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Excerpts from “The Echo”, Thanksgiving – 1925

Vol. XXI, No. 1

Gouverneur High School


The Echo – Published quarterly by the students of Gouverneur High School.  Member of the Eastern Interscholastic Publications Association


Echo Staff:

Editor-in-Chief – Helen Henderson, ‘26

Assistant Editor-in-Chief – Marguerite Geisenderfer, ‘27

Literary Editors – Joyce Levya, ’26; Marion Randall, ’27;

News Editor – Rosalyn Storrin, ‘28

Alumni Editor – Ruth Fife, ’26;

Art Editor – Nina De Roche, ‘27

Exchange Editor – Edna Richardson, ‘26

Joke Editors – Marline Murphy, ’27; Beulah Latham, ‘26

Athletic Editors – Belle Latham, ’26; Darcy Goodnough, ’28

Business Manger – Donald Homer, ‘26

Assistant Business Managers – Gordon Turnbull, ’26; Lawrence Babcock, ’27; Bryan Carr, ‘26

Faculty Advisor – Miss Alice O’Connor





Senior Class Officers:

President – Bryan Carr

Vice President – Ruth Fife

Secretary – Belle Latham

Treasurer – Beulah Latham


Junior Class Officers:

President – Paul Smith

Vice President – Dorothy McLean

Secretary – Frieda Keiser

Treasurer – Karl Boyle


Sophomore Class Officers:

President – Nelson Winter

Vice President – Henry Smith

Secretary – Audrey Foy

Treasurer – Louise Perrin


Freshman Class Officers:

President – Douglas Frazier

Vice President – Lucille Leroy

Secretary – Walter Green

Treasurer – Donald Sprague


Society Officers:


President – Dorothy McLean

Vice President – Marion Chisholm

Secretary – Harriet Brown

Treasurer – Margaret McGuire



President – Ruth Fife

Vice President – Naomi Moore

Secretary – Marion Randall

Treasurer – Eleanor Anderson



President – Donald Homer

Vice President – Bryan Carr

Secretary – Darcy Goodnough

Treasurer – Lawrence Babcock



President – Kenneth Smith

Vice President – Jefferson Whitney

Secretary – Lloyd Homer

Treasurer – George Gingras



Inter-class Basketball

The four classes, Freshmen, Sophomore, Juniors and Seniors, played a series of basketball games.  Each class played all the other classes, and the two teams that won the most games played the championship.  The winning team received a 1925 basketball pennant.

Freshmen (15) vs Sophomore (35); Juniors (26) vs Seniors (9).  On November 4, the Freshmen basketball team played the Sophomores.  The game was played after school and many of the students were present.  It resulted in a victory for the Juniors and Sophomores.  The members of the Freshmen’s team were: Forwards, Sprague, Levy; Center, Hayden; Guards, McCullough, Perrin.  The Sophomore team consisted of Forwards, Jenkins, Webster; center, Murray; guards, Bush, Goodnough.  The Juniors and Seniors played the same night.  The Junior team consisted of Forwards, Smith, Miller; Center, Dygert; Guards, Whitney, Babcock.  The Senior team: Forwards, Freeman, Homer; Center, Boscoe; Guards, Green, Carr.  Referee – Graf.  Timekeeper – Phillips.

Sophs (8) vs Juniors (18); Freshman (11) vs Seniors (43).  The second games of the series were played after school November 6.  This time the Sophomores played the Juniors, and the Freshman played the Seniors.  The Juniors and Seniors won the games.  The Sophomore lineup was nearly the same.  Bennett playing in place of Bush.  The Junior lineup was the same as in the previous game.  The Senior team: Forwards, Jenkins, Boscoe; Center, Ritchie; Guards, Kaley, Freeman; on the Freshmen team, McCullough  and Sprague were forwards; center, Hayden; and Perrin were guards.  Referee, Graf.  Timekeeper, Phillips.

Sophs (22) vs. Seniors (5); Freshmen (2) vs Juniors (32).  November 9, the Sophomores played the seniors and the Freshmen played the Juniors.  The Sophomores and Juniors each won their game, and they will play in the Championship.  The lineups: Seniors – forwards, Green, Kaley; center, Ritchie; Guards, Freeman, Carr.  Sophomores: Forwards, Jenkins, Webster; Center, Murray; Guards, Goodnough, Bennett.  Freshmen: Forwards, Perrin, Sprague; Center, McCullough; Guards, Grinnell, Porter.  Juniors: Forwards, Miler, Babcock; Center, Dygert; Guards, Whitney, Chisholm, Brown.  Referee, Graf.  Timekeeper, Phillips.  Sophomores (10) Juniors (12).

On November 12, the championship was played between the Sophomores and Juniors.  Quite a little excitement was manifested among the students and the game was quite interesting.  The teams were about evenly matched and could the Sophomores have made good all the chances they got at the baskets, the score would have been different.  The Juniors won by a scant margin, the score being 10-12.  On the Sophomore team much cleverness was shown by Bennett, the one-armed player, and all the other players did well.

The Line-ups:

Sophomores (10) – Forwards: H. Jenkins, F. Webster; Center: Murray; Guards: Goodnough, Bennett

Juniors (12) – Forwards: Smith, Miller; Center: Dygert; Guards: Babcock, Whitney

Referee, Graf; Timekeeper, Phillips


Football at G.H.S.

Owing to our withdrawal from the Northern New York League at the first of the football season, there were no football games with any of the schools comprising this league.  However, there were games scheduled with other schools, the first one being with Carthage High School on October 3.  The field was a sea of mud and water, making the game a slow one.  The final score was a 7-7 tie.  Allen Jenkins, our captain and fullback had injured his knee before this game, but he played some of the game.  However, he hurt it more, and was not able to play for five or six weeks.

The next game in which G.H.S. participated was with St. Mary’s Academy at Ogdensburg, on October 17.  The day was fair, and quite a few people turned out to see the game.  However, the St. Mary’s team did not amount to much against our fast and heavy warriors, the final score being 53-0.  The first score came in the first five minutes of play when one of the St. Mary’s men fumbled the ball.  Goodnough recovered it and crossed the goal line for a touchdown.  Shortly after this, Tuffy Hayden, our fast halfback, made another goal for another touchdown.  In the second quarter the St. Mary’s line seemed to stiffen a little, and we scored but one touchdown, Smith being responsible for this.  Three of the goals were kicked, and the first half ended with a score of 27-0.  In the third quarter, Smith and Hayden each made a touchdown, and in the last quarter these two standbys each secured another six points.  This half only two of the goals were kicked, and the game ended 53-0.

Smith and Hayden played very well in the backfield, while Goodnough, Ritchie, Reynolds, and Gale performed well in the line.  However, the whole team worked in perfect order, and it was only through the efforts of every man that we were able to get a good score.  In the last of the first half, Turnbull was substituted for Bennett, and in the last quarter, the substitutions were: Homer for Goodnough,  Bear Jenkins for Whitney, B. Hayden for Jenkins, and Jenkins for M. Hayden.

The line-up for the Carthage game:

Left End, Goodnough, Homer; Left tackle, Ritchie; left guard, Bennett; Center, Phillips, Melrose; Right Guard, Gale; Right Tackle, Reynolds; Right end, Whitney; Quarterback, Smith; Left halfback, Hayden; right halfback, Carr; Fullback, Melrose, Jenkins.

The lineup for the St. Mary’s game:

Left end, Goodnough, Homer; left tackle, Ritchie; Left guard, Bennett, Turnbull; Center, Phillips; Right Guard, Gale; Right tackle, Reynolds; Right end, Whitney, Jenkins, Hayden; Quarterback, Smith; Left halfback, Hayden, Jenkins; Right halfback, Carr; Fullback, Kaley.

There were only two other games scheduled, one with Watertown and one with the Most Holy Rosary School of Syracuse, but some of the football boys backed down on the job, and there were not enough fellows coming out for practice to hardly make a team.  A meeting of the boys was held one noon after school and it was decided that they would play no more football this year.  Thus ended our football season.  It was felt among the student body that we might have had an excellent team because we had the best of coaches, but some of the players refused to make this possible.


Our Football Team

Allen Jenkins – Captain and Fullback – Amphictyon – Senior

Al’s got a busted knee

The doctor claims –

But I wish it had been me,

For he’s a touchdown King


Darcy Goodnough – Left End – Amphictyon – Sophomore

Goodnough, a husky, young lad,

Went with a girl ‘till his heart got quite bad,

All stories must end, as this one must too,

So that was the end of a boy in our school.


Charlie Gale – Right Guard – Junior

Charlie Gale, the one ton lad,

Was never known to be very bad.


Harry Reynolds – Right Tackle

Harry Reynolds, a boy from Antwerp,

Came over here and is learning to flirt (For information inquire at Tait’s)


Perry Phillips – Center – Post Graduate – Came from Ogdensburg

Perry had a lot at stake

In this year’s game,

But that’s the change you must take

When you’re out for fame.


Lyal Bennett – Left Guard – Amphictyon – Junior

Toby is sturdy and strong

That’s why he never hits the line wrong.


Roland Ritchie – Left Tackle – Amphictyon – Senior

Roland, the blond of our school.

When it comes to tackling is nobody’s fool


Jeff Whitney – Right End – Athenian – Junior

Jefferson, a sheik of our school,

Is always dancing, as a rule.


Kenneth Smith – Quarterback – Athenian – Junior

Kenneth, when asked where he meets her,

Often says, “Down to Streeter’s”.


Grant Kaley – Fullback – Amphictyon – Senior

Grant Kaley is short and funny,

That’s why his father calls him sonny.


Bryan Carr – Halfback – Amphictyon – Senior

Bryan is learning to increase his vocabulary, His isn’t large enough to express his feelings.


Mark Hayden – Halfback – Freshman

None but himself can be his parallel.


Lloyd Homer – Left End – Athenian – Senior

Busy, Curiuos, thirsty fly.

Drink with me, and drink as I.


Howard Jenkins – End – Amphictyon – Sophomore – Moved to Canton

One kind kiss before we part,

Drop a tear, and bid adieu;

Though we sever, my fond heart

‘Till we meet shall pant for you.


Glenn Miller – Manager – Amphictyon – Junior

Who loves that loved not at first sight.             


Girls’ Glee Club:

Sopranos: Anna Brown, Marion Chisholm, Catherine Farmer, Dorothy Harvey, Dorothy McLean, Alice Miller, Lois Mitchell, Jean Porter, Marion Randall, Edna Richardson, Helen Sprague, Marjorie Streeter, Rosalyn Storrin, Blanche Tait, Marion Tayor, Louise Webster, Geraldine Wood, Marjorie Woodcock, Eva Wright.

Altos: Dorothy Davis, Grace Downey, Dorothy Drury, Mary Gates, Helen Henderson, Frieda Keiser, Helen Laidlaw, Lucille LeRoy, Doris Love, Helen Stevenson, Elizabeth Streeter, Marjorie Webster.


Alumni News:

Where or where have our noble seniors gone?

To Canton, Potsdam, Syracuse, Watertown.

They have left us to fill their places, as best we may,

But memories of them still linger here today.

To St. Lawrence – Ann Finnegan, Helen Jepson, Helen Smith, Marian Young, Adelaide Harvey, Susan Murry, Richard Caswell

To Clarkson Tech – Chelson Sayer, Charles Jones, Douglas Overacker, Everett Latham, Harold Towlson, Keith Lynde

To New York State College – Florence Cook

To R.P.I. – Robert Aldrich

To New Rochelle College – Elizabeth Sayer

To Diebert’s Business School – Orvis Baldwin

To Cornell University – Margaret Herring, Edward Case

To Hamilton College – Dean Elliott

To Syracuse University – Emery Laidlaw

To Northern Business School – James Gallagher, Harold Wainwright

To Storm King – Paul Graves

To Cortland Normal – Marjorie Lane

Those who have chosen to train for nurses are: Helen Dygert, Alison Ormiston, both of the “Good Shepard Hospital” of Syracuse; Marguerite Swett of the Memorial Hospital, Syracuse,  and Helen Daily, attending the Mercy Hospital in Watertown.

Helen Baker, Madeline Mallot, Murray Raven and Arthur Canfield are taking post-graduate classes.



Beta – Haile Sprague, Syracuse; Emery Laidlaw, Syracuse

Lambda Iota – Everett Latham, Potsdam

Pi Nu Epsilor – Ann Finegan, Canton   



Our Echo Staff:

Alice O’Connor – English Teacher – Faculty Advisor

Oh! Would the students had a wit as all the Irish do.


Helen Henderson – Senior – Delta – Editor-in-chief

Thomas Green, a boy from Yonkers,

Went down to Henderson’s, but not to the doctor’s


Marguerite Geisendoerfer – Junior – Minerva --  Assistant Editor in Chief

Marguerite, a shy young lass,

Is very bright in English class


Joyce Levya – Senior – Delta – Literary Editor

Joyce seldom goes to church

But as least, she likes the temples.


Marion Randall – Junior – Delta – Literary Editor

Marion Randall, a nice little lass,

Is one of the stars of her Latin class.


Beulah Latham – Senior – Delta – Joke Editor

All who joy would win

Must share it. – Happiness was born a twin.


Maraline Murphy – Junior – Minerva – Joke Editor

Marline, a member of the Junior Class,

Is a good support of the Echo Staff.


Rosalyn Storrin – Sophomore – Minerva – Society News.

Rosalyn, Oh! Rosalyn! What is it that thou likest?

He is a good boy.  He is a great joy, and his name is Love.


Belle Latham – Seniour – Delta – Athletic Editor

This little twin, who likes to fool

Is very fond of skipping school.


Ruth Fife – Senior – Delta – Alumni Editor

F is for Fife, a cute little thing,

Who is manager of the girls’ basketball team.


Nina De Roche – Junior – Art Editor

She awoke one morning and found herself famous.


Edna Richardson – Senior – Minerva – Exchange Editor

E stands for Edna, with handsome blue eyes,

On the subject of Mike, she’s quite wise.


Donald Homer – Senior – Amphictyon – Business Manager

Donald Homer, a very good actor,

On the Echo Staff is an important factor


Bryan Carr – Senior – Amphictyon – Assistant Manager

C stands for Carr, a boy of much fame,

Who played in all our football games.


Lawrence Babcock – Junior – Amphictyon – Assistant Manager

Juniors should be seen and not heard.


Typical Views(?)

The twins wearing their own clothes.

Alice Miller studying in school.

Bryan Carr with his French done.

The study hall quiet.      

Marjorie without Arthur.

The dead line straight.

Marion Boulet chewing gum.

Harriet Brown refusing to hand in a paper.

Miss O’Connor remaining at the desk seventh period.

The boys coming in the front door of the study hall.

Every student of G.H.S. on time every morning.

Mr. Riley failing to change somebody’s seat in study hall.

Richard Jackson without his gum.



Dolly Moore – The Cat Came Back

Helen Stevenson – Oh! Promise Me!

Dot Young – I Want To Be An Angel

Mike and Edna – Because I Love Thee, Dear.

Harriet Brown and M. Boulet – We Won’t Go Home Until Morning.

Nina De Roche – Those Wedding Bells Are Ringing.

Emma Aldrich – There’ll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight

Mary Gates – My Rose Marie