite free;

She waves ‘em up, then waves ‘em down,

And then says, 1-2-3-.


They say Miss Bell once went to school

You should have seen her dust;

Her teachers quite and she came here

To take it out on us.


Miss Carpenter is next in line

She gives math day by day,

Some times we never learn a thing

Her thoughts are far away.


Miss Merritt teaches Latin

And I’ve often heard her say,

Allum, hallum, Skookum, doo

Atha, Baska dora day.


Prof Gibbs each day out in the shop

Shows just how it is done

He tells the boys, “That’s pretty good,

Now make another one.”