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Excerpts from “The Echo”, Spring – April, 1925

Vol. XX, No. 3

Gouverneur High School


The Echo – Published quarterly by the students of Gouverneur High School.  Member of the Eastern Interscholastic Publications Association


Editorial Staff:

Editor-in-Chief – Art Canfield, ‘25

Assistant Editor-in-Chief – Adelaide Harvey, ‘25

Literary Editors – M. Herring, ’25; Ed. Case, ’25; M. Perrin, ’25; Z. Haverstock, ‘25’; D. McLean, ’27

Athletic Editors – Ann Finegan, ’25; Helen Dygert, ’25

Local Editors – H. Jepson, ’25; W. Magee, ’27; D. Harvey, ’27; M. Chisholm, ‘27

Alumni Editors – Rhoda Skinner, ’24; Helen Smith, ‘25

Exchange Editors – Marjorie Lane, ’25; Dorothy Drury, ‘27

Art Editor – Dean H. Elliott, ‘25

Business Staff:

Business Manager – Lloyd Robinson, ‘26

Assistants – Donald Homer, ’26; Gordon Turnbull, ’25; Carl Boyle, ’26

Faculty Advisor – Miss Alice O’Connor, English




1925 Class Officers:

President - Art Canfield

Vice President – Ed Case

Secretary – Ann Finegan

Treasurer – Robert Aldrich


1926 Class Officers:

President – A. Jenkins

Vice President – R. Jones

Secretary – D. Homer

Treasurer – B. Carr


1927 Class Officers:

President – Carl Boyle

Vice President – D. McLean

Secretary – M. Streeter

Treasurer – M. Graves


1928 Class Officers:

President – D. Goodnough

Vice President – D. Johnson

Secretary – D. Kaley

Treasurer – H. Jenkins


Society Officers:


President – Ann Finnegan, ‘25

Vice President – Susan Murray, ‘25

Secretary – Adelaide Harvey, ‘25

Treasurer – Mildred Perrin, ‘25



President – M. Herring, ‘25

Vice President – E. Baldwin, ‘25

Secretary – Ruth Fife, ‘26

Treasurer – M. Swett, ‘25



President – Lloyd Robinson, ‘26

Vice President – Harry Corbin, ‘25

Secretary – D. Homer, ‘26

Treasurer – Emory Laidlaw, ‘25



President – C. Sayer, ‘25

Vice President – D. Elliott, ‘25

Secretary – T. J. Whitney, ‘27

Treasurer – G. Gingras, ‘27


Athletic Council:

President – Supt. L. T. Wilcox

Vice President – Coach W. I. Graf

Secretary – Lloyd Robinson, ‘26

Treasurer – Mr. Graf


Lyceum Club:

President – Rhoda Skinner, ‘24

Vice President – Susan Murray, ‘25

Secretary – Marion Young, ‘25

Treasurer – Gordon Turnbull, ‘25


Track - 1925:

Captain – L. Robinson, ‘26

Manager – Art Canfield, ‘25


Boy’s Basketball Category:

Name – Nickname – Society – Position – Ambition - Favorite Saying


John Hubert Melrose - Ezra ’26 – Amphictyon – left forward, Capt – To be good looking – “Get out of the way, I’ve got to spit” ΰ

Hubert is like the first blush of spring, so fresh, you know.


 Allan Jenkins – Al, ’26 – Amphictyon – Center – Champion long sleeper – “You --------“ ΰ

Allan had a little Ford;

It was run by oils and greases;

He ran into a great big house

And smashed it all to pieces.


Edward H. Case – Ed, ’25 – Amphictyon – right forward – To cut Everett out – “Amy here yet?” ΰ

Ed does your mother know

Her little boy flirts and cusses so?

And doesn’t Amy even care

When you chat with Lizzie Sayer


Chelson E. Sayer – Chels, ’25 – Athenian – right guard – To graduate – “Let’s go fishing” ΰ

Chelson’s uncle had a farm

And farms are very healthy;

Chelson trapped some muskrats

Which made him very wealthy.


Everett Latham – Buster, ’25 – Amphictyon – Left guard – Justice of the Peace – “Aw –“ ΰ

Everett had a Hudson coach,

He also had a fight;

His father wouldn’t give him any gas,

So he couldn’t make up that night.


Kenneth Smith – Smitty, ’26 – Athenian – Forward – To be Streeter’s hired girl – “It’s all right with me” ΰ

Smitty had a very nice girl;

She was tall, and thin and fair.

Once in a while, she fooled him,

And had a date with “Bear”


Thomas J. Whitney – Jeff, ’27 – Guard – To teach Dolly Moore to dance – “Learned some new steps last night” ΰ

Jeff is our fashion model,

For he sets the pace in cloths;

And where he gets his dance steps,

I’m sure nobody knows.


Howard Jenkins – Bear, ’27 – Amphictyon – Forward – To be a big, bold man – “You milk the cow tonight” ΰ

Bear is his mamma’s younger son,

His complexion is supreme;

The girls wonder what he uses,

Maybe Woodbury’s facial cream.


Arthur B. Canfield – Art, ’25 – Amphictyon – Manager – To write to all the girls in school – “Senior meetin’ tonight” ΰ

Artie had an Amphictyon pin,

He liked it very well;

Marian had a Minerva pin, and

The rest is too sad to relate.


Coach William I. Graf – Beano – Mens’ P.T. Class – To teach the Essex to jump snow banks – “Are you deaf, or can’t you hear the bell?” ΰ

Prof. went home in a car that was tricky,

And on his journey back hit a drift going sixty;

Now don’t get excited, or don’t get misled,

He stayed there all night, in snow to his head.


Girl’s Basketball Category

Name – Nickname – Position – Ambition


Helen Dygert – Dig, ’25 – Center, captain – To keep Allan

Alice Kane – Al, ’25 – right forward – To Graduate

Florence Cook – Cookie, ’25 – right guard – To elope with Prof. Graf

Zelda Haverstock – Sliver, ’25 – left forward – To talk faster

Amy Covell – Hubert, ’25 – left guard – To get Casey

Wilhelmina Magee – Peggy, ’27 – center – To grow up

Naomi Moore – Dolly, ‘26 – right guard – To learn to dance

Marion Young – Honey, ’25 – Manager – To join the Little Theater Movement


The Senior Class

As you’re glancing thru these pages,

Stop you here and mark you well

For altho’ I’m not a poet,

A famous history I’ll tell.


The members of the Senior class

Have talent and brains and looks,

And when the lists are posted

You’ll see they excel in books.


Art Canfield is the president,

With his wavy auburn locks.

Watch  him flirt with the other girls

And you’ll get an awful shock.


While Richard stays in Canton;

Dean parks in Watertown;

(They passed us home-town sweeties up

Ere we could throw them down)


Dyg takes the cake in Latin,

And vamping young brothers too;

Marian Young keeps Rowley Street alive,

And gum! How does she chew!


Susan Murray’s very witty,

“Paulie” sure can dance;

Alison likes a junior boy,

And they quarrel at every chance.


Zelda is a cute little actress;

Margaret Herring has some rep;

Helen Jepson is our orator;

Mildred Perrin has the pep.


Alice Kane has an eye for baskets

And everyone counted two;

Marjorie Lane likes little Billie,

We don’t blame her, do you?


Ann stands for “Minerva”,

She’s a comely little lass;

Chelson Sayer may again stand

In the midst of a succeeding Senior class.


Ed Case is surely the school sheik,

When he appears the girls all scream.

Murray Raven always studies hard

And doesn’t play or shirk or dream.


Roland Ritchie has a little car

He takes all the Juniors out;

Harry Corbin’s on a diet

For he thinks he may get stout.


Helen Smith is growing thinner.

And the reason I can’t tell;

Elizabeth Sayer also graces the class

But she likes the boys too well.


Everett Latham drives a Hudson car,

He lives out on a farm,

But he visits town so often

That he does the state road harm.


Harold Towlson is a studius lad,

His complexion is supreme;

Emory Laidlaw loves the ladies

Now isn’t that a scream?


Bob Aldrich is a worthy member,

Does the kindergarten work,

He does his work exceedingly well

And has never been known to shirk.


A. Richardson studies very hard

And is a shy young miss;

Charlie Jones is a naughty boy,

Always looking for a kiss.


Helen Dailey cuts up in Oral English,

She’s very funny and short;

Of course this annoys Miss O’Neil,

But to the rest of the class it’s a good sport.


There are others, too numerous to mention,

Fifty eight of all dimensions.

You’ll admit as you pass, that the senior class

Is the greatest of all inventions.